Oberlin College Acceptance Rate

Oberlin college acceptance rate

Oberlin is a fantastic institution worth attending if you want a unique learning experience in your chosen field of study. In this article, I will be guiding you on how to increase your chances of enrollment by standing out. Details like the Oberlin college acceptance rate and more will come in handy in helping you prepare.

Oberlin college acceptance rate

Having almost 7,710 entries filed to Oberlin College in Fall 2020, the overall acceptance percentage was reported to be 36.4 percent. 

The acceptance rate for Oberlin College sets the bar high for genuine competitiveness. If you want to have an edge, you can use the acceptance rate as an essential reference while compiling a list of 10-15 schools that fall into various competitiveness categories to gain an edge.

Oberlin college acceptance rate

Then, using the information below, gain a better understanding of how your application will fare against the competition.

Case study:

The average GPA range for accepted students at Oberlin College is predicted to be roughly 3.68 – 3.89 based on sampling GPA data obtained and applied. Each year, approximately 40% of students who submit applications to Oberlin College get accepted. Around 28% of those who were admitted registered for classes.

Oberlin college GPA requirements

The admitted freshmen class’s average high school GPA was 3.57 on a 4.0 scale, indicating that mostly B+ students are accepted and ultimately attend. To get admitted to Oberlin, students must have received excellent grades in high school.

Oberlin College has proven to be exceedingly selective, as evidenced by this average GPA. Schools in this group are frequently seeking to improve their selectivity and have rigorous criteria.

They have the 12th highest average GPA in Ohio. However, even if you have a strong GPA, getting into Oberlin will be difficult because it rejects more candidates than it accepts.

In some cases, you might find it challenging to modify your GPA in time for college applications if you’re currently junior or senior. You’ll need a better SAT or ACT score to compensate if your GPA is at or below the school’s average of 3.57. This will enable you to compete against applicants with higher GPAs effectively.

What SAT score do you need to get into Oberlin College?

On a 1600-point SAT scale, Oberlin’s average composite SAT score is 1390. Therefore, applicants who score in the top 14% of SAT takers are usually preferred by Oberlin College.

Some children with SAT scores as low as 1180, I believe, could be accepted. However, for admitted first-year students, the expected average SAT composite is 1390 out of 1600.

Your SAT score should be close to the average if you want to be considered for Oberlin College. You’ll probably have a more complex problem getting accepted if your score is closer to 1280. It will help if you strive for a score of 1480 to be considered a “target” school (the one you are likely to get into).

SAT statistics:

50% of admitted students scored between 630 and 750 on the math section, while 25% scored below 630 and 25% achieved above 750. Applicants who have a composite SAT score of 1480 or higher will have a distinct advantage at Oberlin.


The optional SAT essay section is not required at Oberlin College.

It might interest you to know that Oberlin College takes part in the score choice program, which means that the admissions office will consider your top score from each section across all SAT dates.

SAT Subject exams are not required at Oberlin, although applicants may submit SAT II scores if they strengthen their application.

What ACT score do you need to get into Oberlin College?

According to admissions data, Oberlin accepts students with ACT scores of 29 and above regularly. ACT scores in the top 9% of the country are typical among qualified candidates.

In some cases, we estimate that the school will accept ACT composite scores as low as 27. However, students who submit an ACT composite of 31 or above should be in the top half of applicants, and students who submit a 33 or higher have a perfect chance of being accepted.


For the highest average ACT composite score in Ohio, the institution is ranked third. Oberlin College receives 47 percent of its applicants’ ACT scores.


Even though Oberlin presumably states that there is no minimum ACT score requirement, As a student scoring 28 or lower, you will have a tough time getting in unless you have something else very exceptional in your application. In addition, because there are so many applicants who score 30 or higher, a 28 will appear academically deficient.

ACT statistics:

According to this admissions data, most Oberlin’s admitted students score in the top 9% nationwide on the ACT. In addition, a composite ACT score of 29 to 33 was received by the middle 50% of students admitted to Oberlin, with 25% scoring higher and 25% scoring lower.

Finally, The optional ACT writing section is not required by Oberlin College. Unlike many other universities, Oberlin super scores ACT results, taking into account your highest subscores from several ACT sittings.

First-year application requirements for Oberlin College

What do you need to get into Oberlin College? Especially as a first-year student, let’s go into the essential details. First, Oberlin College is a very selective liberal arts institution.

Students who want to apply to Oberlin can sign up to get deadline reminders and further information by completing our prospective student inquiry form.

They use a holistic evaluation method to make admissions decisions, which allows us to understand the applicant’s academic capabilities and what they are like as a person, and what they will bring to the community. Oberlin College wants all incoming classes with a diverse range of abilities, perspectives, and accomplishments.

