Top 10 Best Track And Field Colleges In The USA

Best Track And Field Colleges In The USA

Best Track And Field Colleges In The USA – Are you a college student-athlete pursuing a college athletics career but not sure where to start your college search? Finding the right college takes time and a lot of research. The colleges listed below will guide you in picking the right one. Follow this guide to see the best track and field colleges in the USA.

Best Track And Field Colleges In The USA

1. Stanford University

Stanford’s athletic program dates back to 1893, the second spring of the university’s existence, and in 2023 it will celebrate its 129th season.

In the 2021-22 academic year, Stanford’s teams (indoor and outdoor track and field and men’s and women’s cross country) won 13 team championships, 86 individual NCAA championships and 966 All-America awards from 290 different athletes.

Stanford’s program has won 61 conference team championships and 430 individual conference championships from 272 different athletes.

Stanford has produced 70 different track and field Olympians, including 21 individual medalists and 10 gold medalists, including Tokyo 2020 women’s discus champion Valarie Allman and 2016 women’s pole vault champion Katerina Stefanidi. Eight track and field graduates represented Stanford in Tokyo. Stanford has eight alumni and two current athletes competing in the 2022 World Championships in Eugene.

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2. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan has a rich and well-established athletic tradition. Intercollegiate rivalries officially began in 1865-66, when the baseball team won its first three games that season. It began the tradition of football history in 1879. Women’s track and field created an official varsity sport in 1973-74, with teams from UM basketball, field hockey, swimming and diving, tennis, and volleyball. Men’s soccer and women’s water polo were added as varsity sports in 2000-2001.

Michigan track teams have won more than 50 national championships in 12 sports over the years, beginning with the 1901 football championship. Since then, the Wolverine dynasty has evolved into men’s football, swimming, and diving. and ice hockey. No other NCAA Division I program has more national titles in hockey or men’s swimming and diving than the Wolverines. In 2005, Michigan softball gained national attention by winning the first Women’s College World Series and becoming the first school east of the Mississippi to do so.
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3. University of Virginia

Lannigan Field became the home of the Virginia track team in 1971. Sixty years ago, the Virginia track team used Lambeth Field as their home venue. Work on the new track-only began with the efforts of two former track students, Ed Hardy, and Vincent Derr. They formed a committee led by Bernard Chamberlain, Robert Gooch, and Pete Delaney to raise money for the installation. Their efforts are supported by donations from the athletic department.

The facility has hosted many high-profile meetings, including the ACC Outdoor Championship and state high school meetings.

In March 2011, it was announced that Amy Griffin, a 1998 UVa graduate and volleyball player for the Cavaliers, had committed $5 million to build a new track and field facility beginning in June 2011. Plans for the new facility as well as to replace the existing track. It includes seats for 1,500 fans, lights, scoreboards, and team changing rooms.
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4. Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is committed to the people it serves, whether they are student-athletes, staff, or guests. With a commitment to excellence in all they do, they represent the University and its proud legacy.
Their core values are:

  • Integrity: They act with honesty and personal responsibility.
  • Education: They instill in their student-athletes and staff a sense of social responsibility and an appreciation for lifelong learning through quality academic, competitive, leadership, and social experiences.
  • People: They put the well-being of their student-athletes, staff, and guests at the center of every decision.
  • Excellence: They seek excellence in everything they do.
  • Respect: They celebrate an environment of mutual respect and inclusion, appreciating everyone’s contribution to the team and fostering a culture of openness where voices are heard.
    Innovation: Encourage innovation, celebrate the diversity of thought, and embrace change.
    Community: Value community support and are active community leaders in giving back to others.
    Tradition: They build on the tradition that has guided them through their proud history.
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5. University of Illinois

From the founding of the Illini baseball team in 1879 to the formation of the UI Athletic Association in 1890, the founding membership of the Big Ten Conference in 1896, and the founding membership of the NCAA in 1906, Illinois has led the nation . . in college athletics. Fighting Illini has won 18 NCAA championships, five football national championships, and 248 Big Ten titles, the second most in conference history. Illinois has advanced to four of the five NCAA men’s basketball finals. The University of Illinois alumni have won 31 Olympic medals by competing in 25 Olympic Games for 17 countries.

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5. University of Pennsylvania

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation (DRIA) at the University of Pennsylvania is committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion. They believe that creating an environment that encourages and supports individuality is part of DRIA’s core values. Following the University of Pennsylvania nondiscrimination policy, they seek to welcome, approve, and support student-athletes, coaches, and staff of all races, colors, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, religions, national or ethnic origins. . . origin, nationality, age, disability, veteran status, or any other class protected by law.

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6. Georgetown University

Georgetown Athletics is focuse to develop a community where all members feel valued, heard, and respected. They assist their student-athletes, coaches, and staff in the positive actions they are taking in the fight against racial and social injustice. The university work to live up to its values by standing for what is right and ensuring that their work today will pave the way for a better tomorrow.”

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7. Brown University

With a collegiate spirit that provides its students with broad and deep educational opportunities, Brown is committed to supporting one of the most comprehensive NCAA Division I intercollegiate athletic programs for men and women in the country.

The athletic program plays an important role in teaching students to conduct themselves with integrity and honesty, sacrifice, strive for excellence, persevere despite difficulties, and compete with dignity and pride while developing teamwork and a commitment to the sport. community service.

Brown believes that the athletic program should embody the same excellence and diversity found throughout the university, thereby providing the opportunity and encouragement for each student-athlete to reach their full intellectual and athletic potential.

The shared goal of Brown’s athletic managers, coaching staff, and academic athletes is to achieve the highest possible level of success while maintaining good standards of sportsmanship and ethical behavior. In addition, the sports program strives to provide equal opportunities for women and minorities. Overall, Brown hopes to develop school athletes whose performance in the classroom and on the playground reflects the values ​​of this institution.
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8. Wake Forest University

Wake Forest Athletics has been operating for several years under the mission of developing champions and four core values: integrity, leadership, excellence, and teamwork. Today, they are adding a set of five goals that guide their daily decision-making.

  • First-class student-athlete experience.
  • Integrity in academics, compliance, finances, participation, and security.
  • Win the championship
  • The ultimate North Carolina fan experience

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9. Boston University

The Boston University Department of Athletics is committed to excellence in athletics, academics, and society. Throughout the division’s long history, student-athletes have outstandingly represented BU achieving and maintaining high levels of excellence on and off the field while demonstrating dedication, integrity, and sportsmanship.

All of this progress has been achieved by maintaining a high level of excellence in the classroom. This impressive achievement is a testament to the dedication and perseverance of the talented student-athletes and faculty, administrators, coaches, alumni, and friends of Boston University. The hallmark of Boston University athletics is its ability to maintain a high level of academic excellence in a nationally competitive athletic environment.

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These are the best track and field colleges in the USA that are outstanding. Pick any of them to start your track and field career journey.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Which track and field is hardest?

The 400m hurdles is considered to be the most demanding of all track events. In addition to the 400m sprint, which in itself demands full muscular activity, the physical strength and skill to jump over 10 hurdles is also required.

What GPA do I need to run track and field?

Minimum GPA of 2.0

Which country has the most successful track and field?

The United States

Why are Africans so good at track and field?

Being thin includes having skinny legs. And an average Kenyan’s leg is 400 grams lighter than those of their European competitors, which translates to an energy saving of 8% when running. 

How much do USA Track and Field atheletes make?

Usa Track & Field pays an average salary of $56,009 and salaries range from a low of $47,044 to a high of $63,578.


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