List Of Science Courses In Unilorin And Their Cut Off Mark

List Of Science Courses In Unilorin And Their Cut Off Mark

List Of Science Courses In Unilorin And Their Cut Off Mark- Are you a science student that desire to study at University of Ilorin? I believe you must have registered for JAMB, sat for UTME exams and possibly checked your result. Well, the cut off mark for Unilorin courses are out. In the following paragraphs, I will be discussing the list of Science courses in Unilorin and their cut off mark.

List Of Science Courses In Unilorin And Their Cut Off Mark

List Of Science Courses In Unilorin

  1. Agricultural Science and Education
  2. Agriculture
  3. Anatomy
  4. Biochemistry
  5. Chemistry
  6. Computer Science
  7. Doctor of Pharmacy
  8. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  9. Geology
  10. Health Education
  11. Human Kinetics
  12. Industrial Chemistry
  13. Information and Communication Science
  14. Library and Information Science
  15. Mathematics
  16. Medical Laboratory Science
  17. Microbiology
  18. Optometry
  19. Nursing and Nursing Science
  20. Pharmacy
  21. Physics
  22. Plant Biology
  23. Zoology

List Of Science Courses In Unilorin And Their Cut Off Mark

Sciences Courses In University of Ilorin

Below is a list of Science courses in Unilorin and their cut off mark:

S/NCoursesCut-Off Mark
1Agricultural Science and Education  180
2Agriculture  180
3Anatomy  220
4Biochemistry  220
5Chemistry  180
6Computer Science  220
7Doctor of Pharmacy  250
8Fisheries and Aquaculture  180
9Geology  200
10Health Education  180
11Human Kinetics  180
12Industrial Chemistry  210
13Information and Communication Science  190
14Library and Information Science  180
15Mathematics  180
16Medical Laboratory Science  230
17Microbiology  220
19Nursing and Nursing Science220
22Plant Biology180

What Are The Admission Requirements To Study Any of The Science Courses In Unilorin

For you to gain admission to study any of the list of science courses in Unilorin, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have at least 5 minimum credit in O’ level including WAEC, GCE and NECO.
  • Must have made Unilorin first choice in JAMB registration
  • Must sit for the right subject combinations in UTME examinations

What You Should Know About Unilorin

The University of Ilorin (Unilorin) was established in 1975 in Ilorin, the state capital of Kwara State in Western Nigeria.The university was instituted with the aim of providing more opportunities for Nigerians who desire to have university education and make positive contributions to the rapidly expanding economy.

Currently, Unilorin has over 48,000 undergraduate and 5,000 postgraduate students going through different academic programmes (90) across 15 different faculties. Courses are offered across different fields including agriculture, clinical sciences, medical sciences, law, education, engineering and technology, physical sciences, arts, pharmaceutical science, social sciences, veterinary medicine and management sciences.

The school is equipped with adequate facilities and infrastructures such as library, auditorium computer services and information technology labs, printing press, post office, banking facilities, health centre, bakery, etc. Hostel accommodations are also available for students on campus and also off-campus.

The university has good relationships with higher institutions around the world, carrying out academic exchanges, scientific research and study-abroad opportunities for students.

The institution which started out with just 3 academic faculties currently has 15 faculties. These faculties include:

  1. Arts
  2. Agriculture
  3. Environmental Sciences
  4. Life Sciences
  5. Physical Sciences
  6. Management Sciences
  7. Social Sciences
  8. Communication and Information Sciences
  9. Education
  10. Engineering and Technology
  11. Pharmaceutical Science
  12. Veterinary Medicine
  13. Law
  14. College of Health Sciences
  15. Institute of Education and Unilorin Sugar Research Institute
  16. The Postgraduate School

