How to start blogging as a student & Make $1,000 Monthly

How to start blogging as a student & Make $1,000 Monthly

How to start blogging as a student: All you will learn here today on is how to start a blogging business.

Maybe you have been hearing about blogging for a very long time now. If you have been seeking to know what blogging is and how to start a blogging business that will generate your very huge monthly earnings, then you are highly welcome once again to

On this page, I will not only guide you on how to start a blogging business, but I will also tell you what blogging is all about, how to start a blogging business, how to succeed in blogging, and how to make money from blogging.

What is a blog?

It is very important to know the meaning of a blog before venturing into starting it.

In a very simple way, I will put it that a blog is an informational website or web page that is updated regularly with written information or articles written in a conversational style which displays its articles or posts in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first and allows for engagements and conversations with its readers.

If that is the brief explanation of a blog, then what could be the meaning of a website and how does a website differs from a Blog. Well, I will answer that question under the topic “Is a blog different from a website” as we proceed.

In a very simple way, the Term Blogging is the act of creating, publishing and updating a blog by a blogger.

A Blogger is a person that oversees or a person that performs the duty of creating, publishing and updating of a blog.

How to start blogging business.

If you can recall, your main aim on this page was to learn how to start a blogging business. It was just that I wanted to let you know the meaning of the blogging you are about to start before telling you how to start a blogging business.

Before I go further, I have considered it myself “is blogging a business? If yes, then how can someone start blogging business and make profit from it?

Don’t worry. I will answer all this questions in this post.

Is Blogging a Business?

At first, people started blogging as a means of sharing information to the public via the net. The early bloggers where not much interested in whether they will make profit from it or not. They only took blogging as a passion and they used it to gain popularity.

But as time went on, the internet became a very information platform where people rely on to get legit information and guides, and suddenly, ideas began to come upon how those people sharing the information on the net can make a profit from their works. This was when blogging became a business instead of a passion work.

Over the years, many bloggers have come up and they are so many blogs online already. In 2019, it was reported that they are over 510 million Blogs About a one third of all websites with more than 2 million posts posted every day, on average.

It is reported that Tumblr(A WebHost) hosts over 445 million blogs while WordPress (A popular Webhost) host about 65 million blogs and other existing CMS tools host over 2.5 million blogs.

With this stats, you will equally agree with me that blogging is becoming more advanced all over the world.

How to start a blog.

Starting a blog is not as hard as you may think. Starting a blog is the simplest thing anyone can do in a couple of some minutes.

Starting is also not very costly. With the some of ₦10,800.00 or $30 you can start a very profitable and professional blog of your own. Some people will tell you that you need up to ₦50,000 or $139 to start blogging but I strongly disagree with that.

The money I spent to start this website is not even up to $30 but the outcome is mind-blowing. The good news is that, you can even start a blog for free without spending a dime (But don’t expect this.

I will not talk about it because I don’t recommend it). Don’t worry; I will guide you on how to do all of this as I did mine.

Steps to start a blog/blogging in less than 15minutes

Choose and Register your Domain name:

A domain name is the name your blog will bear. An example of a domain name is If you want to choose a domain name, then I will advise you to choose something descriptive.

You can use your nickname if it is an interesting one. Registration of your domain name will cost you about $8.88 approximately ₦3,000 if you register here.

Note: The price of the domain depends on the domain extension you want to use. The price stated above is for domains that will use the .com extension

Host a Web Hosting:

A host is where all your blog contents will be stored in. For you to get your blog online you must host it. All you need to do is to buy a WebHost.

Webhost is sometimes very costly but the best and the cheapest ones that I have tested and credited as best will only cost you $16.67 approximately ₦6,000.

Get your blog live and direct.

After buying your domain and hosting, then your expenses are over. All you need now is to put your blog live on the net so that people can start visiting it.

How do you do this? Immediately you buy your hosting, a cpanel will be assigned to your account and your Cpanel link will be sent to your email with your username and password where you can easily open and login. When you login, you can then install WordPress to your domain and launch your blog very easily.

Designing your Blog:

There are thousands of WordPress themes and Plugins that will automatically add designs to your website that you can easily install for free. When you login to your WordPress admin dashboard, you can easily install any theme/template and plugin that you like and design it to your test.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a web designer or a programmer before you can do this. It is very simple to do that.

Start publishing your posts:

This is the most interesting part of the work. Now that your blog is live, you need to post things that your visitors will read.

You can easily start posting from your WordPress Admin Dashboard. It is advisable that you write what will interest people to read whenever they visit your website.

How to Get Readers to visit your Blog:

This seems to be the most difficult part of the work.

There are many ways you can get readers to your blog but I will recommend the only one which is “through Google search”

How do you make your website rank on Google Search results?

You can easily rank on Google search results if you,

  1. Write and publish relevant posts
  2. Update your blog posts regularly
  3. Add Metadata and Descriptions to your posts
  4. Link to trustworthy website
  5. Use post’s tags

Those are just few brief ways and methods for improving your search engine ranking. If you want to learn more, you should visit the following:

  2. com/webmasters/tools

How do I make money from blogging

There are many ways of making money from the blogging business. According to my stats, I will say that there are 30 proven ways a blogger can make money from his blog. But out of that, I will only mention the most trusted and easiest ways for you.

Easiest ways to make money from blogging Business:

Every business is expected to yield profit and so is blogging.

1. Apply for Google Adsense:

This is the easiest way to make money from your blog as a new blogger. Google AdSense is an advertisement platform that pays you for helping them advertise their ads on your blog. They pay you per click that your visitor clicks on their ads.

2. Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is harder to use than Google Adsense. In Affiliate marketing, you need a high volume of engaging visitors who must be ready to buy services or goods online.

3. Sell advertisement space on your blog:

If your site grows popular, then a lot of people will want to advertise with you. You can create a space on your blog and publish their adverts while charging them a certain amount of money for the service.

NOTE: your blog must be popular before you can achieve very well in this.

4. Accept sponsored content/Guest posts:

This is almost like accepting adverts from people. Here, people will develop a content or article and request you to post on your site while giving a recommendation to their own site or maybe put a link that your users can click to get to their own site too.

You can charge them a certain amount of money to deliver this service. But your blog must be popular before you can achieve this.

5. Sell on your blog:

You can sell anything on your blog ranging from services, hard copies, softcopies, eBooks, clothing materials, kitchen utensils, and so on.

What you should take away.

Blogging is a very good online business but making much money from your blog is not as easy as you may think. You need hard work and frequent updating of your blog to make it grow faster. You can take blogging as a carrier and get self-employed so as to give more time to it.

You can also promote your blog on social media. But promoting your blog on social media is not advisable for those monetizing their blog with Google Adsense.

Also try and connect with other bloggers through platforms and their blog or through the email.

Can you now believe that blogging itself is a business? Yes, it is.

If you found this guide on how to start blogging business and make money very helpful, THEN we plead with you to recommend us to the world by sharing this with your friends all over the internet.

I guess you know how to start blogging business now. Feel free to ask any question, make any contribution, suggestion, complaint or request using the comment box below

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