Npower Recruitment 2022/2023 -Application Form and Requirements

Do you wish to apply for the Npower recruitment 2021/2022 and will you also love to know the Npower requirements?

If yes, then this page will guide you on how to start the process and how to apply for the recruitment very easily.

Npower batch A, batch B and Npower Batch C Registration 2021 is opened for Graduate and Non-graduates with SSCE, OND, HND, B.Sc or equivalent degrees.

Check below for more information and answers to very important Npower recruitment questions about the 2021 Npower registration.

Has Npower 2021 registration started?

The date for the 2021 Npower registration has been set apart for interested persons that will love to apply and get recruited.

If you missed last year Npower recruitment or if you not lucky enough to be on the Npower shortlisted candidates, then here is another opportunity for you to apply again.

But note that, Npower must complete and release the names of last year shortlisted candidates before starting a new recruitment.

But before the Npower registration for 2021 begins, the form, registration date, application deadline 2021 and other information must first of all made known publicly.

Is Npower form out for 2021?

No!!! The Npower recruitment form for 2021 is not out. The form has not been released for now.

The registration is done in batches. Firstly the application will start with the Npower 1st batch registration followed by the Npower 2nd batch and third batch registration.

Note; the information on this page covers the guidelines for the Npower batch A registration, Npower batch B registration and the Npower batch C registration 2021.

When Is Npower 2021 Recruitment Registration Starting?

The Npower recruitment form and registration for 2021 is expected and might be released online on the 26th June 2021 just as last year.

Showing date for Npower Recruitment batch A, batch B and Batch C Registration and requirements

Meanwhile, the Npower recruitment 2021 will be opened for Npower Tech, Npower Teach, Npower Agro for graduates and non-graduates 2021.

Note: The recruitment will take place based on the Federal government agreement for the 2021 registration.

Check below for the actual information and  Npower registration starting date for 2021, deadline and when the recruitment will start.

NPower Requirements 2021/Eligibility and Qualifications

While planning to apply for the Npower 2021 recruitment, it is very important to also consider the requirements, eligibility and qualifications that you will need.

The Npower recruitment requirements 2021 differs for graduates and non-graduates. Check qualifications and requirements below:

Who is eligible for Npower?

Both graduates and non-graduates are eligible to apply for the Npower recruitment. Below are the requirements;

N-Power Batch C Requirements for Graduates.

All Npower Batch C applicants that will apply as graduates must meet the qualifications and must be able to provide the following requirements:

  • Must not be below 18 years and not above 35 years old.
  • OND and NCE holders can also apply  as graduates
  • Applicants must be unemployed at the time of application.
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Academic qualifications/school certificates
  • NYSC Discharge Certificate (optional)

N-Power Batch C Requirements for Non-Graduates

Any applicants that doesn’t hold a higher degree or equivalent certificate other than SSCE, is regarded a Non-graduate.

All applicants that wish to use only SSCE must apply as Non-graduate and the following are the Npower requirements for Non-graduate application;

  • Must be between 18 years and not above 35 years old.
  • No higher degree or Qualification.
  • Such applicants must be unemployed at the time of application.
  • Must own a Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Such must have an SSCE O’level certificate.
  • Non-graduate applicants must show interest in any of; creating, fixing, and building things.

How to Apply for NPower Recruitment 2021/2022

How much is Npower registration fee? Please note that all Npower online registration is free of charge to all applicants.

To easily register for the 2021 Npower recruitment, visit the Npower portal here to start your registration as shown below:

  • Launch your chrome browser and visit the Npower portal @
  • Signup with your details if you want to start a new application.
  • Else, click on Login to login if you have an account already.
  • Make sure you get a printout of your BVN.
  • Get accurate details of your BVN.
  • In the registration form, fill in your names exactly the way it is on your BVN.
  • Now, check the next option and upload all the documents listed there.
  • Submit your application and await more information on the test date.

Npower Batch C Registration 2021/2022 Portal

The Npower batch C registration portal is said open for new application at the official portal@

Interested applicants are to visit the portal to register for the recruitment for free.

You can also download the Npower recruitment application form online, register and submit it.

Note, the Npower recruitment is  designed for young graduates and non-graduates that are ready for empowerment.

How long is Npower registration 2021?

The Npower registration will last for just One month and 2weeks which is 6 weeks (42 days)

Is Npower 2020 portal open?

The Npower recruitment portal will only be opened when the registration date has been announced publicly.

All application and registration is to be carried out on the Npower portal only and applicants are warned against fraudulent websites who claimed to register them for Npower.

The federal government has disclosed that all applications must be online on the Npower official portal.

Can I apply for npower twice?

No!!! All interested Npower applicants are strongly warned against double registration/applying twice.

Multiple registration/Application:  is an automatic disqualification and applicants are advised not to apply more than once.

Additionally, use of false, fake or edited documents and credentials will also result in automatic disqualification.

So applicants are advised to be very transparent and use valid documents and credentials only, for application.

Can a student apply for Npower?

Yes!!! Npower registration is opened for all set of persons including students.

But only applicants between the age of 18 to 35 years old can apply for the Npower recruitment.

Is Npower only for graduates?

No!!! The N-Power recruitment 2021 registration is opened for both graduates and Non-graduates.

But applicants must hold either of SSCE, OND, HND, or equivalent higher education degree from a well recognized institution.

Can Non graduates apply for npower?

Yes!!! Non-graduates can also apply for the Npower recruitment as long as they hold a minimum of SSCE.

Non-graduates must select “Non graduate” during application and make sure they meet the non graduate requirements before applying.

Can SSCE apply for npower?

Yes!!! SSCE holders can also apply for Npower as non Graduate as long as such applicant has a valid O’level results.

What is the age limit for npower?

Npower accepts only candidates and applicants that are between Eighteen (18) years to Thirty Five (35) years old.

As such, anyone below 18 years should not and anyone above 35 years should not also apply.

Npower registration Closing Date/ Deadline 2021 .

Has NPower registration closed? The Npower Recruitment Registration closing date is at midnight of August 8th, 2020.

The registration portal will close at the midnight of August 8th, 2020. The closing date for 2021 will be announced soon.

Does NPower ask for BVN?

Yes!!! Npower registration requirements includes your Bank Verification Number (BVN).

Why is Npower asking for BVN?

The reason why NPower requires your BVN validation is to identify and make sure that the details an applicant provided during registration matches with his or her BVN details.

Npower require applicants’ BVN during registration to avoid situations and challenges during payment.

All applicants whose BVN information doesn’t match with their applications details may face issues during payment.

That is the current information on the Npower batch A registration, Npower batch B registration and the Npower batch C registration 2021.

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