How To Start An Online Business 2022/2023: Beginner’s guide for students

How to start an Online Business

How to start an Online Business – Complete guide for starting and growing an online business within a month: I am glad you are finally here on this page to learn how to start an Online Business.

Lots of people still doubt this so call online business because they don’t know much and don’t want to learn more about it. There is this word that you don’t know is bigger than you.

Now that you have come to learn how to start an Online Business, I believe that you will have more knowledge about this before going into it.

How to start an Online Business Beginner's guide

I will not only guide you on how to start an Online Business, but I will also guide you on the best online businesses that will pay you very high without you investing any money.

NOTE: lots of people have failed in their online business mission. This is not because an online business doesn’t pay but it is because they didn’t take the right steps at the start. Online business is the easiest way of making so much money without stress.

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In this article, I may not talk about each of the searches listed above. But What I will give to you is a General Answer, Solution, and guide to all the Search queries above.

What Is An Online Business?

Online business is as normal as any offline business that you might think of. The only differences that exist between an online business and an offline business are because:

Online business is an internet-based business meaning that all transactions from the seller (goods owner) to the buyers (consumer) are done online.

Offline businesses are businesses that are carried out physically and require physical contact for transactions.

Similarities between Online and Offline Business. They both;

  1. involve sellers and buyers
  2. have middlemen (an online business middleman is called an affiliate marketer)
  3. generate profits when managed well.
  4. are businesses that anyone can take part in.

Differences Between Online and Offline Business

  1. In online business, the transaction is carried out online through the assigned online payment platform while most offline business is done on physical transactions.
  2. Many online businesses don’t require a location, shop, or store to start but offline business always requires a business premise.
  3. An online business can be carried out between a seller and a buyer without having to meet each other but most offline businesses require the seller to meet the buyer to carry out transactions.
  4. Online businesses are more extendable and they serve a wide range of people than an offline business that covers a certain geographical location at a time.
  5. Online businesses are cheaper to start and run successfully compared to offline businesses where you will be required to rent shops, pay taxes, and so on.

How Much Can Someone Make From Online Business?

Online businesses are very profitable businesses that don’t require much money to start. Online marketers and businessmen make a lot of money from their businesses.

As of 2019, the reports of the top richest online marketers and businessmen and entrepreneurs were as followed:

  1. Jeff Bezos is the owner of Amazon and he has a net worth of $ 83.00 B
  2. Mark Zuckerberg  is the owner of Facebook and he has a $ 63.30 B net worth
  3. Larry Ellison is the owner of Oracle and he has a net worth of $ 61.00 B 19
  4. Larry Page is the founder of Google and he has a net worth of $ 49.30 B
  5. Sergey Brin founded Google alongside with Larry page and his net worth is $ 43.10 B
  6. Ma Yun is the founder of Alibaba and he has a net worth of $ 41.80 B
  7. Ma Huateng is the founder of Tencent and he has a net worth of $ 24.90 B
  8. Masayoshi Son is the founder of SoftBank and he has a net worth of $ 24.40 B
  9. Azim Premji is the founder of Wipro and he has a net worth of $ 18.30 B
  10. Ding Lei is the founder of NetEase and he has a net worth of $ 17.30 B

What Are The Best Online Business Clues To follow?

  1. Start by planning: Everything is all about good plans. Before you can succeed in anything, you must make sure that you draw a good business plan just like a normal offline business.

Draft your business plan from the starting to the end and make sure you work toward it.

  1. Choose the Kind of business you want to start: There are so many online businesses but that doesn’t mean you should just jump into anyone.

Before you choose an online business, you must make sure to making thorough research about the business.

I will recommend you to give these 3 online businesses that I will mention to you a trial.

List of 53 Available Online Business Ideas 2020-2021.

Before you think of how to start an online business, don’t you think it is even better to ask for the best online business first before asking how to start it?

Below are 53 online businesses listed. But out of these 53, I will only discuss the 3 most excellent online businesses that you should never fail to start.

  1. Blogging business
  2. Virtual Assistant business
  3. Social Media business
  4. Social Media Consultant business
  5. Social Media Influencer business
  6. eBook publishing business
  7. Online Course Creating a business
  8. Business Coaching business
  9. SEO business
  10. Affiliate Marketing business
  11. YouTube business
  12. Podcasting business
  13. eBay Selling business
  14. Handmade Business
  15. Web Designing business
  16. Website Developing business
  17. Graphic Designing business
  18. Beauty coaching business
  19. App Developer business
  20. Domain business
  21. Freelancing business
  22. Designing business
  23. Remote Tutor business
  24. Online Advertising business
  25. Travel Consulting business
  26. Proofreading business
  27. Stock Photographing business
  28. Website Copywriting business
  29. Virtual Tech Support business
  30. Contract Customer Service business
  31. Software Developing business
  32. Marketing business
  33. Theme Developing business
  34. Researching business
  35. Membership Site Operator business
  36. Blog Network Creator business
  37. Advertising Network Creator business
  38. Online Public Relations business
  39. Website Maintenance and Security Service business
  40. Website Critique Service business
  41. Online Recruiting business
  42. Writing Service business
  43. Life Coaching business
  44. Meal Planning business
  45. Custom Illustrating business
  46. Video Ad Creating a business
  47. Direct Sales Marketing business
  48. Financial Consulting business
  49. Online Book storing business
  50. Online Newsletter business
  51. Lead Generation Services
  52. online carrier coach business
  53. Online student tutoring business

Before I start telling you and guiding you on the 3 most excellent online businesses that you should never fail to start, I will let you know some amazing facts about online businesses.

