University Of Ibadan Courses And Cut Off Mark

University of Ibadan Courses and cut off mark

University Of Ibadan Courses And Cut Off Mark- Did you sit for the last Jamb and made University of Ibadan your choice university? I am pleased to inform you that the cut off marks are out! In the following paragraphs, we would be showing University of Ibadan courses and Cut Off mark. Its important that you get to know about this cut off mark (both Jamb and departmental) so you can know eligible you are for admission. And this can help you make better preparations

University of Ibadan Courses And Cut Off Mark

According to Times Higher Education 2023, the university of Ibadan ranks as the 1st university in Nigeria and 7th in Africa. In addition,  the world university rankings 2023 positions University of Ibadan between position 401-500. The prestigious institution established in 1962 offers a wide range of academic programs. Currently, the school runs 92 academic programs across 27 faculties. These faculties include namely Arts, Science, Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Agriculture, the Social Sciences, Education, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Technology, Law, Public Health, Dentistry, Economics and Management Sciences, Renewable Natural Resources, Environmental Design and Management, and Multidisciplinary Studies.

The University has  15 halls of residence that accommodates about 30% of its population. There are also accommodations outside the campus and also in town to take in the remaining population of students

University Of Ibadan Courses Jamb Cut Off Mark

If you are applying to study any of University of Ibadan Courses, you must sit for Jamb and meet the cut-off Mark. For 2023, the minimum cut-off mark for University of Ibadan courses is 200. With this cut-off point, you will be allowed to register and sit for post-UTME screening. However, it is advisable to score very high marks in Jamb as this will increase your chance of getting admitted , most especially if you are going for competitive courses like medicine, law , Engineering or Pharmacy.

University Of Ibadan Courses Departmental Cut Off Mark

Faculty of Agriculture

1Agricultural Economics55.62550
2Agricultural Extension and Rural Development51.12550
4Animal Science52.62550
5Crop Protection And Environmental Biology51.550

Faculty of Arts

2Arabic Language and Literature56.2550
4Classical studies60.62550
5Communication and Language Arts72.7572.5
6English language and Literature70.8768.875
7European Studies- French65.12550
8European Studies- German64.37558.125
9European Studies- Russian54.2550
12Islamic Studies60.554
16Religious Studies58.62550
17Theatre Arts6663.375

Faculty of Medicine

3Environmental Health Science57.2550
4Human Nutrition and Dietetics61.62559.875
5Medical Laboratory Science6968.375
6Medicine and Surgery76.575.25
7Nursing Science68.12567.25

Faculty of Education

1Adult Education51.62550
2Early Childhood Education52.37550
3Education Arabic53.62550
4Education Biology51.550
5Education Chemistry53.7550
6Education Economics5950
7Education English7364.125
8Education French5550
9Education Geography56.550
10Education History51.7550
11Education IRS6250
12Education Mathematics56.37555.375
13Education Physics56.62550
14Education Political Science65.37563.5
15Education Religious studies59.2550
16Education Yoruba52.2550
17Educational Management55.37552.25
18Guidance and counselling56.87554.25
19Health Education5150
20Human Kinetics50.87550
21Library, Archival and Information Studies60.550
22Special Education56.12554.375

Faculty of Law

1Law74.7574. 375

Faculty of Pharmacy


Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources

1Aquaculture and Fisheries Management53.7550
2Forest Production/ Products50
3Social and Environmental Forestry50
4Wildlife and Ecotourism Management51.2550

Faculty of Science

 5Computer Science64.3761
 7Industrial Chemistry58.8751.8

Faculty of Environmental Design and Management


Faculty of Economics


Faculty of Social Sciences

 2Political Science66.2566.125

Faculty of Technology

1Agricultural and Environmental Engineering51.2550
 2Civil Engineering64.7562.87
 3Electrical and Electronics Engineering7169.62
 4Food Technology51.8750
 5Industrial and Production Engineering62.1257.5
 6Mechanical Engineering71.1269.5
 7Petroleum Engineering65.8764.87
 8Wood products Engineering53.3750

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

1Veterinary Medicine60.2560

Last Word

University of Ibadan is currently the best university in Nigeria and 7th best in Africa. University of Ibadan courses are accredited by the relevant bodies. For you to get admission to study any of University of Ibadan courses, you must have made the institution your first choice. Also, you must meet up with University of Ibadan cut off mark (both Jamb and departmental).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jamb cut off mark for University of Ibadan?

If you have chosen the university of Ibadan at your preferred instituition, then be informed that the Jamb cut off mark is out and is set at 200. That is, the Jamb cut off mark for University of Ibadan is 200. What it implies is that if you scored 200 and above, you are eligible to sit for post-UTME screening.

What is the minimum age requirement to be eligible for admission in University of Ibadan?

For you to gain admission into the University of Ibadan, you must be at least 16 years old.

Can I get admission into the university of Ibadan without Jamb?

Yes. There are other ways to gain admission into the University of Ibadan without having to sit for Jamb. Here are some of those ways:

Direct Entry: You can gain admission through direct entry into 200 Level to study your choice course. To be eligible for this, you should have OND( Ordinary National Diploma)  or HND (Higher National Diploma) in a related field. You will need to procure a direct entry form from Jamb.

JUPEB: This is another entry route into University of Ibadan and some other universities in Nigeria. JUPEB which stands for Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board is an A’level program in Nigeria. It is a 1-year program that prepares students for the university. On completion, students with good grades can apply and get admission into 200-level in the university to study choice course.

NABTEB A’level: NABTEB means National Business and Technical Examination Board. It is another A’level academic program that allows you gain direct entry into 200-level in the university. The certificates are actually equivalent to OND and NCE.

Part time Program:  Part-time program is majorly set up for individuals with primary obligations such as work and family. Such individual may not be able to go through the rigours and schedule of a full-time education. The university of Ibadan offer part time program through its Open Center for Distance Learning. You can visit the university website to learn more about it, www. ui. edu. ng

Pre-degree programs: It is a one year academic program run by the University. At the end of the one-year, students sit for an exam. Only the successful ones will be given admission into 100-level to study choice courses.

What are the requirements to gain admission to study at the University of Ibadan?

To gain admission to study at the University of the Ibadan, these are the requirements for UTME students:

5 Credit passes in O’level (WAEC, NECO, GCE) at one sitting.
Candidates must make University of Ibadan their first choice when making Jamb applications.
Right subject combinations in Jamb and post UTME examinations
Candidates should score at least 200 in Jamb to be qualified to be eligible to sit for post-UTME examination
Applicants must register for and sit for post UTME

What is the cost of post UTME form for University of Ibadan Courses?

For students applying to University of Ibadan, it is mandatory you sit for post UTME exams after Jamb exams. The cost of post UTME form is #2000. For you to be eligible to purchase the post-UTME form, you must have scored at least 200 in Jamb.


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