IAUE Cut Off Mark 2022/2023(JAMB, Departmental & Aggregate Score)

This article contains all the information on IAUE cut off mark 2021/2022 for all courses and the departmental cut off points for admission.

The general JAMB cut-off mark for IAUE, and the departmental cut off mark for all courses is out.

Note that this information is released to prepare the minds of aspirants on the JAMB score that will qualify them for the IAUE Post UTME admission exercise that is about to come.

It is very advisable for aspirants to check and adhere to the IAUE admission criteria and eligibility if they really want to gain admission in this 2021/2022 Session.

Check the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education cutoff mark and the IAUE aggregate score calculation technique below

IAUE JAMB Cut off mark for 2021?

The Ignatius Ajuru University of Education JAMB cut-off mark for the 2021/2022 academic session is 180 for all courses, departments, and faculty. The IAUE direct entry cutoff mark is also 180.

image for Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE) JAMB cut-off mark

More so, all department has their specific departmental cutoff points.

180 is the general score needed to be qualified for the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education 2021 Post UTME exercise while the departmental cutoff point will determine the score range needed to gain admission for all courses.

Apart from that, there is a proper calculation that will help you to calculate and know your admission chances which called aggregate score.

From the next step, I will list out all the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education departmental cut-off marks for all courses and how to calculate the IAUE aggregate score for 2021 and know your chances of gaining admission with your JAMB Score.

IAUE Departmental cut off mark for all courses

The following are the IAUE departmental cut-off mark for all courses.

Candidates should take note of the following score range and make sure they achieve it to stand a better chance of admission.

The cut-off mark for Computer science and every other course is 160.

The cutoff mark for candidates with disabilities (any of hearing, visual, and speech impairment) is 100 for all courses.

Note: The above departmental cut off points are estimated.

Meeting the above JAMB score is not 100% guaranteed for admission if such a candidate does not meet other admission requirements, eligibility, and criteria.

For example, candidates who meet their departmental cut off point will also have to meet the age requirement (16 years+) and have an SSCE O’level with 5 credits in 5 related subjects including maths and English and every other requirement stated for the exercises.

IAUE Aggregate Score Calculation and Admission Chances

The following is the breakdown of the IAUE Aggregate score calculation and how to calculate IAUE admission chances for the 2021/2022 academic session.

SSCE O’level Grades and % Range

  • A = 40%
  • B = 30%
  • C = 20%
  • D = 10%
  • F = 0%

This simply means that, if you have an A in your SSCE result, then you have obtained 40%. The same is applicable to B or C as shown above.

Therefore, If a candidate scores A in his or her 5 selected subjects, then such candidates have secured 40%, if B, then such candidates have secured 30%, if C, then 20%.

But if a mixture of A, B, or C grades, then calculation has to be done base on the percentile shown above.

IAUE JAMB Score Grades in % Range:

  • 180 – 190 = 20 to 21 Points
  • 191 -200 = 22 to 23 Points
  • 201 – 210 = 24 to 25 Points
  • 211 – 225 = 26 to 28 Points
  • 226 – 235 = 29 to 30 Points
  • 236 – 245 = 31 to 32 Points
  • 246 – 300 = 33 to 43points
  • 300 – 4O0 = 44 to 60 Points

Same thing applicable here. If a candidate obtains a JAMB score ranging between 300-400, then such a candidate has secured 60% for himself or herself.

General Calculation:

If a candidate has A grades in his or her 5 subjects, then such has obtained 40% from the SSCE O’level result, and if such scores between 300 – 400 in JAMB, such has obtained 60% from JAMB. Adding 40% to 60% gives such candidates 100% chances of admission.

The same is applicable to any other O’level grade and JAMB score range.

So use the same method to calculate your admission chance base on your grade and JAMB score.

I am sure this tutorial guide had made it simple for you to know the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education JAMB and departmental Cut off mark for 2021/2022 and the aggregate score calculation that will help you to know your admission chances.

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