Facts About Online Business.

There are lots of facts about online business but few of them are:

  1. Online businesses are very profitable businesses
  2. Few online businesses are very cheap to run while so many others are free to run.
  3. Online business doesn’t consume time.
  4. Online businesses go viral then offline businesses

3 Recommended Online Businesses That Work For Me.

Although I listed the top 53 online businesses up there, that doesn’t mean I recommend the 53 of them to you.

Like I said previously, there are online three online businesses that I will recommit to anyone that wants to make so much money online.

Why I Recommend This ThThis Three Online business

  1. They are easy to start and run.
  2. Two of them are free to start while one requires just as small as $28 approximately N10,000.
  3. They are very profitable and less time-consuming.
  4. You can do any of them as a part-time business while still doing any other job or business
  5. You can easily withdraw the money you make from them straight into your Local Bank Account

The 3 Recommended online businesses: The three recommended online business that is reliable when run well are:

  1. Blogging: Requires at least $28 to start.
  2. YouTube: Free to start
  3. Affiliate marketing: Free to start

Best Online Business To Start For Free

Those that want to start an online business for free should go for either Youtubing (Recommended) or Affiliate Marketing.

How To Start YouTube Business.

YouTube business is one of the simplest online businesses that you can start for free but earn up to $10,000 monthly from it.

In case you don’t know,

YouTube is an online video site owned by Google where millions of people stream videos for free.

All the videos on YouTube are uploaded by people like you through their YouTube channel.

This channel is where they upload their videos and get them live for people to watch which they, in turn, earn money from each user that watches their video.

Here are the 5 top best YouTube earners as at 2019

  1. Jeffree Star with earnings worth $50 million
  2. Daniel Middleton with earnings worth $45 million
  3. Colleen Ballinger with earnings worth $30 million
  4. Felix Kjellberg with earnings worth $20 million
  5. Jake Paul with earnings worth $19 million

I have a very complete guide on how to start YouTube Business for free and earn up to $10,000 monthly. You can see the guide here

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business.

Affiliate marketing business is not very simple to succeed. The only reason I mention it here is that it is free to start and it is very reliable and profitable when you do it well.

Affiliate Marketing is an online program that pays people for referring users to buy a particle company’s products or services through their assigned link.

As an affiliate marketer, you can easily and simply search for the kind of products that are relevant to you and also the kind of products that people easily buy online and then promote them to buyers to earn a commission from each sale you make.

As an affiliate marketer, you can easily monitor your affiliate marketing performances to keep track of all activities carried out on your link/account.

I have a very complete guide on how to start affiliate marketing and earn up to $4,000 monthly. You can see the guide here.

Best online business to start with small money.

Other good online businesses fall into this category. But I will only recommend the one I know and Have tested which is Blogging”.

Blogging is the act of creating, publishing, and updating a blog by a blogger.

A blog is an informational website or web page that is updated regularly with written information or articles written in a conversational style that displays its articles or posts in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first and allowing for engagements and conversations with its readers. is a blog and that’s why we keep on bombarding you with updated information from different sources all the time.

Some of the Top Earners in Blogging as of 2019 were:

  1. Tim Sykes: The owner of who made up to $1,000,000+ per month from his blog by selling DVD courses that teach people how to sell penny stocks and trade.
  2. Linda Ikeji: She was well known as the richest blogger in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. She had a Net Worth ‎of ₦3.2 billion which she made through her blog

Start blogging and make $1,000 monthly here

How To Succeed In Online Business

  1. Start a highly profitable business.
  2. Draw a business starting plan.
  3. Know where to market your business online
  4. Advertise your business on social media and online forums.
  5. Target people that are interesting in patronizing your business.

What You Should Take Away.

I am very sure you have learned much about how to start an Online Business from this post.

You can go for those online businesses that are free to start at first if you don’t have money to start an online business that involves cash.

If you followed this guide on how to start an Online Business carefully to this point, then I am sure you have learned a lot about online business already.

If you found this guide on how to start an Online Business and make money from it very helpful, THEN we plead with you to recommend us to the world by sharing this with your friends all over the internet.

Please feel free to ask any question, make any contribution, suggestion, complaint, or request using the comment box below.

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