How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business as a student

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will you love to know how to start affiliate marketing business as a student, graduate or Non-graduate? If that will interest you, then here is a quick guide to start with.

This is a guide on how to start affiliate marketing business. So welcome to our online guide on how to Start Affiliate Marketing Business.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most trusted online businesses that anyone can join to start making money without spending a dime.

As an affiliate marketer, you can make as much money as possible without spending any cash or putting all your time and efforts.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an online program which pays people for referring users to buy a particle company’s products or service through their assign link.

As an affiliate marketer, you can easily and simply search for the kind of products that are relevant to you and also the kind of products that people easily buy online and then promote the products to earn a commission from each sale you make.

Affiliate marketing is a very popular online business that pays very high. A lot of people have made so much money from affiliate marketing.

Like I said before, you can easily monitor your affiliate performances to keep track of all activities carried out on it.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

There are three parties involved in Affiliate marketing.

  • First is the ‘owner of the product‘ (Goods or Services).
  • Second is the ‘Affiliate Marketer’ (The advertiser; you in this case).
  • The third is the ‘patronizer‘ (the buyer you refer)”

For any affiliate marketing process to be effective, there must be a very strong relationship between these three parties.

The owner of the product (Goods or Services) will not be able to spread his or her products or services to the whole world by him or herself. So he or she needs an Affiliate Marketer (The advertiser in this case).

The Affiliate Marketer (The advertiser) in his or her own case will not also be able to make anything out of his or her business if there is no one to buy them. So he or she needs the patronizer (the buyer you refer) so as to make his own profit.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing from Home

Starting affiliate marketing is very simple. You can easily start affiliate marketing on the go with the following steps:

  1. Decide The Kind Of Products You Want To Promote:

As an affiliate marketing, it is advisable to stick to one field. In the internet language, this is called “Niche”.

So the very first step you need to take as you are planning to start is to decide the kind of products you will want to be promoting.

There are some things you need to take into consideration when making this decision and such includes:

  • Choosing the kind of products you know people can easily purchase online.
  • The interest of the people available on where you want to be posting your affiliate links.
  • Choosing products that are highly demanding and often requested.
  1. Consider where you will be promoting your affiliate links:

This is a very important thing to consider in this business. Where you promote your affiliate link determines how many numbers of patronizers you will have.

The best thing to do before going into affiliate marketing is to start a blog.

Yes!!! That is it. Bloggers are always the most successful people in affiliate marketing.

If you want to know what a blog is and how to start it, read this: How to start a blog in 5 minutes…

You can also create a forum, use an existing forum that you are a member of, or use any social media forums, pages, and groups to share your affiliate links.

  1. Choose an affiliate program and register:

This is where the journey starts. After you might have chosen the niche and the platform that you will be sharing affiliate link, the next step is to choose a good affiliate program, register on it, get your affiliate link, start sharing it to serious minded people, get patronizers to your affiliate program, earn commissioner on each of their purchase and withdraw your money straight to your desired account.

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Benefits of Becoming an affiliate marketer.

There are so many benefits of being an Affiliate marketer. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  1. You make money at no stress: Affiliate marketing is very easy to carry out. It doesn’t stress.

Affiliate marketing is a home-based business that you can start and run even from your home or even room but still make so much money from it.

  1. You can be Self-employed with Affiliate Marketing: In affiliate marketing, the marketing does everything at self-convenience. There is no manager or Boss to control you on how you will do it. There is no time or work range. You can do it anytime, any moment at your convenience.
  2. You Don’t Have to Be a Business Guru: Affiliate marketing needs no experience, educational qualifications no finance to start.

BUT NOTE: You need coaching at the starting point to get things right.

  1. Affiliate Marketing is RISK-FREE: Affiliate marketing is not online Ponzi scheme. There are no financial risks involved in being an affiliate marketer.
  2. It grows your Popularity to The Internet World: If you become a very good marketer, you can win awards and more companies might seek to know you personally and also, many of your visitors will start seeking advice from you before purchasing a product.

How to make money from affiliate marketing.

Making money from Affiliate Marketing may not be as easy as you think. You have to build up a good number of audience that are ready to buy/hire services online before you can make money from affiliate marketing.

For you to make money from affiliate marketing, make sure you:

  1. Gather enough traffic, audience and Buyers.
  2. Write and review each of your affiliate products stating their benefits.
  3. Design your Affiliate links into banners and place them on good places on your blog that visitors can see.
  4. Always recommend you affiliate products on all the pages of your blog.

Best and high paying affiliate marketing programs/Networks.

Choosing an Affiliate program depends on what you are interested in promoting. There are so many affiliate programs and networks all over the internet but each of them has a niche which they fall into.

