Best Forensic Psychology Degrees In The USA 2021

Best Forensic Psychology Degrees In The USA 2021
Best Forensic Psychology Degrees In The USA 2021

Best Forensic Psychology Degrees In The USA 2021

A forensic psychologist can be the key witness and consultant in a criminal case. Can a suspect plead insanity? Were their reasons deep-rooted in childhood trauma? Is there a connection between criminal behaviors and psychological conditions? 

These are some of the questions that forensic psychologists ask. And you can discover more with one of the Best Forensic Psychology Degrees in 2021.  

From the TV show C.S.I to nationally covered court cases, forensic psychologists are an indispensable entity needed for the proper execution of the law. The most important duty of a forensic psychologist is to psychologically analyze people who are involved with the legal system. 

Psychological analysis can cause a drastically different conclusion in a legal case. For an individual to be convicted of a criminal offense, they need to be found guilty not only of the crime but of “men’s rea”—a guilty mind.

If an individual claims insanity, and if a forensic psychologist diagnoses the suspect with insanity at the time of the crime or generally, the suspect could also be acquitted of the charge against him or her or have their charges heavily reduced.

What Is a Forensic Psychology Degree?

A Bachelor’s degree in forensic psychology is the primary step toward becoming a forensic psychologist. To make certain, there are quite a few steps after a bachelor’s degree. To practice forensic psychology, one must have a Ph.D. or Psy.D. degree from an APA-approved doctoral program. Additionally, they need to hold an internship and other experience for around two years to get licensure.

So, what does the primary step comprise? Most bachelor’s students put more focus on general education requirements such as introductory psychology classes, and elementary classes in forensic psychology.

Some students may take courses on introduction to psychology, English composition, introduction to anatomy, biology, and physiology. Some programs offer more comprehensive courses in forensic psychology, but the majority of in-depth courses will come at the doctorate level.

Admission requirements differ and are dependent on the school. Typically, colleges ask prospective students to submit:

  • Official transcripts
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • A private statement
  • A resume
  • Letters of advice
  • And aid paperwork. 

Some universities may omit a number of these requirements; while others could ask for extra information.

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Careers for Forensic Psychology Majors

Having a forensic psychology degree can lead to many possible career choices. There are many available jobs within the forensic psychology profession. 

Typical work settings consist of police stations, hospitals, prisons, and rehabilitation centers. Job roles typically involve interviewing clients to determine their mental state. Forensic psychologists may then use the collected information to make treatment recommendations. And because the legal system is needed, the profession will also be needed too.

Forensic psychologists have many tasks. They can be expert witnesses, write reports behind the scenes; give direct treatment to patients, and also work with leading researchers from institutions and universities around the world. In every case, forensic psychologists play a big role in the legal process and inform researchers on trends within the field.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects employment for psychologists to increase by 3% from 2019 to 2029, a rate that is the same as the national average for all occupations. This shows that graduates of forensic psychology have a stable job market.

Forensic Psychology Salary Potential

Getting to the purpose where you will practice forensic psychology requires tons of schooling and money. Dependent on the speed of your bachelor’s and doctoral program, it could take over five years to practice forensic psychology. While the educational investment is quite huge, you can rest assured that the profession will pay it off generously.

Like most professions, the factors that determine how fat your salary is, are: 

  1. Your level of experience
  2. The sector of labor
  3.  Location
  4.  And work experience. 

According to PayScale, the typical forensic psychologist earns $69,514 per annum. But there’s a good variance in salaries. The highest 10% of earners make over $102,000 per annum, while the rock bottom 10% of earners make but $39,000 per annum.

Not every employer pays equally. Government and personal agencies typically pay their forensic psychologists well, while public jails might not pay excellent salaries. Usually, there’s a trade-off between salary and hours worked.

What Are the Best Forensic Psychology Degrees?

StudentMajor cares about your academic and future goals, and we always endeavor to do our best to guide you towards a prosperous productive academic career.

