How To Check JAMB Result Through SMS

JAMB Result Through SMS

How To Check JAMB Result Through SMS- Do you need to check your JAMB result but you don’t have access to the internet? There is nothing to worry about. You can always check your JAMB result without access to the internet. In this post, I will be showing you how to check JAMB result by SMS.

How To Check JAMB Result Through SMS

There are two ways you can check JAMB result, either through SMS or online

Two important Points You Must Note To Check JAMB Result Through SMS

For you to be able to Check JAMB result through SMS:

  • You must use the same mobile number that you used for your JAMB registration
  • You must have some airtime on that phone, as the service will cost you #50.

 Here is how to check JAMB result through SMS:

  • Open the SMS app on your mobile phone
  • Then type “UTMERESULT”
  • Afterwards, send to 55019 or 66019
  • In a shortwhile, you will receive a message containing your result

However, there are times that instead of receiving your JAMB result as the response message, it would be some other response. Here are some of those responses and what they mean:

Result Withheld

This implies that your result has been withheld for reasons best known to JAMB. Some of the reasons could be technical issues, malpractice or irregularities in registration.

Phone number not used for JAMB registration

This implies that you used a different phone number to check JAMB result  other than the one used for JAMB result.

Candidate Absent

This implies that the candidate did not write the JAMB exam.

Result Withheld Pending The Upload Of Some Documents/ Some Clarifications

This implies that candidate’s result was withheld because some documents are yet to be uploaded by the candidate. It could also mean some clarifications need to be done before the result can be released.

Other Ways To Check JAMB Result

Apart from the option of checking your JAMB result through SMS, you can also check through another route. You can check JAMB result online through JAMB website. Here is how to go about it:

  • Visit JAMB portal, https: // www. jamb. gov. ng/efacility
  • Login into your JAMB account through email address and password.
  • From the page that opens, locate “Print result Slip” and click on it.
  • Next a payment portal will show up and you will be asked to choose a payment method. Afterwards, payment will be confirmed.
  • You will then input your registration number and examination year. Then click on “Print Result Slip”
  • Your JAMB result will be downloaded automatically on your device.

Last Word

If you need to check your JAMB result but no internet access, you can use the SMS method. To check your JAMB result through SMS, simply text “UTMERESULT” to 55019 or 66019. Note that the mobile number you are using to check your JAMB result must be the same as the one used for JAMB registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check my JAMB result using my mobile phone?

Yes. You can check your JAMB result using your mobile phone. However, to get this done, you must use the same mobile number that you used during your JAMB examination. If you don’t, you wont get any response. Its quite easy to check your JAMB result using your mobile phone. Here is how to go about it:
Open the SMS app on your mobile phone
Then type “UTMERESULT”
Send to 55019 or 66019
In a shortwhile, you will receive a message containing your result.
Note that you will be charged #50 for this service.

How can I check my JAMB result with registration number?

To check your JAMB result using your registration number, follow these steps:
Visit JAMB portal, https: //efacility. jamb. gov. ng/CheckUTMEResults
Enter your JAMB registration number
Then click on “ Check My Result Button”
Your JAMB aggregate score will pop up in no time
N.B For you to able to use this method, you should have access to good internet.

Why am I not receiving my result from 55019?

These are some of the reasons you may not receive your JAMB result from 55019:
If you are using a phone number different from the one you use to register for JAMB registration, you wont get any result from 55019
If you don’t send the SMS in the correct format, you wont also get your JAMB result from 55019. Here is the correct format to send. Type “UTMERESULT”. Then send to 55019 or 66019. If you use this format from the same phone that you used to register for JAMB registration.
And sometimes, the portal can really be busy. You can try at night times, JAMB portal most times should be lighter by then.

Who had the highest score in 2023 JAMB?

The highest score in 2023 JAMB was made by Okaforagu Favour with an aggregate of 369.  The second best result in JAMB was gotten by Egoagwuagwu Agnes with a score of 365. The third best result was gotten by Nwobi Okwuchukwu David with a score of 363 .

Has JAMB result checker portal open?

Yes. The 2023 JAMB checker portal login is now open.

What are the secret tips to scoring 400 in JAMB examination?

To score very high marks in JAMB examination, here are some secret tips:
Start your preparations early enough. Infact, don’t wait until you purchase the JAMB examination before you start preparing for the examination. That will be getting late already. Once you have ascertained that you want to write JAMB, then you should start preparing. Infact, as you are preparing for your final exams (WAEC), you should start preparing for JAMB examination. Setting a whole 12 months to prepare for JAMB examination is not too much.
Make use of JAMB-recommended texbooks.
Make good use of JAMB questions. A good number of questions are being repeated yearly.
Practice examination questions at CBT center using computer
Practice examination questions using a timer
Register with a good JAMB tutorial center. No man is an island
Have different kind of jotters where you can jot down things learnt while studying.

Why is JAMB result portal appearing blank?

JAMB result portal appearing blank sometimes as a result of technical issues. Server downtime, maintenance activities, network issues are some examples of those technical issues.

Can I get to print my JAMB result out?

Yes. You can get to print out your JAMB result from the JAMB website. Infact, it is one of the requirement during admission screening, original copy of your JAMB result slip. To do this, simply visit the JAMB result portal and enter your JAMB registration number. Your result will appear in a shortwhile.

Has any candidate ever scored 400 in JAMB?

Although in the past times, candidates have scored very high marks in JAMB examination. However, there is no record of any candidate that scored 400.

Can I get to check the result of JAMB without needing an email address?

Yes. You can check JAMB result through SMS. To get this done, you must use the same mobile phone that you used in JAMB registration. Simply open the SMS app on your mobile phone. Then type “UTMERESULT” to 55019 or 66019. You will receive a response in a short time. Note that to use this service, you will be charged #50.

Is my registration number same as my JAMB password?

No. Your JAMB registration number is not the same as your JAMB password. During your JAMB registration, you will be required to create a password that you can always use to access JAMB portal. Your registration is simply a unique identification number given you at the time of registration.

Can I login into JAMB Portal using registration number?

Yes. You can login into JAMB portal using registration number.

Does JAMB admission offer get to expire?

Yes. The admission JAMB offers you has timeline, within which you have the liberty to accept or reject the admission. Once the timeline expires, the admission offer wont be available again.

Is a JAMB aggregate score of 250 a good one?

Yes. Having a JAMB score of 250 is a good performance. With a JAMB score of 250, you have better chances of getting admission into your desired institution to study your choice course.

What is the significance of Original JAMB result?

You will need the original JAMB result slip when you present yourself for admission screening. You will also be required to present other douments along side the original copy of your JAMB result. Some of these documents include O’level result, birth certificate, local government identification, reference letter, etc.


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