UNIOSUN Cut off Mark 2021/2022 (JAMB/Departmental for all Courses)

The main aim of sharing this UNIOSUN cut off mark 2021 is to help the aspirants that are aspiring for admission at Osun State University in 2021.

Over the years, many candidates have been complaining about how they have been denied admission even when they met the cut-off mark.

There are also these common complaints that aspirants who scored below them got admission while they didn’t. On this page, I will explain all those misunderstandings and put you on the right track on why it always happens like that.

From there, you will get to know how important the UNIOSUN departmental cut-off mark is and how it is used to determine who will be admitted and who will not be admitted.

Osun State University JAMB Cut off for 2021/2022 Admission

Firstly, only candidates who meet the below score will be considered for admission into the 2021/2022 academic session.

Apart from the general JAMB cut-off mark for UNIOSUN, the next section below will show you the UNIOSUN Departmental cut-off mark.

Can I gain admission at UNIOSUN with 160?

Yes!! But for some courses. Any JAMB score at 160 or from 160 and above can secure admission into UNIOSUN. The UNIOSUN cut-off points range from 160 upward as shown below.

Does UNIOSUN accept 150?

No! Any cut off mark that is below the scheduled mark shown below will not be accepted. Candidates with such marks may have to change their course, their institution, or Upgrade their score.

What is the UNIOSUN Cutoff mark for 2021?

The Osun state university (UNIOSUN) JAMB cut-off for 2021/2022 admission is 160 for all courses except for Accounting, Business Administration, Political Science, Nursing, Medicine, and Law.

image showing the Osun State University (UNIOSUN) JAMB and departmental Cutoff mark

Additionally, the Cutoff mark for direct entry candidates is also 160 or above depending on the candidate’s course, department, or faculty.

UNIOSUN Departmental Cutoff Points for all Courses

Below is the Osun State University (UNIOSUN) departmental JAMB cut-off mark for all courses for the 2021/2022 academic session admission screening exercise.

  • Apply for UNIOSUN 2021 Post UTME Screening
Top Courses at UNIOSUN Their Departmental Marks
Accounting 180
Business Administration 180
Political Science 180
Nursing 200
Medicine 200
Law 200
Common/Islamic Law 200
Every other Course 160

UNIOSUN Aggregate Score Calculation

Before I show you the cut off mark, I will love to give you a little insight into how to calculate the UNIOSUN aggregate score and know your admission chances.

What will guarantee admission at Osun State University is a high JAMB score and good SSCE O’level result.

During the admission selection process, candidates/applicants with higher JAMB scores and good O’level results are considered first before others. As such, if your departmental cut-off mark is 170, make sure you obtain as much as 200 or above.


Breakdown of O’level: Each O’level grade has a percentage that is used for admission as shown below;

  • A = 40 points
  • B = 30 points
  • C = 20 points
  • D = 10 points
  • F = 0 point

JAMB Result: Each JAMB score range has a percentage allocated for it as shown below.

JAMB Score from;

  • 180 – 190 = 20 to 21 Points
  • 191 -200 = 22 to 23 Points
  • 201 – 210 = 24 to 25 Points
  • 211 – 225 = 26 to 28 Points
  • 226 – 235 = 29 to 30 Points
  • 236 – 245 = 31 to 32 Points
  • 246 – 300 = 33 to 43 points
  • 300 – 4O0 = 44 to 60 Points

This simply means that, if candidates should score between 300 t0 400 such candidates have secured 60 points already and if the same candidate has Credit pass (C) in all his subject combination, he or she has also secured 20 points from O’level making it a total of 80 points (80%) and such candidate has a very good chance of admission.

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