What Is The Job Of A Copywriter

job of a copywriter

What Is The Job Of A Copywriter- A copywriter is a professional who writes texts known as copy in a compelling manner to promote the sales of a product/ service or create some brand awareness. Copywriting is one of the highest paying jobs in the digital world. In the following paragraphs, I would be explaining to you what exactly is the job of a copywriter and how these job roles are gotten done.

What Is The Job Of A Copywriter

A copywriter has the following responsibilities:

  • Develop creative and persuasive copies for different marketing materials emails, social media posts, advertisements, landing pages, video scripts, product descriptions, etc.
  • Edit to remove grammatical errors, ensure accuracy and see to it that copy caries brand voice and tone.
  • Test and measure the effectiveness of a copy using different tools.
  • Work in collaboration with marketing team like marketers, project managers to ensure that the copy complies with marketing objectives.
  • Carry out research to determine the target audience for the product or service that is being promoted and figure out how to reach this audience.
  • Stay updated with trends in the industry and best practices so as to see to it that the copy keeps being relevant and effective.

The Secrets Used By Copywriters- The POWER of Copywriting

Here is a secret most successful copywriters use to come up with powerful and irresistible copy for their clients. If you are a newbie or experienced, you can also adopt this to get powerful results:

This secret is called POWER of copywriting. POWER is an acronym and it is interpreted as:

P- Prepare


W- Write

E- Edit

R- Review

Let me explain in detail the acronym ; POWER

1. Prepare

Writing a good copy is not automatic, you must prepare adequately for it. Now is the big question, how do I prepare for it? You need to gather the right and accurate information. You should have adequate knowledge of the product or service you want to promote. Some of the questions you must answer include:

  • What is the product/ service?
  • What are the benefits of using the product/service?
  • What are its critical features?
  • Who are the target buyers?
  • What offer are you making?
  • What is the deadline?
  • How should payment be done?
  • How should ordering be done?

2. Organize

You need to organize your information after gathering them. Writing a good copy is not just about writing stories, it’s about putting down the critical points in a concise manner. These should be the essential components of a good copy:

  • Description of product/ service
  • Purpose/ Objective of product/ service
  • Price
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Guarantee
  • Offer
  • Deadline of offer
  • Mode of payment
  • How to order

3. Write

After gathering your information and organizing them, it is now time to put your thoughts together into words. Its time to write your copy. You should start by writing a powerful and captivating headline followed by subheading. Then write the “body” and end it with “call to action”.

4. Edit

This is a very vital step in writing a good copy. You should check for grammatical errors. You should also check if your copy is good enough. Some of the questions you should ask yourself :

  • Is my headline catchy enough?
  • Does my headline express human motivators like fear, greed, guilt, envy, etc?
  • Does the body of my copy contains enough facts?
  • Is my call to action clear enough?

5. Review

This is the final stage of writing a good copy. Set the copy aside and pick up after some days to go through. You can also show to some of your friends/ colleagues to check through for you.

How To Get A Copywriting Job

To land a good copywriting job, you should follow these tips:

Develop your writing skills

For you to work as a copywriter, you should have good writing skills. Practice writing regularly, the more you practice, the more  better you get. You can also take up some writing courses to sharpen your writing.

Build a portfolio

A portfolio is like a showroom where you get to display your writing skills and experience.

Build your network

You should get to form a good network of like-minded personnels ( in this case , writers, copywriters, etc). You can connect with them on different social media platforms such as linkedIn, facebook, etc.

Hunt for job opportunities

Search for job opportunities. This can be done by looking through job boards, search online, apply directly to companies.

What Skills Are Required To Be  A Good Copywriter

You need the following skills to be a good copywriter:

Great writing skills

This is a primary requirement to be a successful copywriter, you must have good writing skills. You must be able to write an engaging and error-free content.

Research skills

Writing a copy will need you gathering information, materials. The more you can research, the better the information you get.

Attention to details

You must have strong attention to details. You shouldn’t be writing copy that has lots of errors or one whose message is not clear enough.

Marketing skills

For you to be a good copywriter, you should have some good knowledge of marketing. How to write compelling words that would turn a window-shopper into a buyer.

SEO Knowledge

You should have good knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) to enable you write content that will be well-ranked in search engines and also generate organic traffic.

Good communication skills

You need good communication skills to be a good copywriter. This is because you will be relating with different clients to get an understanding of their requirement and also their feedback.

Time management

You must be able to manage your time very well as a copywriter, must deliver jobs promptly and meet deadlines.

Team work skills

You must be able to collaborate and work with others e.g marketers, sales personnels and others.


You need some creative skills to be able to craft words together that would get the attention of your target audience.

Final Note

Copywriting involves putting together persuasive words to promote the sales of a product/ service. The job of a copywriter is critical in advertising, marketing, sales and general brand awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a copywriter really do?

A copywriter works as part of a team to create contents that will facilitate the sales or promotion or create awareness of  a brand.

What skills are required to become a copywriter?

Excellent communication skills
Problem-solving skills
Interpersonal skills
Creative thinking
Great Writing skills
Research skills

How do I begin my career as a copywriter?

Get the basics of copywriting clear and right: you may need to take courses, trainings, go for mentorships

Understand the roles of copywriters in the industry

Get a niche for yourself and establish yourself in it.

Build a portfolio

Brand yourself well e.g get yourself a good resume

Keep practicing

Let your social media handles be well optimized to reflect your career as a copywriter most especially linkedIn account.

Search for job opportunities

What are the 5 levels involved in copywriting

In writing a good copy, 5 stages are involved in an acronym known as POWER:

Prepare, Organise, Write, Edit and Review.

Prepare: You need to prepare well in order to write a good copy. Gather all necessary materials that will aid you to come up with a good copy.

Organize: You need to arrange and organize the information gotten in the appropriate order.

Write: Go ahead to write your copy. Note that your copy should have a catchy headline, a hook, the body and call to action at the end.

Edit: You need to go through the copy to correct mistakes and grammatical blunders

Review: Go through your written copy over and over again.

Can I teach myself copywriting?

Yes, you can learn copywriting on your own. Once you have the basic skills such as communication and writing , you just need to brush your self up on some techniques involved in copywriting. And then start practicing, that’s the key word, PRACTICE! The more you practice, the better you get at it .


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