Application requirements

High school seniors in the United States are interested in attending the College of Arts and Sciences.

Homeschooled pupils and international students must fill out separate application forms. Please see the Early Admission part of the unique circumstances section if you are a high school junior considering applying. A fee is not required to use to the College of Arts and Sciences.

They welcome applicants through the Common Application or the Coalition Application, both of which are available online. You may use whichever application platform is most convenient for you, but keep in mind that you must only submit ONE application.

Those candidates studying via Early Decision must sign the Early Decision Agreement. Both the parent and the school counsellor must sign this paper. The Common App or Coalition Application are both online options for completing the application.


For high school seniors in the United States applying to the College of Arts and Sciences. Homeschooled pupils and overseas students must fill out separate applications. Please see the Early Admission section in the unusual circumstances section if you contemplate applying as a high school junior. There is no application cost for the College of Arts and Sciences.

International applicants requirements for Oberlin College

Oberlin College favors students who have completed four years of English, four years of math, three years of the same foreign language, three years of laboratory science, and three years of social studies in high school. These are suggested but not mandatory.

They strongly advise that your teacher evaluations be made by teachers who have recently taught you in academic courses and are familiar with your writing, analytical, and quantitative talents.

  • Make available all documents that showcase your skills, achievements, and interests. This is an opportunity to set yourself aside by proving just how unique you are.
  • You are required to provide teacher recommendations (usually two). However, you are welcome to submit a third letter of recommendation if it contains information that your academic teacher recommendations do not.
  • Private teachers, coaches, clergy, mentors, extracurricular activity advisers, or employers may provide recommendations that demonstrate your written, analytical, and mathematical ability.

As they are analyzing each application, Oberlin admissions counselors go through a comprehensive evaluation process. This implies that your entire application is taken into account. As a result, you must focus on the whole application procedure.

Transfer students requirements for Oberlin College

As transfer students, you have the option of enrolling in the spring or autumn semester. However, you may only apply for autumn admission if you are presently enrolled in your first year of college.

The deadline to apply for spring admission is November 15, while applying for autumn admission is April 1. After these dates, applications will be reviewed if space permits. Credits acquired from an authorized university and in a subject area that fits within the scope of a liberal arts study are often transferable. However, the total number of credits that can be transferred is limited to 16 complete academic courses.

How much does it cost to go to Oberlin?   

For all students, regardless of residence, the yearly list price to attend Oberlin College full time in 2018/2019 is $77,124. Tuition is $55,976; room and board is $16,826; books and supplies are $1,908; and miscellaneous costs are $846. Oberlin College charges the same out-of-state tuition as Ohio residents: $55,976.

Based on published credit hour costs, this is an estimate of the cost of a class at Oberlin College. However, it’s worth noting that not all institutions enable students to enrol in a single course. Therefore, these rates should be used to compare the cost of taking a class at Oberlin College to those of other universities.

Does Oberlin give scholarships?

Yes, they offer scholarships. We modeled a ten-year student loan with an original principal amount of $139,188 to better understand what it may cost you out of pocket to attend Oberlin College.

The $139,188 loan debt is a four-year multiple of the average net price of $34,797. This is an estimate of how much you would owe after graduation assuming you qualify for average financial aid and how much a degree might cost. Moreover, 5% of Oberlin College and Conservatory’s graduating students took out private loans. At graduation, students who had taken out personal loans had an average debt of $45,430.

If you don’t qualify for financial help, you might end up owing a lot more money when you graduate. Based on these calculations, you may be expected to make $1,328 in monthly payments to repay your student loan.

Does Oberlin give full scholarships?  

Yes, Oberlin offers a Full scholarship to its students. Scholarships are non-repayable funds provided when a  student’s financial situation is taken into account. It all begins with applying for a need-based scholarship. Students who excel academically or athletically are offered merit-based scholarships. Your community service engagement, unusual interests or qualities, personal background, or a parent’s job or military association may all qualify you for a scholarship.

How Much is the tuition for 4 years at Oberlin College?

Tuition for four years is anticipated to be $247,231 for students enrolled in Fall 2021. Before getting any financial help, the estimate excludes books, supplies, and living expenses.

For 4-year total expenses of attendance and after financial assistance estimates, see the other tabs. The following table displays the standard tuition and fees for the next five admittance years over four years. The calculation is based on the school’s tuition and fee fluctuations during the last four years.

Does Oberlin offer merit aid?

Yes, students who excel academically or athletically are offered merit-based scholarships. In addition, your community service engagement, unusual interests or qualities, personal background, or a parent’s job or military association may all qualify you for a scholarship.










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