How to Start VTU Business (Recharge and Get Paid)

How to start VTU Business (Recharge and Get Paid) and make so much money: You are here because you were searching for how to start VTU Business in Nigeria. I am very sure you have been hearing about VTU (Recharge and Get Paid) Business.

Starting a VTU Business (Recharge and Get Paid) can earn you some good cash within the comfort of your home. VTU Business (Recharge and Get Paid) is one of the best, reliable, and a kind of business that will not stress you but give you good cash for recharging peoples’ phones.

This is how to start VTU Business. Open a recharge and get Paid account and register as agent here. start with N1,000 powered by MTN wallet

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Have you ever heard of “Recharge and get paid”? If yes, then this is what is called VTU. VTU is a recharge and gets paid business. It is very nice that you have made up your mind to land here today just to know how to start VTU Business in Nigeria. Starting VTU Business in Nigeria is just one of the easiest and highly recommended businesses in recent times.

What is VTU and How Does It Works

Starting a VTU Business in Nigeria is very easy. To make it easier for you, we have written this step-by-step Guide on how to start VTU Business in Nigeria. This guide on how to start VTU Business in Nigeria will help you to understand more about VTU Business and how to start and succeed in it.

What is VTU? VTU is an acronym for Virtual Top Up. It is otherwise known as Recharge and get paid business. This business is well known in Nigeria as one of the most paying business.

How Does VTU Work? Virtual Top Up which is simply known as VTU is a kind of business that involves a person (known as a dealer) recharging the mobile line of another person (known as a service subscriber) through his bank account without using any USSD code or recharge card. VTU is a recharge and gets paid business.

Why VTU Business is Recommendable.

Virtual Top Up (VTU) Business is a very simple and straight forward business. VTU makes it easier and simpler for recharging the phone. With VTU (virtual Top-Up) one needs not to start looking for where to buy a recharge card. Some of the reasons why Virtual Top Up (VTU) Business is highly recommended are:

Instant Alert and Notification of Recharge: The subscriber or client that you recharge their mobile numbers will receive alerts and notifications instantly that their mobile number has been recharged. So this means, there will be no cause for arguments.

More Convenience and secured than voucher pins: You can do your Virtual Top-up (VTU) business another where and anytime without the fear of exposing your pins as in the case of Vouchers recharge. All you need is your mobile phone which you are always with. With that, you can do your VTU business anywhere that is convenient for you.

It is easy and cheaper to start than the normal Voucher printing business: VTU is very cheap to start because you don’t need printers and pin generators as in the case of a Voucher pin Recharge card. With 5 – 10k (five-ten thousand Naira) you can start a very successful VTU business and make a very high profit within some months.

It is very trusted: Have you ever recharge through your bank account via ATM machines or Mobile recharge? If yes, then you should know that you have engaged in VTU transactions before. Most fundamental banks are now using VTU to enable their customers to recharge directly from their account and then the bank in turn will make their own profit from each of that recharge.

This means that even banks have found this means as a trusted and reliable one that they can use to make more profit in their business.

The demand for VTU is rising: The inconveniences of looking for where to buy a recharge card and a situation where you will be able to recharge any amount you wish to makes VTU a more convenient way of recharging.

For example, You can recharge as low as N50 with VTU but you will not see N50 recharge card anywhere. This actually means that, if someone who runs out of cash and doesn’t have up to N100 wishes to recharge and make an urgent call, he or she will rather come to someone running a VTU business rather than going for someone who is running a Voucher pin Recharge card.

Easy to manage: VTU business is not like a Voucher pin recharge card business where you will have to buy some networks and keep them for years before you will see buyers buy them. With VTU, you can recharge any network at any time with the same money. So there are no specifying networks in VTU. You can use VTU to recharge any network. With VTU, you can also recharge any amount ranging from N50 upward.

How to Start Recharge and Get paid Business.

Virtual Top Up – VTU Business is very simple to start. Like I said up there, you don’t need a huge amount of money to start it. With as low as 5k (five thousand Naira), you can start it. So VTU business is one of the cheapest businesses one can start very easily and make a profit.