1. Southern New Hampshire University

Best Forensic Psychology Degrees In The USA 2021
Best Forensic Psychology Degrees In The USA 2021
  • LOCATION: Manchester, New Hampshire
  • AVERAGE NET PRICE: $39,071

Southern New Hampshire University offers a superb Bachelor of Arts in psychology with a degree in forensic psychology. SNHU is notable for its aid opportunities. Over 90% of scholars qualify for some type of student aid, and lots of these students are eligible to receive up to $20,000 in education awards. Aside from those awards, every student can benefit from SNHU’s relatively affordable tuition.

Students during this program divide their time between general education, psychology, and forensic psychology courses. within the four-year program, students study the legal, psychological, and ethical aspects of being a forensic psychologist. 

Some classes that students take are Scientific Investigations, Statistics for Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, and Introduction to Anatomy. Students finish their studies with a Senior Seminar in Psychology, which connects ethics, field experience, research, and therefore the latest theories in psychology and forensic psychology. 

Southern New Hampshire Forensic Psychology Admission Requirements.   

Ideally, candidates for Southern New Hampshire Forensic psychology should meet the following criteria: 

  1. Official high school transcript (or GED)
  2. One letter of recommendation from a school counselor or teacher
  3. Standardized test scores are optional and not required for admission
  4. SAT school code is 3649 and ACT school code is 2514
  5. Music Education applicants: an audition is required before enrolling
  6. University Honors Program applicants: an additional essay and completed Honors application

We recommend this one just for the benefits you stand to gain in scholarships and student aid. 

2. John Jay College

Best Forensic Psychology Degrees In The USA 2021
Best Forensic Psychology Degrees In The USA 2021
  • LOCATION: New York City, New York

You can’t compete with the affordability, reputation, and well-rounded curriculum of John Jay College’s Bachelor of Arts in forensic psychology. The program focuses on the foundational theories of forensic psychology, the newest research within the field, the ethics of forensic psychology, and the connection between psychology and the criminal justice system.

The program’s 120-credit course load covers 26-35 credits in electives, 42 general education credits, and 43-52 credits within the forensic psychology major. Students mostly start with introductory classes like Pre-Calculus and Introduction to Psychology. As students advance, they take courses like Seminar in Forensic Psychology, Psychology of Criminal Behavior, and Advanced Undergraduate Research Experience in Psychology. 

It should be noted that John Jay College offers a dual bachelor’s and master’s program in forensic psychology.

John Jay Forensic Psychology Admission Requirements.   

Ideally, candidates for John Jay College science majors should meet the following criteria: 

1. At least an 81 CAA (High School Academic Average); 

2. 3 years of High School Math; 

3. 3 years of High School Science; 

4. Must have taken a High School Chemistry course.

Students who want to transfer into the Forensic Science major must have at least 30 credits, have a total GPA of at least 2.5, and a Math/Science GPA of 2.5 or higher in science major courses to be admitted. In addition, students must have taken Biology and Chemistry courses suitable to their class standing upon transferring.  Students with less than 30 credits must meet the admissions standards listed above before transferring.

3. Florida Institute of Technology

Best Forensic Psychology Degrees In The USA 2021
Best Forensic Psychology Degrees In The USA 2021
  • LOCATION: Melbourne, Florida

The Florida Institute of Technology is proud to be the only school in Florida that offers forensic psychology programs in Florida. It’s an incredible program. They offer terrific classes, the choice to continue a doctoral program at the Florida Institute of Technology, and every knowledge you will need to thrive in grad school and the real world. 

The Florida Institute of Technology offers many excellent classes. These include Fundamentals of Forensic Psychology, Clinical Forensic Assessment, Psychology and therefore the Law, and courses that delve into the newest research in inmate attachment, jail re-entry, and psychological state court. Students during this program research with leading faculty, which provides the chance to observe experts in action.

After graduation, students will be knowledgeable about the essential tasks of forensic psychologists, including expert witnesses, child custody evaluations, jury selection, sexual predator health evaluations, psychological state evaluations, and more. 

