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America is among the top countries with the best Education system in the world. In the country, there are schools with religious affiliations such as Catholic University, Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University, The Islamic American University, Bible college and so on. There are also schools without any religious affiliation such as University of West Florida, New Mexico State University, University of Connecticut and so on. So, you have unlimited options if you are considering studying in America.

United States of America Overview

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The United States of America (U.S.A) is oftentimes called “The U.S.A,” “ America” or “U.S.” The capital is Washington, D.C.  The U.S.A has the largest economy. It is one of the most populous and famous countries in the North American continent and the entire seven continents. America is also famous for where television series and movies are made “Hollywood,” best musical artists, entertainment zones, wild parties, and top-flight education. 

America is among the top countries with the best education system in the world. In the country, there are schools with religious affiliations such as Catholic University, Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University, The Islamic American University, Bible college, and so on. There are also schools without any religious affiliation such as the University of West Florida, New Mexico State University, University of Connecticut, and so on. So, you have unlimited options if you are considering studying in America.

The country ranks #2 after the United Kingdom for the top 20 countries with the best education system. Excellent education is what you get in any of the U.S.A’s 50 states like New York, New Mexico, Texas, California, Washington, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Alaska, Michigan, Georgia, Maryland, and so on. 

However, education in America is between age 6 to 18 in what are called grades, which run from 1st through 12th. If you want to live and study in America, you have to start elementary school at age six (This lasts till 5th grade). Five or six years later, you proceed to junior high school (This lasts from 6th- 8th grades), next to senior high school (This lasts from 9th-12th grades). After successfully completing your 12th grade, you are awarded a certificate, after which you may now proceed to higher education also known as “college or university.” 

What are the top 10 universities in America that you can study in?

  • Princeton University.
  • Columbia University.
  • Harvard University.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Yale University.
  • Stanford University.
  • University of Chicago.
  • University of Pennsylvania.
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Duke University

Why study in the United States of America?

  • The American education system is inclusive and much more open. It encourages broad participation in and outside the classroom. The education system is beyond taking notes or just learning the teacher’s note. You get to discuss the issues and focus more on ideas.
  • A large percentage of the universities in America are top-flight and highly ranked.
  • The country has a flexible education system. You can explore different courses before you finally settle for the major you want. That means, in your first two years of study you will be required to take classes in different subjects. This is usually known as prerequisite courses: literature, science, the social sciences, the arts, history, and so on. This allows you to have a foundation and general knowledge on different  subjects before you finally select and focus on a specific field of study.
  • You will always get financial support through scholarship or other means. All universities in America conduct induction programs, workshops and trainings to assist you.
  • You will have an interesting and enriching experience.
  • Having a certificate from the U.S.A gives you edge over others when you eventually travel back to your country. You will be so valuable in the international market.
  • Your employer will always be impressed with you because you have a  multi-cultural background which would be beneficial for your employer.
  • Americans are widely known as inventors, innovators or better still “The Brain” behind any new discovery. So, studying in America is an opportunity for you to have a similar spirit.
  •  The campus environment is always conducive. Also, you can;t find an overcrowded classroom. Student-Faculty ratio is about 15:1. That means, there are about 15 students for every one of the instructional faculty and staff.
  •  Career support/provision is guaranteed after graduation.

How do you begin the process of studying in America?

Below are the required steps to be completed in order to study at a university in the United States of America.

  •   You have to research different universities and gather information about them. This will help you to select the best university that suits you.If you are bemused about this, contact private educational consults to help you out as regards university choice according to your budget. They will also help out with your applications. The consultation comes with a fee; it is not free.
  •   After picking a school, contact the Office of Admissions at each school and request an admissions application. While waiting, take the TOEFL and any other examinations that will be required by most schools.
  •   Have  all your secondary and post-secondary school records ready. 
  •   You are to prepare for your travel arrangements on time. Because, if you gain admission into the selected university, an I-20 form will be sent to you. The form is the document you need in order to get a student visa. You are to take it to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate nearest to you. You will also need to take your passport and proof of financial support (bank statements, scholarship awards, etc.). You will request a student visa status, which is usually an F-1 visa. A visa will be stamped in your passport after you are interviewed and you receive approval.
  • Have other documents such as health insurance information

What are the Admission requirements to study in the United States of America?

  • You are required to complete your application online
  • You are required to pay for the application. Universities have different application fees. It usually ranges from $30 to $200. Like I said, it depends on the university.
  • You are required to submit a copy of an official transcript from all schools attended since high school or secondary school. Your transcripts must be translated. So, you will need to submit both the original copy and the translated copy.
  • You are required to have a good grade point average. You should aim for 3.5 GPA or something higher. That means your grades should be mostly B’s or a mix of A’s and B’s
  • You may be required to submit your standardized test scores, a personal statement, and letters of recommendation depending on the program or school you are seeking admission.
  • To prove how proficient you are in English, you will be required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) except you received a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree in the United States. However, the Proof of English Proficiency can be waived if English is your country’s native or official language, and at the discretion of the program director or school dean.
  • If you finally gain admission into the university of your choice, you will be sent an email to initiate the I-20 Request, which will require you to upload official documents verifying funds to cover tuition and living expenses for your entire enrollment period at the university. Note that, you will be required to obtain an international student visa (F-1) from the U.S. Embassy in order to enter the United States. · You are to document course work completed at non-U.S. institutions of higher education on an official academic record from an international institution recognized by the Ministry or Department of Education of that country. After your acceptance, and all your documents have been received by OISS, an I-20 Certificate will be issued to you.

What is the cost of studying in the United States of America like?

Below is an estimate of what it costs to study in the United States of America. Kindly bear in mind that this is just an estimate and may not represent the actual fee.

Fees vary depending on courses, university choice, and lifestyle.

 Public two-year collegesPublic four-year colleges (in-state fees)Public four-year colleges (out-of-state fees)Private non-profit four-year colleges
Tuition and other fees$3,660$10,230 $26,290 $35,830 
Room and board$8,660 $11,140 $11,140 $12,680 
Total (per year)$12,320 $21,370 $37,430 $48,510 
Source: College Board

What is America’s ACADEMIC YEAR like?

The United States of America has only two semesters known as “Fall” and “Spring.”  Each semester usually lasts for 15 weeks. 

The U.S.A’s school calendar usually starts in August/September. This continues through May/June. As an international student, it is most likely that you will start your studies in the “fall” since that is the period most new students begin their studies.

Is accommodation difficult to get?

Universities have on-off campus housing/accommodation options. However, accommodation is easily available for most first-year and final-year students. 

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