As a result, if you were looking for a business in Nigeria that you can start with 5k (five thousand Naira) and make profits from it, then I will recommend VTU business for you.

If you don’t  find starting a VTU business interesting, then I will highly recommended another business that you can start with 5k (five thousand Naira) and make up to $5,000 monthlysee the business here..

Before you start your VTU business, you need to put some things in place so as to make the business a success.

What does this mean? This means that there are some devices and items you need to put in place before you can start a Profit guaranteed VTU business. Some of the most need Items and Devices you need to start a successful VTU business are as follows:

  1. A device: You need a device that will enable internet connection. Such a device may be an Android phone or any functioning smartphone. After getting a Good Device, the next thing you need is a Data subscription because you will need some internet connections. To subscribe to your device.
  1. Cash: Starting a VTU is not free so you need a startup capital of at least 1k (one thousand Naira).
  1. Create a Reachable account: You will need a social media account or immediately messaging systems (IMS). Such could be a Facebook account, a Twitter account, an Instagram Account, A WhatsApp account, or a telegram.
  2. A Photograph: You will have to provide a clear designed picture that shows the VTU Business. This photo will entail crucial info and it may be used as show pictures on social media.

Requirements for starting a VTU Business in Nigeria

There are some other procedures that you need to carry out before you can start your VTU business. Now, I will tell you the next steps you need to take to successfully get registered and start your VTU business.

After you might have successfully set up what I listed above, the next thing you need to do is to register and become part of a VTU platform.

There are so many VTU platforms which you can choose to join but the most recommend and the best among others is the one that I will tell you here and that is Jumia one. From here, I will be guiding you on how to start a VTU Business via Jumia One App platform:

  1. Download the JUMIA ONE APP on your device via Google play store or via
  2. Register via
  3. Log in to your Jumia one app with your JUMIA login details.
  4. Pick Up a carrier: You will have to pick up a career you need to use.
  5. At this stage, your setup is complete so you can start your VTU business.

How to start selling Airtime via VTU and Make a profit

Now that you have finished setting or creating your VTU account via Jumia one App, it is time for you to start recharging via VTU and make your profit. For you to start and carry out your first VTU recharge, follow the steps below

  1. Login to your JumiaOneApp and choose your Airtime choice.
  2. Choose a network provider of the network you want to recharge. E.g. AIRTEL, MTN, GLO or 9mobile.
  3. 3. Enter the Phone Number you want to recharge and the amount you want to recharge with.
  4. 4. After that, a page will come up for you to confirm that the details you entered are correct and exactly what you needed.
  5. After that, you will have to add your ATM Card details to complete the transaction. After adding your ATM card details, tab on the “PAY NOW” button and you’ll be redirected to an OTP page.
  6. An OTP will be sent to you via SMS. So enter the OTP to confirm that you are the owner of the account and that you wish to complete the transaction. Before you complete the process, make sure you crosscheck your order to make sure your details are correct and accurate as you needed.
  7. After the OTP stage, your transaction will be carried out successfully and you will receive alert to confirm your transaction, and your client on the other hand will also be credited with the amount of airtime you enter.

Other top VTU Platforms Apart from JUMIA One App: You can search on Google for other VTU business platforms other than Jumia One App that you can register on.

How much can you make from VTU Business?

The amount of profit you can make from VTU business depends on the quantity of airtime you top up. In normal circumstances, you may earn from 3 – 5% of the amount you recharge. If you can carry out many top Ups in a day, then you can gather the 3 – 5% and arrive at a huge amount of money in a day.

This may not be much to you, but it will be very interesting to you if you start recharging in bulk and in large quantities.

If you don’t  find starting a VTU business interesting, then I will highly recommended another business that you can start with 5k (five thousand Naira) and make up to $5,000 monthlysee the business here..

You Will Also Love it!

What you should take away: VTU is a recharge and gets paid business so the more you recharge, the more you get paid. The reason why I strongly recommend recharge and get paid business is that it is very reliable, easy, and cheap to start.

Start recharge and get paid business today and earn 3 – 5% of the amount you recharge. If you found this guide on “how to start VTU Business in Nigeria” very helpful, THEN we plead with you to recommend us to the world by sharing this with your friends all over the internet.

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