How to Study Calculus

how to study calculus

How to Study Calculus- Calculus is in the list of those subjects that majority of the students shy a way from. But on a clearer side, if you really understand what calculus it, you will be able to see the true beauty of mathematics even though on the other angle it could show the agony of math as well. In all, students (mostly science students) are to try as much as possible to ace calculus as this topic is a very important topic to increase your scores.

Though the idea of studying calculus as a whole can be very brain-bending, students are to sort out for ways to deal with this subject, have better understanding of it and in turn score well in their exams as well. Calculus is a branch of mathematics which is made up of the following concepts;

  • derivatives,
  • limits,
  • functions, &
  • integrals.

Calculus is an integral section of mathematics and there are no points denying that most students actually consider it as among the most difficult part of mathematics and so majority of the students are really struggling hard to deal with the topic and to fully understand it. Here, we have provided excellent guides to help you in studying and acing calculus. These methods are not too demanding, it just needs your dedication and focus!

How to Study Calculus

Step One) Start Studying the other part of basic mathematics first

Calculus is a topic in mathematics which is closely related to other concepts of math. So you should start with these parts first

  • Arithmetic : Start from known to unknown, begin with those basic arithmetic calculations first, be a master of these arithmetic operations before you begin to study calculus
  • Algebra : You should first learn the basic algebra functions and properties. Learn the basics of sets and group also study the word problems as all these background knowledge are necessary to studying calculus
  • Trigonometry : You need to understand the properties of Trig ( triangles, circle etc.)
  • Geometry : this involves studying all about shapes and it also entails learning their properties.

Step Two) Understand the concept of all sections of calculus

Calculus is made up of two broad parts which are the differential calculus and the integral calculus. First bear in mind that calculus is the study of the rate of change, and the rate of Accumulation. Rate of change here implies that the derivatives and accumulation is an integral path. Calculus is basically about rates. So you should first learn about the rate of change with time versus distance, change in time versus velocity etc.

Some basic terms in calculus that you should learn in calculus are; Absolute value, acceleration area, asymptote, asymptotic calculus, concavity, continuity continuous, convergence, definite integral derivative, differential calculus differential equation, differentiation, discontinuous divergence equation, exponential function extremum and first derivative function

Step Three) Put Down Calculus Formulas and Learn them

There are some basic formulas used in calculating Derivatives and Integration. You should learn some of these basic formulas. A better understanding of all these formula, and other formula in calculus will help you have a proper study time. By understanding them , you can memorize them over time before the actual exam date.

Step Four) Read about the limits

To estimate in calculus, complex function limit is very important. With the help of these limits a complex function will be broken down into less complex and small pieces function. Estimate all the small parts of the function and then you can add them up. This will in turn make the process of complex function calculation much more easier for you. Make sure to read all about these limits.

Step Five) Read About The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Fundamental theorem will lecture you on the integration and differentiation aspects as they are inverse to themselves.

Step Six) Confirm the Efficacy of Step 1-5 By Practicing Calculus Problems

Begin with the derivatives problem. Then dive into the integral problems. You should not just judge yourself by one attempt as practice makes perfection. Practice as many problem as possible, solve as much as you can. If you got chocked up in any of the practice question then resorting to available online calculus tutor might be the best help for you. When you are in your learning process of studying calculus, it is too usual to often encounter doubts in the use of calculus formulae, theorem, or you may find it hard in solving the problems. Wait no longer, throw in any question, and confusion of yours concerning calculus to your teachers about it.
Following the class lessons and asking questions are very necessary in learning too and with this you will gain extra knowledge and in turn clear your confusion. At any point in time, your teachers are always available to receive your questions and are always happy to provide solutions to your problems.

Step Seven) Double-check the Concepts Over again

Start from step one and practice the concepts, after learning about these concepts again don’t forget to test your self to see if you truly understand the concept or not. Go through your mathematics teacher note or your online tutor notes making sure that you have fully understood each step, if not you should not hesitate to seek help from the teacher.


Developing a healthy and time-efficient homework or study strategy for your studies, not only to learning and studying calculus , but for your other classes, mathematics and others is crucial to improving your overall performance. This will also help you to become a more confident student, while in turn grooming you to become successful, and well-rounded in all facets of life. It will help you to strike a healthier balance from your work/study time and your rest/ leisure time.

Practicing is very necessary for you to succeed in any thing you do, practice all the example problem as well as worksheet problems. Note that calculus is a topic which you may not really understand from scratch without the need of an instructor, so you should be very attentive when they are teaching you in the class room. We advice that you start with basics of derivatives when you want to study calculus before progressing to the more complex formulas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I teach myself calculus?

You can learn calculus from self-study. I know this because I am pretty-much self-taught in calculus myself, up to the level of partial differential equations, multiple integrals, variational calculus, differential geometry, tensor calculus and other ‘advanced’ applications.

How can I make calculus easier to learn?

Spend time working on calculus every day . Doing some calculus on daily basis makes you more familiar with concepts, definitions, and theorems. This familiarity will make calculus get easier and easier one day at once

Is calculus i difficult?

Calculus is widely considered as a very hard math class, and it is for good reason. The concepts take you far beyond the comfortable realms of algebra & geometry that you’ve explored in previous courses. Calculus asks you to think in ways that are more abstract, requiring more imagination.

How do I start studying calculus?

Step 1 Start with Other Basic Parts of Mathematics.

Step 2 Learn about the Parts of Calculus.

Step 3 Learn Calculus Formulae.

Step 4 learn about the Concept of Limits.

Step 5 Study the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

Step 6 Practice More and More Calculus Problems.

Step 7 Ask your Doubts.

What are the 3 types of calculus?

Differential calculus (Differentiation). Integral calculus (Integration). Multivariable calculus (Function theory).

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