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How To Study And Work In UK- It is no longer news that many people are migrating to UK. Most of the migrants are from African nations , seeking greener pastures. One of the common entry routes people take advantage of to gain entry into UK is study route. However, schools in UK can really be expensive, so also is the cost of living. One of the secrets black migrants used to survive is the “study & work approach”.  That is, you can work while studying . This will enable you to be able to pay your tuition, bills ( I tell you there are bills to pay in UK O!) and live comfortable lives while on your way to getting permanent residency.  In this write-up, we would show you tips on how to study and work in UK successfully.

Tips To Effectively Study And Work In UK

While it is a great idea to work while studying, there are some things you need to start out for balance, effectively and also to prevent breaking the law. Because any of the breach of the law by international students is not taken lightly by authorities . Consequences can be as grave as loosing your studentship or being deported back to your home country. It is that serious! Its important you follow these tips so you can play safe and also be successful.

Tip 1: Follow all regulations as regarding “ work and study in UK”.

Some of these regulations include:

  • Maximum of 20 hours work a week allowed for students pursuing degree program or post-graduate program
  • Maximum of 10 hours a week allowed for students pursuing program less than a degree
  • Student on part-time programs at UK colleges and universities are not allowed to work
  • As an international student, you can not be self-employed, take a permanent full time job or be an entertainer.

Tip 2: Strive to maintain a good balance between study and work

To get a good degree is the main reason you are out there in UK. Its important you balance yourself so you don’t get distracted from this goal . On the other hand , you cant study on an empty stomach. You need some funds to feed and pay bills. So its important you work while study. You must be able to manage your time effectively and also be a good planner as a student.

Tip 3: Get a job with good proximity

Its important that you get a job either close to your institution or home. This will help reduce/ save up time and m

What Jobs Are Available For Those That Want To Study And Work In UK

With a student visa in UK, you are permitted to work , however with some restrictions such as:

  • working of a maximum of 20 hours a week and
  • doing some specific jobs

Below is a list of jobs that you can do as a student in UK:

  1. Admission officer
  2. Personal assistant
  3. Student support officer
  4. Sales Assistant
  5. Receptionist
  6. Customer Assistant
  7. Cashier
  8. Blogger
  9. Translator
  10. Promotional worker
  11. Veterinary care assistant
  12. Delivery driver
  13. Bartender
  14. Personal tutor
  15. Smoothie maker
  16. Social media assistant
  17. IT assistant
  18. Fitness instruction
  19. Residence guide
  20. Gardener
  21. Sports facilities
  22. Brand ambassador
  23. Photographer
  24. Baby sitter
  25. House cleaner
  26. Tour guide
  27. Research Assistant
  28. Waitress
  29. Book seller
  30. Dog walker
  31. Retail worker
  32. Prep cook

How Long Am I Allowed To Work As A Student In UK

Two categories of work hours are allowed for international students:

  • 20 hours a week : This is for students on a full-time bachelor or master’s degree in a recognized higher institution
  • 10 hours a week: this is for full-time students on a study program that is below degree level.

What Category Of International Students Are Not Allowed To Study And Work In UK

The following category of students are not allowed to work while studying in UK:

  • Students on a part time post-graduate program
  • Students studying in a private higher institution
  • Students under the age of 16 years
  • Students in colleges of education

What Kind Of Job Am I Not Permitted To Do As A Student That Study And Work In UK

Here are some of the jobs you are not allowed to do as a student in UK. If you are caught  doing such jobs, you may loose your studentship or may even get deported to your home country.

  • Full-time permanent job
  • Professional sportsperson
  • Free-lancer
  • Self-employment
  • Business
  • Working as medical or dentist in training except you are enrolled in a foundational program

d money spent on commuting.

How Can I Locate A Job As An International Student In UK

There are three categories of job that are available for international students in UK:

  • On-campus part time jobs
  • Off-campus part time jobs
  • Work from home jobs

On-campus part-time jobs

These are jobs available for students in their campus of study. You can get to work in the library, reception, gym, cafeterias, computer labs, etc. However, these jobs are limited in number.

Off-campus part time jobs

These jobs as the name suggests are located outside the campus. Example of those jobs include data entry clerk, receptionist, bartender, dogwalker, catering assistant, etc.

Work from home jobs

You can also choose to work from home as an international student in UK. Here, all you need is a laptop and good internet connection. Examples of those jobs include marketing researcher, writer, data entry, private tutor, etc.

How To Search For Part-time Job

Check local newspaper for job postings

Jobs are listed regularly in local newspaper. You can check local newspaper to find a job that will suit you.

Browse through the internet

You can browse through the internet to check to check for job vacancies around your location

Check school bulletin billboard

You can also check the billboards in your college for job adverts

Talk to people

You can also talk to people around you about your need for a job . Coursemates, roomates, colleagues and even your faculties can help you locate a job.

Final Note

It is always advisable to work while studying in UK. This is to help  you balance out financially. Tuition fees of higher institution in n the UK are

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn as a student that study and work in UK.

Averagely, as a working student in  UK, you can earn between 8 and 30 Euros per hour. But it all depends on the kind of job you are doing.

How can I study and work in UK ?

To study and work in UK, you must be :
At least 16 years old
Be admitted in a public higher institution
Be studying on a short term basis

How easy is it to study and work in UK?

Well, to study and work in UK, you must be determined and know how to manage your time as a student . Although, most universities allow students to work while studying. You are allowed maximum of 20 hours a week to work as a student. Also, a lot of part-time jobs are available for international students where they can make some good money.

Can I be allowed to work full time with a student visa in UK?

No. You cannot work full-time with a student visa in UK. You can only work 20 hours a  week.

What is the implication of working more than 20 hours a week with a student visa in UK ?

Working more than 20 hours a week as a student is a breach of the terms on your student visa and there could be serious implications such as being hindered from completing your studies , not being able to get a new visa in the future, etc.

Can an international student secure a job easily in UK?

International students in UK have the allowance to work up to 20 hours a week.


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