4. University of New Haven

Best Forensic Psychology Degrees In The USA 2021
Best Forensic Psychology Degrees In The USA 2021
  • LOCATION: West Haven, Connecticut
  • AVERAGE NET PRICE: $33,214

The University of New Haven’s forensic psychology department asks all of the critical questions of a forensic psychologist. Why do people commit crimes? How does a person’s state of mind during a criminal offense affect their court case? Is there a way to reduce crime by studying and making diagnoses beforehand? Students during this program study the various details of forensic psychology work, including the way to determine mental competency to face trial.

Some courses at the University of New Haven’s forensic psychology program are neuroscience, Theories of Personality, Drugs & Behavior, Legal Psychology and Police and Investigative Psychology, and. Students also take general education and core psychology courses like psychopathology, Research Methods in Psychology, and Statistics for Behavioral Sciences.

University of New Haven’s Forensic Psychology Admission Requirements.   

Ideally, candidates for the University of New Haven’s Forensic psychology should meet the following criteria: 

  1. Students must complete the Common Application
  2. Submit official transcripts
  3. Provide a minimum of one letter of advice
  4. Provide SAT or ACT scores
  5. And write a private essay. 

5. California Baptist University

  • LOCATION: Riverside, California
  • AVERAGE NET PRICE: $24,170

Are you a spiritual Christian who wants to seem at psychology and forensic psychology through a biblical scope? If so, California Baptist University’s Bachelor of Arts in psychology with a degree in forensic psychology is your best choice.

The program connects legal history, research projects, and therefore the biblical worldview of psychology to make one among the foremost fascinating undergraduate forensic psychology programs within the country. 

Some of the various fascinating classes during this program are Theories of Personality, psychopathology, Psychopathic Mind, Introduction to Forensic Psychology, and Developmental Psychology: Adolescence and Adulthood.

Students take these classes from expert Christian instructors, and they also take biblical-minded courses as general education requirements. 

One unique feature of California Baptist University’s forensic psychology program is the requirement to complete a capstone project to graduate. Within the project, students must complete ingenious scientific research over four semesters of study. Students can research alongside faculty and present their findings at the Annual CBU Student colloquium.

Courses in a Forensic Psychology Bachelor’s Program

Forensic psychology bachelor’s programs require approximately 120 credits. General education courses help students develop transferable communication, research, and writing skills. 

Major coursework also emphasizes research skills, also as psychology fundamentals. 

Advanced courses explore topics such as forensic, correctional, and psychopathology.

 Some programs include elective credits, which learners may use to finish a second major or a minor.

Forensic psychology programs often include subsequent classes. However, course titles and academic requirements differ by school. Students should contact their prospective school’s admissions department for details regarding its bachelor’s in forensic psychology program.

FAQ About Forensic Psychology Degrees 2021

u003cstrongu003eQ. What is the minimum SAT score requirement in the USA?u003c/strongu003e

A.  The SAT uses a scale of 400-1600 but it’s advised you have a minimum target of 1000.

u003cstrongu003eWhat is a low SAT score?u003c/strongu003e

Anywhere from 400 – 800

u003cstrongu003eIs Forensic Psychology like what I see on C.S.I or other television programs?u003c/strongu003e

Forensic psychology is not like what is represented in most television dramas. They are not detectives or crime scene investigators. They actively seek to avoid dual roles.u003cbr/u003eForensic psychologists regularly conduct psychological evaluations (assessments) of people involved in legal matters. This means much time is spent conducting clinical interviews, psychological testing, reviewing records, speaking with collateral sources, and writing reports.

u003cstrongu003eHow do I get into a US university?u003c/strongu003e

Do your research, pick the school you like, and ensure all required documents are up to date and available.

u003cstrongu003eWhat types of skills are needed for a career in forensic psychology?u003c/strongu003e

An ethical approach to your work is vital, as your professional integrity could be questioned in court. Strong problem-solving and research skills, as well as good observation and analytical skills, are helpful

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