Why You Should Consider A Career In Medicine

career in medicine

Why You Should Consider A Career In Medicine- Are you contemplating on the career path you should follow after high school? Do you really want to choose a career you will thrive in? You may want to consider a career in medicine. In this post, we have slated reasons why you should consider a career in medicine and also different career path in medicine.

10 Reasons You Should Consider A Career In Medicine

#1 Medicine is a career of strong repute

People with career in medicine are highly respected and honored in the society. With the long years of study in school, the unending overnight readings, tough medical exams and ultimately their mission to save lives, its no surprise the medical profession is highly respected.

#2 It is a highly lucrative career

With a career in medicine, you are sure to earn high income, you are sure to earn high income and live comfortable lives. Just ensure you graduate with good grades from medical school and go for specialization in fields with high demand.

#3 Job security

With a career in medicine, job security is assured. The medical sector is not one that is really affected by economic downslides. People in one way or the other will always need doctors or an hospital.

#4 It is a vast field

Medical career is a diversified one. With so many career path in medicine, you don’t necessarily have to be a medical doctor, you can go for nursing, medical lab science, medical records, etc.

#5 It is a challenging but rewarding field

The medical career is one that challenges you. If you are a lover of challenges, you should opt for it. Real time thinking, decision making skills crucial in the medical profession.

#6 It is a career that helps save lives

If you are a kind of person that wants to help your community and save lives, then a career in medicine will be great for you. That feeling of pulling a man out of the zone of death, only a doctor understands it. It is a profession that helps you touch and impact lives.

#7 You can set up a career in consultancy

With a medical degree, you can set up consultancies for different health-related programme

#8 It is a career in high demand

The medical profession is one that is always in high demand. There is no shortage of opportunities for people in the medical profession no matter the area of specialization.

#9 It is a career that allows for advancement and continuous learning.

As a medical professional, you will never outgrow learning. The medical field is a continually evolving one. There is thus something new to learn every now and then.

#10 It is a career with global opportunities

With a career in medicine, you will always find relevance anywhere in the world. In fact, in the developed countries, opportunities abound with juicy package

Career Path In Medicine

The medical career is mainly associated with doctors. Although physicians and surgeons are the most skilled and basically the most paid in the medical field. There are still some other professions in this medical field. The professionals provide support/ assistance to the work of doctors. Examples include technologist, technician, nurse, health administrators, etc.

Let us consider in full details the different career in medicine:

Physician and surgeon career

This is the most lucrative career in medicine. These professionals usually train for a long period of time. But with endurance, dedication and hardwork, you can scale through. Examples of careers in this category include:

  • Family and General Physician
  • Physician Assistant
  • General Internists
  • General pediatricians
  • Obstetricians & Gynecologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Surgeons
  • Anesthesiologists

Non-Physician career

These include:

Registered Nurses; whose main role is to provide care for patients after doctor must have examined , diagnose and prescribed treatment for the patients. Examples include Nurse, Anesthetists, Nurse midwives, Nurse practitioner.

Others include:

  • Physical therapists
  • Dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Podiatrists
  • Audiologist
  • Dietitians & Nutritionists
  • Dental Hygienists

Health care support

This is another good aspect of medical career. It is also in-demand and the training period is usually shorter than the ones already mentioned above. They include:

  • Home health and personal care aides
  • Psychiatric technicians & aides
  • Nursing assistant & orderlies
  • Occupational therapy assistants & aide
  • Physical therapist assistants & aide
  • Massage therapists
  • Dental Assistants
  • Medical Assistants
  • Medical Transcriptionists
  • Phlebotomist

Non-clinical medical careers

This is also another interesting career in medicine. People working here are usually behind the scene and has little or no interaction with the patients. They include:

  • Hospital Administrator
  • Health care program director
  • Senior medical writer
  • Pharmaceutical industry consultant
  • Health educator
  • Medical science liaison
  • Healthcare IT
  • Pharmaceutical sales representative

Other Jobs You Can Do With A Degree In Medicine Aside Being A Medical Doctor

There are some people that were cajoled into medical school. Studying medicine is not really what they wanted while some other people just wished for something else during the training. Whichever one is your own case, hold it . Don’t abandon that medical degree. Its fine if you don’t want to be a medical doctor, there are some other jobs you could be with your medical degree. Here are some of them:

Public Health Worker

This is about protection and promotion of the health of the general public. They educate the public about health issues such as disease prevention, staying healthy, etc.

Occupational Physician

These personnels assist people who have suffered from accident stay at work or return to work. They provide health advice , education , trainings to organization how to stay safe at work.

Medical Teacher

You could work in medical schools to teach/ train medical students. And you could be involved in teaching the public too about health issues.

Clinical Forensic Medical Examiner

With a medical training, you could work as a forensic medical examiner, you will be carrying out medical examinations on the dead as a Forensic pathologist while a Forensic medical examiner will be examining the living.

Crowd doctor

As a crowd doctor, you will be offering medical services for people at large events, gatherings, outdoor festivals .

Medical Researcher

This is another interesting area you can function with your medical knowledge. You will be carrying out experiments , analysing, interpreting results  on human body.  As a medical researcher, you can work in hospital labs, pharmaceutical industry , research institutes, academia, etc.

Others include :

  • Investment banker
  • Transplant coordinator
  • Volunteer work
  • Medical sales rep
  • Medical photographer
  • Health journalist
  • Sports & Exercise Medicine

Categories Of People That Should Not Opt For A Career In Medicine

Even though the medical career is a very interesting and lucrative career to dive into, there are some people that should not venture into the career.

Medicine is not for you if :

  • You had poor grades in high school most especially in maths and science subjects
  • You are not passionate about the career
  • You cannot withstand the sight of blood, you will rather faint
  • You are considering the career in medicine because of the money and fame.
  • You love to sleep and cant sacrifice part of your sleep time

Last Note

Having a career in medicine is a great choice. It is a prestigious career with great pay too. With a career in medicine, you have the opportunity to make impact on your immediate community. However, if you shiver at the site of blood, have poor grades in school or cannot cut down on your sleep, then a career in medicine would not be a good choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of opting for a career in medicine?

Job security
Medicine is a prestigious career
Global opportunities abound
Good job prospect
High pay

Which of the career in medicine is the most outstanding?

Anesthiologists and surgeons are the highest paid jobs in the medical career.

What does a doctor do ?

A doctor diagnose and treat medical conditions in their patients

Is a career in medicine really worth it?

Yes. Though it can be a challenging career but its also a rewarding one too. You have the opportunity to help people live better and healthier lives and also earn good income

What skills is needed for career in medicine?

Communication skills
High Ethics
Attention to details


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