How to Create Pins on Pinterest

How to create pins on Pinterest

How to Create Pins on Pinterest- If you want to learn how to create Pins on your Pinterest account, here is the best resort to your query. With our beginner-friendly process flow and guide, you will learn how to create Pins on Pinterest without wasting time!

Why Do I Need to Make Pinterest Pins?

  • It drives in traffic to your website from Pinterest social media traffic
  • Creation of resources for your community.
  • Building your search traffic and presence on both Pinterest and Google by making use of keywords, keyphrases & other Search Engine Optimization tactics.
  • It makes you part of the positive, inspiring community that Pinterest has developed. Pinterest has up to 478 million users as of the year 2021
  • Creating brand awareness for the products and services you are rendering
  • Serving as a source of Inspiration to your Pinners who has same ideas as yours as well as DIYs.
  • You can gain leads by making use of lead magnets to bring email leads together.

How to Create Pins on Pinterest

1. Navigate on the plus sign (+) that is located on the top-hand side of your Pinterest profile.

If you want to create your first pin, you should first go to your profile. You can get this done by clicking on your name and/or on your profile picture that you can see at the top-righthand corner side of your Pinterest account.

2. Choose the “Create Pin” option from the dropdown menu that appears

2 Creating Pins

While on your profile page, slightly up the interest boards that you have chosen when you were creating your Pinterest profile, check on that plus sign icon that you see there, it comes like (“+”) and once you check on it pick “Create Pin” from the following dropdown menu that will come like the image shown below for clarity sake.

3. Upload a file containing the image you want to pin from your computer and make sure to include a destination link.

If you’re making use of a desktop computer to get this done, check on the “Create Pin” option from your Pinterest profile page. This will further lead you to the pin-creation form as you can see below.

The first thing you are expected to do here is to upload an image to stand as your pin. You can get this done in two simple ways:

  • To make uploads of an image file that you can get the folder on your computer, what you just need to do is to click on the gray box and choose the image file from the window that will show on your screen.
  • Alternatively, you can try dragging the image file then take it directly into the gray box. As long as your image is rightly uploaded, you can then click to “Add a destination link” , this link will be on the bottom-righthand corner of the form and after that input the name of the website that you want this pin to be linked to when someone click on it.

4. Add a destination link from which you will save an image coined from that website.

If the photo you wish to pin is already live online in the space, check on “Save from site”, you can see this option below the gray image-upload box, and after that you should then input the new URL of the target website. This new URL will be the website that your pinned image will be linked to automatically whenever your pin is made to go live.
In the window that will show afterwords, you may be able to see more than just an image to select from the image. Pinterest may also discover living on the particular webpage you have linked to. Go down the line until you see the image that you wish to pin, and check on it.

5. Title the pin you are creating

If the image is successfully uploaded, it may take little time to get the upload to fully optimize your pin with the right text. Check on the “Add your title” preview text then open it to give your pin an interesting preview that will rightly serve as representative to the content of your pin including the website that your image is linked.

Lets take for instance, if you’re pinning an image which contains denim clothings, and you are linking the product to the purchase page of that particular cloth-line, you can choose to title your pin ” Quality Denim Wear by [ Name of Company].”

6. Include a pin description.

Including a description for your pin slightly below your title, the description could contain up to 500 characters. But always bear in mind that lengthy descriptions are not recommended as it is only but the first 50 characters of the description about your that can be seen below the image in user’s Pinterest newsfeeds.

7. Select a Pinterest board that you wish to add your pin .

Your last crucial task to perform in creating pin before saving your pin is to include this pin to a “board.” If you are an active Pinterest user, you can be able to create boards that will represent your pinned content and can separate them on the basis of your interests.

To choose or create a new board for your pin, check on “Select a board (required)” , you can see this below your pin’s destination link. You’ll be lead to the page where you will be free to select or create a board that best stands as a rep to the type of content you’re trying to pin.

8. Go to “Save” to create and launch the Pinterest pin.

Once you successfully chose a board to add your pin to, you can go back to the pin-creation form and then check on the red “Save” button that is located at the top of your screen. Then abide by the prompts that follows afterwards to push your pin live, and this will get all things set.


Pins on Pinterest are used in creating brand awareness for the products and services you are rendering, they serve as a sources of Inspiration to your Pinners who has same ideas as yours as well as DIYs and you can gain leads by making use of lead magnets to bring email leads together. Pins drive in traffic to your website from Pinterest social media traffic and they are used in the creation of resources for your community. Moreover, they help in building your search traffic and presence on both Pinterest and Google by making use of keywords, keyphrases & other Search Engine Optimization tactics. Follow our guide on how to create pin on Pinterest to get yourself all these benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a good Pin?

Avoid the obvious.
Use the word method.
Try a familiar date.

Use a meaningful address.

Try an extra-long PIN.

How do I start my own Pinterest?

Go to the Pinterest app on your device.

Input your Email address, then check Continue.

Create a Password, then click on Next.

Enter your Age, then check on Next.

Select how you identify.

Choose your country or region, then check on Next.

Pick 5 or more topics, then tap Next.

How to get money on Pinterest?

Drive traffic using ads.

Let shoppers buy directly on Pinterest.

Become an affiliate marketer.

Help users shop your look.

Partnership with a brand.

Can you post on Pinterest on your phone?

You can make posts on Pinterest using either the Pinterest website or the mobile app on your iPhone or Android

How do I post a pin on my computer?

Log in to your Pinterest account.

Navigate to the Create button in the top left menu bar.

Choose Create Pin.

Check on the arrow icon (usually in the grey box) to upload the photo or video file from your computer.

Add a Pin Title and Pin Description.


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