(UCSB) Santa Barbara Acceptance Rate 2022 Admission By Majors

Santa Barbara Acceptance Rate 2022
Santa Barbara Acceptance Rate 2022
Santa Barbara Acceptance Rate 2022
Santa Barbara Acceptance Rate 2022

Wondering what the UCSB acceptance rate of 2021 for the class of 2025 is? I have gathered some reliable data that will help you to know the University of California Santa Barbara acceptance rate 2021. Other data and information on the UCSB admission rate, admission statistics, GPA requirement, SAT/ACT score requirement for admission at UCSB will also be discussed as we move on.

The information this page will help you to know the UC Santa Barbara acceptance rate for transfer applicants, early decision, and early action or regular decision, (freshman, in-state, or out-of-state and international students) and the admission rate by major.

Admission at UCSB is very competitive and selective. Now, you may ask a question like, how hard is it to get into UCSB or question like;

What is my chance of getting into the UC Santa Barbara?

Well, the UCSB has an acceptance rate of 32%, but this percentage may not be the same for every year. Some years may have a percentage that is a bit higher or lower than this. When applying for admission at UC Santa Barbara, it is advisable to bring into consideration the fact that admission competition at UC Santa Barbara is very high.

So before you even plan on applying for admission at UCSB, it is advisable to weigh your academic grades and profile like your, GPA, your test score, your high school grade, and your general academic and extracurricular records.

For you to have the clue on how to this, I will be listing out the UC Santa Barbara last year’s admission statistics and records of past admitted students (including their test (ACT or SAT) scores, GPA, grades, etc.).

As you read down, you will see the UC Santa Barbara admission rate for transfer applicants, early decision, and early action or regular decision, (freshman, in-state, or out-of-state and international students) and the admission rate by major.

UCSB Acceptance Rate 2021 for the class of 2025

Let’s consider UCSB last year’s admission statistics. In last year’s admission, the UCSB received 92,306 applicants but only 29,726 out of this number was admitted leaving off 62,580 applicants with no admission. 92,306 applicants???? Wow!!! That was extremely a huge number of applicants. This actually shows us how competitive the school is and how low their acceptance rate which makes the admission chances at UC Santa Barbara very uncertain.

What are your chances of admission to UCSB?

The admission chances at UCSB is uncertain. But with a better grade, SAT or ACT score, GPA, and a good academic profile, you will have a better chance of admission.

UCSB uses a holistic policy in their admission process in evaluating each application received for admission. According to the Office of Admissions at UC Santa Barbara, they use both academic and non-academic factors when considering an applicant’s qualification for admission. Some of the non-academic factors include extracurricular achievements and student’s demonstrated capacity that will contribute to the intellectual life and standard at UCSB.

What is the UCSB Acceptance rate: The average UC Santa Barbara Acceptance rate is 32%

SAT/ACT/GPA and General Requirements

UC Santa Barbara SAT Score requirements

25th Percentile:

  • Math: 620
  • Reading: 620
  • Writing: 620

75th Percentile

  • Math: 770
  • Reading: 720
  • Writing: 720

UCSB ACT Score requirements

25th Percentile

  • English: 24
  • Math: 25
  • Composite: 25

75th Percentile

  • English: 35
  • Math: 32
  • Composite: 33

The University of California, Santa Barbara GPA requirements

What GPA do you need to get into UCSB? The average GPA at UC Santa Barbara is 4.12. Meanwhile, California resident’s freshman applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA while non-residents must have at least 3.4 GPA.

Other Requirements:

  • Letter of recommendation
  • Extracurricular activities profile
  • Essay
  • Grades: Not lower than C for California residents. Local students from high schools are required to be in the top 9% of their class.

How to Apply

UC Barbara Admission Rate and Statistics

The University of California, Santa Barbara, has a low admission rate. In 2019 fall admission, UCSB received 93,423 freshman applications, and 27,719 applicants out of this number were admitted. In 2018 fall admission, the UC San Barbara received 92,294 applicants and admitted 29,782 out of this total number.

UCSB Admission Distribution Profile

The admission distribution for newly admitted student’s base on gender, Region, Class, Race, etc.

Distribution by gender:

  • Female: 54%
  • Male 46%

Distribution by Region:

  • Asian American: 28%
  • African American: 5%
  • Chicano and Latino: 30%
  • Native Hawaiian: 1%
  • First Generation students: 42%
  • In-state Residents: 85%
  • Out-of-State Residents: 5%
  • International Students: 10%

Average annual Tuition and Fee Cost for in-state

  • Before aid: $39,376
  • After aid: $14,846

According to the UCSB admission policy, the admissions officers at UC San Barbara do not only evaluate students on academic data. They evaluate applicants on more than just numerical data which includes the applicant’s extracurricular activities and extra talents or stories. Applicants are also required to write and submit four short personal insight essays.

To maximize your chances of admission, it is advisable to apply multiple schools within the UC system. UCSB is a part of the UC system which means that applicants can easily apply to more than one UC School with one application.

Acceptance Rate for Other UCs (The California University System)

  1. UC -Davis
  2. UCB (Berkeley)
  3. UC San Diego
  4. UC Irvine
  5. UC Los Angeles

Top Majors at UCSB

  • Social Sciences Majors
  • Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies Majors
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences Majors
  • Psychology Major
  • Mathematics and Statistics Majors
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