Comprehensive List Of Courses Offered In Unilorin

  1. Accounting
  2. Adult Education
  3. Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
  4. Agricultural Science & Education
  5. Agriculture
  6. Anatomy
  7. Applied Geophysics
  8. Arabic Studies
  9. Architecture
  10. Social Studies
  11. Biochemistry
  12. Biomedical Engineering
  13. Building Technology Education
  14. Business Administration
  15. Business Education
  16. Chemical Engineering
  17. Chemistry
  18. Civil Engineering
  19. Common & Islamic Law
  20. Common Law
  21. Comparative Religious Studies
  22. Computer Engineering
  23. Computer Science
  24. Criminology & Security Studies
  25. Doctor of Pharmacy
  26. Doctor of Pharmacy
  27. Economics
  28. Education & Arabic
  29. Education & Biology
  30. Education & Chemistry
  31. Education & Christian Religious Studies
  32. Education & Computer Science
  33. Education & Economics
  34. Education & English Language
  35. Education & French
  36. Education & Geography
  37. Education & History
  38. Education & Islamic Studies
  39. Education & Mathematics
  40. Education & Physics
  41. Education & Yoruba
  42. Educational Management
  43. Educational Technology/ Introductory Technology
  44. Electrical/ Electronics Engineering
  45. Electrical/Electronics Education
  46. English Language
  47. Estate Management
  48. Finance
  49. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  50. Food Engineering
  51. Food Science
  52. Forestry & Wildlife Management
  53. French
  54. Geography & Environmental Management
  55. Geology
  56. Hausa
  57. Health Education
  58. History & International Studies
  59. Home Economics
  60. Human Kinetics
  61. Igbo
  62. Industrial Chemistry
  63. Industrial Relations & Personnel Management
  64. Information & Communication Science
  65. Islamic Studies
  66. Library & Information Science
  67. Linguistics
  68. Marketing
  69. Mass communication
  70. Mathematics
  71. Mechanical Engineering
  72. Medical Laboratory Science
  73. Medical Laboratory Science
  74. Medicine & Surgery
  75. Metal Work Technology Education
  76. Microbiology
  77. Nursing/ Nursing Science
  78. Optometry
  79. Performing Arts
  80. Physics
  81. Physiology
  82. Physiotherapy
  83. Plant Biology
  84. Political Science
  85. Primary Education Studies
  86. Psychology
  87. Public Administration
  88. Quantity
  89. Surveying
  90. Social work
  91. Sociology
  92. Statistics
  93. Surveying & Geoinformatics
  94. Teacher Education Science
  95. Technical Education
  96. Telecommunication Science
  97. Urban & Regional Planning
  98. Veterinary Medicine
  99. Water Resources & Environmental Engineering
  100. Wood Work Technology
  101. Wood Work Technology Education
  102. Wood Work Technology Education
  103. Yoruba
  104. Zoology

Last Note

University of Ilorin is one of the prestigious Federal University in Nigeria. The university offers a wide range of courses across different fields including science.The sciences courses in Unilorin and their cut off mark are not the same as other courses in other fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

What science course can I study with a JAMB score of 190 in UNILORIN?

There are a number of science courses you can study with a JAMB score of 190. Some of the science courses include: Agriculture, Chemistry, Health Education, Information and Communication Science, Mathematics, Library and Information Science, Physics, Zoology and Plant Biology

What is the cut-off mark for science courses in Unilorin?

The cut-off mark for science courses in Unilorin varies depending on the particular courses you want to study. Below is a list of sciences courses in Unilorin and their cut-off mark:
1.      Agricultural Science and Education- 180
2.      Agriculture- 180
3.      Anatomy- 220
4.      Biochemistry- 220
5.      Chemistry- 180
6.      Computer Science- 220
7.      Doctor of Pharmacy – 250
8.      Fisheries and Aquaculture- 180
9.      Geology- 200
10.  Health Education- 180
11.  Human Kinetics- 180
12.  Industrial Chemistry- 210
13.  Information and Communication Science- 190
14.  Library and Information Science- 180
15.  Mathematics- 180
16.  Medical Laboratory Science- 230
17.  Microbiology- 220
18.  Optometry- 210
19.  Nursing and Nursing Science-220
20.  Pharmacy- 240
21.  Physics- 180
22.  Plant Biology- 180
23.  Zoology-180

What is the cut –off mark to study nursing in Unilorin?

To study Nursing in Unilorin, the required cut-off mark is 220

What is the JAMB cut off mark at Unilorin?

The cut-off mark at University of Ilorin is 180. That means you must have a minimum of 180 to be considered for admission.

Does Unilorin accept second choice?

Unilorin is one of the few Federal Universities in Nigeria that accept second choice.

What is the cost of tuition at Unilorin?

Currently, the tuition fees at Unilorin for new students is N22,500 naira while that of old student is between #19,900 and #21,900. You can check the university’s website for further details.

Does University of Ilorin give admission easily to students?

Usually, this is the format most Federal Universities including Unilorin follow to give admission to students:
45% applicant considered based on merit
35% applicants considered based on catchment areas
20% is allocated for educationally less developed areas

Is cooking allowed in Unilorin hostels?

Most of the Universities in Nigeria do not allow cooking to be done by students in hostels. Some of the universities give the students the only option of buying food in restaurants. While some university go ahead to provide kitchenette around the hostels for students to cook.

Is it compulsory for me to reside in Unilorin Hostel?

Only Freshmen are encouraged to stay in the school’s accommodation for the 1ST year of study. Students are at liberty to choose where they reside: on-campus or off-campus.


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