Who Is A Production Supervisor

Who Is A Production Supervisor

Who is a Production Supervisor- For a manufacturing company, there are many key roles that contribute to the growth and success of such a company. One of such role is that of a production supervisor. A production supervisor is the overseer of the production department of that manufacturing company. He sees to the smooth running of activities therein, coordinates the staffs and when anything go wrong! He/She takes the blame! It is a very huge role with a lot of challenges but highly rewarding too.

In the following paragraphs, who we would discuss in great detail who a production supervisor is, what are their roles and how to become one. So lets begin, Who is a production supervisor.

Who Is A Production Supervisor

A production supervisor is a trained professional  who is in charge of  the manufacturing process in a company. He/She oversees and manages the activities of the staffs in the production department. He/She see to the smooth and efficient running of the activities in the production unit of the company. The role of a production supervisor is very critical in the success of an organization. Critical skills such as leadership, managerial, critical thinking, decision making are some of the vital skill needed to succeed on this job role.

5 Key Roles Of A Production Supervisor

The roles of a production supervisor varies, depending on the industry and the kind of products being manufactured. But generally, these are some of the roles of a production supervisor.


The production supervisor draws out the work schedule for the production team and assigns different tasks to the team members. He ensure that there are adequate resources and facilities to carry out these tasks.


He monitors the activities of the production team to ensure efficiency and compliance with stated standards. He ensures that the products meet up to the required standard. He also identify any issue and take such up for corrective measures.

Manage the production team

The production supervisor has the role of managing the production team. He hires, train and supervise the team members of the production unit. And when things go wrong, he can take disciplinary measures too.

Resource management

The production supervisor is in charge of resources being used at the production unit. He ensures that these resources are being used judiciously and for the right purposes. Whenever the resources are getting depleted, he places order using the right channel.

Ensure safety

The production supervisor ensures safety in the unit. This he does by training the team on how to work safely.  He also implement safety measures. And when accident happens, he investigates the cause and also see to it that normalcy is returned back to the unit as soon as possible.

How Do I Become A Production Supervisor

To become a production supervisor is not a big issue. With the right education, skills and experience, you are sure good to go. Here are the requirements to be a production supervisor :

Get a relevant degree

Getting a degree in a relevant field is an advantage, even though degree is not too necessary. A degree is in Business Administration , Engineering, Manufacturing is a good one.

Get experience

The next step is to get some working experience in a manufacturing company. You don’t just start out as a supervisor, you must start climbing from the bottom of the ladder. Take up internship roles or entry-level  and then start moving up.

Get necessary certifications

Get certifications in your field that will enable you work in a production unit. Find out about certification programs for production supervisor.

Good understanding of the production process

To be a production supervisor, you must have a good understanding of the production process. This is why its important you get some experience working as part of a team in the production unit before even thinking of applying for a supervisory role.

Develop some critical skills

Educational qualification is not enough to function effectively in the role of a production supervisor. You must possess some vital skills such as leadership skills, communication skills, decision making, critical skills, etc.


You need to network and connect with other professionals in your field. With such network, you can easily get to know when opportunities show up.

Update your resume and start sending your applications out

Once you have your educational qualifications, some good work experience and the necessary skills, then you are set for the job! Update your resume and start applying for the job role of a production supervisor.

What Skills Does  A Production Supervisor Need?

For you to be an effective and successful production supervisor, you must possess the following skills

Leadership skills: You must be able to lead your team, motivate them to work and get results from them.

Excellent communication skills: You must be able to communicate well with your team, the management and other stakeholders in your company. When communication is effective enough, there would be outstanding results.

Problem solving : You must be able to identify problems as you work and provide solutions in the shortest possible time.

Time management skills: You must be able to manage your time very well. You will have a lot to do and you must be able to prioritize tasks.

Strong attention to details: You must possess strong attention to details , ensuring that products meet up with industry standards and production process is effective enough.

Be adaptable: You must be able to adapt to changes that occurs from time to time in the production industry, technology and even the market.

Good understanding of the production process: To work effectively in the role of a production supervisor, you must have a good understanding of the production process. You must know how the machineries and equipment work , kind of materials used, production optimization and what to do when issues come up.

Safety consciousness: You must be conscious of your safety and that of your team as your work.

Where Can A Production Supervisor Work?

As a production supervisor, you can work in several industries that are into manufacturing. Examples of those industries include;

Construction: You can work in a construction company where different processes such as material handling, fabrication and assembling. A production supervisor can coordinate these activities, ensuring they are well done and on-time too.

Manufacturing: A production supervisor can get to work in manufacturing industries like electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, automobile, etc.

Utilities company: You can also work in an utility company. Examples of such company include power generation, water treatment , etc. You can be employed to oversee the processes involved in water treatment or electricity generation.

Mining and Extraction industry:  In this kind of industry, natural resources such as minerals, oil and gas are being produced.

Warehouse and Distribution: Here your work role will involve you supervising how goods are being stored after production and distributed to the customers from the warehouse.


A production supervisor play a very significant role in a company. He oversees and coordinate the production process. He provides leadership for the production team, monitoring activities and ensuring smooth running of operations in the unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does a production supervisor take instructions from?

The production supervisor reports to and take instructions from the production manager.

Who is a production supervisor?

A production supervisor oversee and coordinate the production process in a company. He coordinate the activities of the production team, ensuring that everyone is up to their tasks. He also ensures that the products meet quality and industry standards. And when trouble shows up, he springs into action to resolve.

What are the vital skills required of a production supervisor?

To function effectively as a production supervisor, you need the following skills:
Communication skills
Leadership skills
Problem solving skills
Time management skills
Critical thinking skills

What are some of the roles played by a supervisor?

A supervisor can work in the following capacity:

What questions will I be asked in a production supervisor interview?

What qualities do you think will make a good supervisor?
What methods would you employ to motivate your team?
How will you prepare production schedules?
How is six-sigma used?
How many people were on your team in your last supervisory job?
Explain how you were able to meet production objectives in your last job?
Can you talk about a time that your contribution made production more seamless and effective?
What kind of equipment are you skilled at using ?


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