Columbia Acceptance Rate 2021/2025 Class Admission Profile

What is the Columbia acceptance rate 2021 for the class of 2025 and what does it take to gain admission at Columbia University? From the Columbia admission statistics, applicants will be able to estimate how easy or hard it is to gain admission at Columbia University.

Brief admission statistics for Columbia University: Columbia University admission follows a holistic admission process. The Columbia admission rate and statistics below will help you to know more about the Columbia admission process and your chance of admission.

Columbia University 2021 Acceptance rate for the Class Of 2025

The Columbia admission statistics below gives detailed information on the Columbia acceptance rate, admission requirements (Test scores, either of SAT or ACT), GPA, and admission chance for both in-state, out-of-state, early action, early decision, transfer, freshman and international, and undergraduate applicants for 2021 admission for the class of 2025.

For now, the Columbia 2021 Acceptance rate for the class of 2025 is not available. But for a better understanding, we will use the class of 2023 profile to estimate this year’s acceptance rate. More so, I will list out the acceptance rate for Columbia University for the past 5 years for comparison.

Application Overview for the class of 2023:

  • Total applications received: 42,569
  • Number of applicants admitted: 2,247
  • Applicants through Columbia’s Early Decision: 4,461
  • Acceptance Rate breakdown: Average 5.5%
    • 2015: 6.9%
    • 2016: 7.4%
    • 2017: 6.9%
    • 2018: 7.0%
    • 2019: 6.1%
    • 2020: 6.0%

The next data below will give you a better insight into the Columbia admission statistics, admission requirements for undergraduate admission including test scores (SAT/ACT and GPA), the Columbia undergraduate admission application portal and fee, and how to apply.

Columbia Admission Rate/Statistics 2021

Below is the detailed Columbia university admission rate and statistics. These stats are from gotten from the class of 2023 profile.

  • First-year students: 1,406
  • U.S Incoming state: 50 States
  • Incoming countries: 74 Countries

Admission rate by races

  • The Whites: 54%
  • Pacific Islander: 30%
  • Hispanic: 20%
  • Black Americans: 15 %
  • Native Americans: 3%
  • No stated races: 1%
  • Students who receive pell grants: 18 percent
  • First-generation students: 18 percent

Admission percentage by Gender:

  • Female: 51%
  • Male: 49%

Percentage by Columbia top College majors:

Top Application U.S States presented:

  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Virginia
  • Illinois
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • California
  • New Jersey
  • Texas
  • Florida

Percentage by Geographical Location

  • Mid-Atlantic: 36%
  • Midwest: 12%
  • New England: 9%
  • South: 22%
  • West: 21%

Top International Applicant’s Countries presented:

  • United Kingdom
  • South Korea
  • Brazil
  • China
  • India
  • Canada
  • Turkey
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Greece
  • Total Countries: 74
  • Foreign citizens represented: 16%

The Columbia Admission requirements (SAT, ACT, GPA, and Documents)

  • Average SAT Score requirements: 1450-1560
  • ACT Score requirements: Average of 33-35.
  • GPA: 4.0 or above

Required Documents Needed For Freshman Admission

  • Application Fee: 85 USD
  • Biography information
  • student’s activities,
  • Student’s achievements,
  • employment information
  • Personal essay
  • Transcripts
  • Recommendation (From Teacher and counselor)
  • School profile
  • Mid-year report
  • SAT/ACT test scores

For International Applicants:

  • English Proficiency (For Non-English countries)
  • Official transcripts
  • Recommendations or resume.
  • Test scores
  • Financial support report
  • Biographical page and passport

How to Apply & Deadlines

  • Undergrad Admissions Application Portal:
  • The Application methods: Coalition/Common application
  • Application Fee: $85
  • Average Acceptance Rate: 6.5%
  • Payment methods: Online using MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express Credit Card

Application Deadlines:

  • Early Decision/Action
  • Regular Decision
  • Academic Calendar: Semester
  • Intake Seasons
    • Fall
    • Spring
    • Summer

Admission Chances:

Now that you have known the Columbia acceptance rate 2021 for the class of 2025, the admission statistics, admission requirements, (SAT/ACT score, GPA, the admission application portal, and fee, the next question to ask should be on your admission chances at Columbia University.

Well, Columbia University expects all applicants to have a good academic record and perform well intellectually. Despite that, only academic records and performances may not walk you into Columbia University because other factors like personal statements, family circumstances, motivation, overall character, and recommendation letters will also play a very vital role in admission selection.

Disclaimer: All information above is to be verified. Please kindly visit the Columbia official admission portal to verify the accurate statistics and acceptance rate for 2021 (class of 2025)

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