How to Write a Good CV 2022 for Employment & Job Application

In this piece, you will be intensively guided on how to write a good CV for employment or job application. If you wish to write Curriculum Vitae for a job application in 2021, then here is the best format to follow.

Note: CV is one of the important things to consider during job application and the earlier you know how a good CV should look like in 2021, the better you write a good CV in 2021.

in writing of CV, there are some main points and important things to be included and other minor thing (less important) that may or may not be included.

More importantly, this article will guide you on what a good a good CV should look like, the main things you

should include in your CV and how to write a good CV in 2021 for any employment or Job application.

What Does a Good CV Looks like in 2021?

A good Curriculum Vitae (CV) must contain all the basic and needed personal educational and qualification information about the employee which must meet or relate to the job position the employee is applying for.

Importantly, your CV should be properly arranged into appropriate sections, bold font, simple and clean layout, proper heading, use of Capital letters where necessary, and proper spacing, Then you can also use different colors for different sections to add beauty.

Below are the main things and important information that must be included in your Curriculum Vitae to make it effective. Also scroll to the bottom to see how there should be presented and arranged on your CV.

Main and Important things to be Included in Your CV

There are eight (8) main things (sections) and important information that should be included in your Curriculum Vitae and there are categorized into the following;

  1. Your Bio-details
  2. Achievements
  3. Education
  4. Employment/Work Experience
  5. Qualifications
  6. Skills
  7. Hobbies and Interest
  8. References/Referees

Please, kindly read further to see how the following information should be presented and arranged on your Curriculum Vitae to avoid mix up.

How to Write a Good CV in 2021

Your CV is just like your Autobiography. As such, it is very important to have some important and basic hints in your mind while writing your Curriculum Vitae.

Check Out:

When writing your CV, make sure your follow the format below and make sure you arrange your information on the CV as follows:

Your Bio-details: Your Bio-data must include your name (full name), your address, contact details (Phone number and email), and a personal Profile Statement.

Achievements: this should include the listing of all your educational, group and personal achievement. This may include legacies, impact created, projects completed and associations that you belong to.

Education: This section should include the listing of educational journey from your Primary school to High School (secondary School) and Higher institutions (if any).

You should include important Modules and the year you stared to the year you graduated with all achieved grades at each level. But keep it brief.

Employment/Work Experience: List out all your work experiences and all Job positions you have handled, your achievement and the range which you work there.

If you have no employment history, then skip this section. But it is advisable to include some work experience. Note; community services and volunteer services can a also be listed as work experience.

Qualifications: This should include the listing of all your employability skills related to the job, your earned degrees and certificates acquired so far from either trainings, schools (offline and online) or seminars.

Skills: in this section, you are expected to list out all your acquired, technical and personal skills using a bulleted listing format.

Hobbies and Interest: this might not be important to some people, but it is very important to include it in your CV so as to specify the things you love doing and the activities your love engaging in.

References: This section should include references to reputable people or employers that you have

worked with before or those that can testify about you alongside their contact details.

Important Points to Note when Writing a CV

Note the following:

  1. All listings should be a bulleted format.
  2. Information in each section should be presented under that heading.
  3. The title of each section should be a header and should be bold, colored and underlined

How Many Pages Should your CV be? Advisably, Curriculum Vitae should not be more than two pages. It should be brief but contain all the required information about the employee.

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