Why You Should Study Business Administration

Study business administration

Why You Should Study Business Administration- Business administration is a career path that deals with handling/ management of a business or company. It encompasses processes involved in the management of a business. Business administration includes financing, accounting, marketing, research, quality assurance, etc. In this write-up , we would show you reasons you should study business administration.

Why You Should Study Business Administration

1. There is opportunity for advanced studies

When you study business administration in college, opportunities for further studies abound. You can choose to go for further studies such as  master’s degree, post-graduate degrees and certifications that will launch you into interesting careers. Examples of those higher studies include:

  • Post-graduate diploma in Management (PGD)
  • Post-graduate diploma in Banking (PGB)
  • Bachelor of Law (LLB)
  • Bachelor of Education (BEC)
  • Master of Financial Management
  • Masters in Digital Marketing
  • Masters in Marketing Management

2. Varieties of Career Opportunities

When you study business administration, it opens you up to a wide range of career opportunities . Some of the career opportunities  when you study business administration include finance, management, human resources, accounting, etc.

3. You acquire leadership skills when you study business administration

One of the critical skills to excel in the business and corporate world is leadership skills. One of the skills you acquire while studying business administration is leadership.

4. Communication skills

Another skill you would acquire when you study business administration is communication skills, both written and oral. As a leader, you must be an effective communicator. Even as a team player , you must have good communications skills too.

5. Salary is quite attractive

When you study business administration, you are sure of getting a job with good pay.

6. You also have options of career path to choose from, all of which pay well.

Below are some career paths in business administration

  • Financial management
  • Human resources
  • Health care administration
  • Marketing management
  • Business management
  • Sales management

7. Higher chances of employment

Business administration is a course that opens you up to varying career opportunities. This in turn increases your employability as a graduate of business administration.

8. You can choose to be self-employed

When you study business administration, you have opportunities to become self-employed . This is because the knowledge and skills needed to do business successfully will have already been learnt in school. Skills like leadership, management , communication , marketing have all been acquired while studying in school.

9. You gain networking skills

One other benefit you derive when you study business administration is that you acquire networking skills. Networking is the ability to interact with people of like minds and also get some mutual benefits. Networking is essential for you to succeed in business and even in paid employment .

10. Creativity Skills

Creativity skills is enhanced when you study business administration. Such a skill will really be useful when staring out your  own business or need to work as part of a team in an organization.

What Are The Different Career Paths In Business Administration

When you study business administration, you have opportunity to work in different organizations both private, public and non-profit organization.

1. Financial Management

This involves the handling of a company’s finances in such a way that would promote the interests of the organization and also compliant with set regulation. In financial management, you will be assisting businesses that will enhance financial stability.

2. Human resource management

This involves the effective and efficient management of persons working in an organization in order to promote the interests of an organization. Human resource managers are involved in planning, coordination and direction of administrative functions of an organization. They are in charge of recruitment, interviewing and hiring of new staffs.

3. Marketing management

This is the development and control of different marketing activities in an organization in order to promote set objectives of the organization. Marketing manager  set goals, develop marketing strategies and other activities to enhance sales and create brand awareness and achieve other company’s objectives.

4. Business management

This is simply the planning, coordination of business activities in a company/ organization. Business manager work to manage operations and help both employees and organization achieve set objectives. A business manager supervise and manage the business of a company that includes assets, employees and operations in general.

5. Sales Management

This aspect of business administration handles the activities that enhances sales within an organization. It functions like the livewire of the company without making sales , an organization cannot thrive making sales , an organization cannot thrive.

It involves practical application of different sales method to promote sales.

Critical Skills Needed To Succeed In Business Administration

To function effectively in any of the career path in business administration , then you must have any of the following skills:

Communication skills

You must be sound in communication skills: both verbal and written. You must know how to reply and compose mails without grammatical blunder, answer phone calls politely, etc.

IT skills

You must have some basic IT skills to succeed in the role. You must be able to use Microsoft office very well and you must also be skilled at database management.

Strong attention to details

You must have strong attention to details. You must execute given tasks in an efficient way.

Time management skills

With a career in business administration, you will have daily tasks to accomplish. You must know how to manage your time very well so that important tasks can be completed in due course.

Organizing and planning

This is another important skill to possess. You will need to plan for events , meetings, staff recruitment, etc.

Team work skills

There will be times you will need to work as part of a team. So, its important you know how to work as part of a team to achieve set objectives.

Customer service skills

If you are working in a customer-facing role, then you will need to possess excellent customer skills.

Other skills needed include resourcefulness, problem solving skills, etc.


You should study business administration because of the amazing career opportunities that awaits you upon graduation. Upon graduation, it is also a lucrative career that also equips you vital skills needed to succeed as entrepreneur, business owner or an employee in an organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to study business administration?

To study administration, you must have at least 5 credits in SSCE or O level most especially English, Mathematics and business-related subjects.

What role does business administration play in a business setting?

A Business administrator has the role of managing/ overseeing the daily affairs of a business. Some of which include hiring of staffs , organizing meetings, negotiating with vendors , collaborate with marketing, advertising and public relationship.

What subject is the most important in business administration?


What skills do I need for a career in business administration?

Some of the skills needed to have a successful career in business administration include:
Attention to details
Problem solving
Organizational skills
IT skills
Time management
Team work
Supervisory and delegatory

What are the possible career paths in business administration?

Sales Manager
Financial Analyst
Market Research Analyst
Loan officer
Business consultant

What is a career in business administration all about?

The program of business administration focusses on the interrelationship between different aspects of a business. Some of the majors include Business economics, human resource management , marketing management, etc.

Where can I work after study of business administration ?

After study of obtaining a degree in business administration in college, you have opportunity to work in different organizations, establishments and businesses, some of which include:

Financial institution e.g banks, microfinance banks
Manufacturing industries
Sales organizations
Health care industries
Auditing firms
Insurance companies
Trade organizations
Transport business
Government and private firm


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