So before you apply for an affiliate program or Network, make sure they are related to your niche.

NOTE: Anytime you want to search for the best Affiliate Networks, make your search with reference to the niche you are operating on.

E.g: if you are a blogger searching for the Best Affiliate Networks or Programs, I will advise you to search thus “Best affiliate Networks/Programs for Bloggers”

Here is a list of some affiliate Networks/programs picked on random from different niches.

  1. Commission Junction Affiliate
  2. Clickbank Affiliate
  3. Impact Radius Affiliate
  4. Amazon Affiliate
  5. Linkshare Affiliate
  6. Bluehost Affiliate
  7. Hostinger Affiliate
  8. Hostgator Affiliate
  9. Wp Engine Affiliate
  10. Bigcommerce Affiliate
  11. Weebly Affiliate
  12. Jumia Affiliate
  13. Konga Affiliate
  14. Amazon Affiliate
  15. Aliexpress Affiliate
  16. Shopify Affiliate

Best places to promote your affiliate links for free:

You need to share your affiliate links with the public so as to get patronizers. What you should know is that it is not everywhere on the internet that you can easily get patronizers. But some of the best places to share your affiliate links on the internet include:

  1. Websites
  2. Blogs
  3. Forum
  4. Social media forums, pages, and groups.

How to withdraw the money you make from your affiliate program

All Affiliate programs have a certain amount called “threshold” that an Affiliate marketer must reach before he or she can request payment.

The payment methods that so many Affiliate Networks use in paying their Affiliate marketers include:

Wired Transfer, direct bank deposit, PayPal, checks, payza, Payoneer, Gift cards, etc.

You can choose any convenient payment method whenever you want to withdraw your earnings.

What to know about affiliate marketing

The reason why I love affiliate marketing is that:

  1. It is very easy to start: Starting Affiliate marketing is as simple as the simplest thing you have ever done. Starting Affiliate marketing doesn’t require any technical skill. You can easily start affiliate marketing in the next 5 minute with this guide.
  2. It is 100% free to start: Another interesting fact about Affiliate marketing is that it doesn’t require any money to start. Starting affiliate marketing is absolutely free to start. All you need to do is to choose an affiliate program that you want to register on and create an account to get your affiliate link.
  3. There is no limitation on how much you can make: With affiliate marketing, you can make as much as possible without limitation and withdraw it very easily.
  4. It is not a scammy program: Affiliate marketing programs are trusted programs. Although affiliate programs are known to be legit programs, there still some scammy and spammy ones that you should never give a trial.
  5. You can do it as a part-time business: Affiliate marketing doesn’t consume time. You can do it alongside any other job. You can even do it as a student without affecting your study time. All you need to do is to share your affiliate links all over the internet and go to sleep while making your money on every purchase done through your affiliate link.
  6. You can monitor every activity by yourself: Many affiliate marketing have analytics that shows you the statistics of all activities that occurred through your affiliate link. Such analytics include:
  • The number of people that have clicked your link.
  • Platforms that your link was clicked from.
  • What activity the person that clicked performs.
  • How much you have made so far.

So there is nothing hidden about the program and this shows that they are trustworthy because they give you reports of all activity that have taken place on your link.

  1. It requires no business idea to start: You don’t need to be a business guru before you can engage in affiliate marketing. Becoming an Affiliate marketer is just simpler than every other business you may ever think of.
  2. Anytime withdrawal: In affiliate marketing, your payment is easy to receive. You can easily request a withdrawal when your earning is up to the threshold. Each affiliate program has its own payment gateway which enables you to easily withdraw you’re earning to your desired account.
  3. You can register multiple affiliate programs and run them at the same time: There is no restriction of registering and running more than one affiliate program. This means that you can register on more than one affiliate program at a time so as to double your earnings.
  4. There are many choices for you: There are many affiliate Programs you can chose from. So if you try one and it doesn’t pay very well, then you can opt in for another.

What you should take away.

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest online businesses that anyone can start for free.

All you need to succeed in affiliate marketing is your ability to convince and recommend people to buy the goods and services you are promoting online.

As a result of this, I will recommend you to learn and acquire some affiliate marketing tactics before venturing into the business.

There are so many guides and tutorials online that you can use to learn this for free.

You can get these guides as PDFs, eBooks, Videos, or written articles.

I hope this guide on how to Start Affiliate Marketing Business was very helpful to you?

If you found this guide on how to Start an affiliate marketing business very helpful, THEN we plead with you to recommend us to the world by sharing this with your friends all over the internet.

Please feel free to ask any question, make any contribution, suggestion, complaint, or request using the comment box below.

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