What Is The Job Of A Quality Control Manager

What Is The Job Of A Quality Control Manager

What is the job of a quality control manager — Every manufacturing company wants to be sure that the materials, products, and everything they provide have met specific requirements. This is one of the crucial reasons they hire a quality control manager. The primary role of a quality control manager is to ensure that the production process is done right and the company they work for will deliver the best product to their customers. This article will look at what the job of a quality control manager is, how you can become a quality control manager, the skills required for a quality control manager position, and everything related to the role.

What Is The Job Of A Quality Control Manager

A quality control manager plays a vital role in a business. They ensure that a product meets specific standards, and they plan, direct and coordinate quality control. They reduce waste and improve the company’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability. If you have the skills required for a quality control manager role, like committing to excellence, you will find it satisfying to work in this field. Let’s look at some other responsibilities of a quality control manager.

  1. You will oversee processes

Among the responsibilities of a quality control manager is that you will oversee processes. You will know all the rules and regulations for producing, selling, and shipping products. You will base your entire work on the company’s standards and what customers seek. For example, if you are working in a brewing company, you will also ensure that the products your company produces meet the standard of the country you are living in. For instance, if you are living in the United States, you will make sure that your brew has met the standards of the American Society of Brewing Chemists.

   2. You will lead your team

As a quality control manager, you will supervise inspectors teams who usually conduct a thorough product assessment at the different production stages. You may also be in charge of recruiting the supervisors and training them, then give them a manual containing the quality standards they will use as a guideline during their daily work. You will also choose qualitative tools and equipment that will help the team. Once you see a product defect or something that hasn’t passed the safety standards, you have the authority to stop the production of that particular product immediately.  

    3. You will train your employees

Another duty of a quality control manager is to train employees; this training requires them to teach or tell the workers about the quality requirements. You will provide this training using the best practice. Your primary focus is to make the workers responsible for managing the quality standard. Sometimes, to make the training more effective; you will organize awareness or award programs within the company. Whenever a company creates a new product, the quality control manager, alongside the production team, will work to establish and ensure the product is according to the quality standard.

   4. You will manage the input

Suppliers play a vital role in every production company, and they also play an essential role in the quality process. So one of the responsibilities of a quality control manager is to work with these suppliers to formulate a unique quality standard for the products. As a quality control officer, you will ensure that the suppliers will deliver to the company quality and meet the general quality standard of the organization. Having a quality product has a significant impact from the start to the endpoint of product development, so the quality control manager will ensure that there isn’t any deviation. If, unfortunately, there is, they will control it before it gets bigger. For example, if you are a quality control manager in an automotive company, you will ensure that the supplier will never deliver low-quality materials.

5. You will analyze data

If you want to thrive as a quality control manager, you must possess skills like quantitative measurements, and you will review statistical data from the manufacturing line so you can know areas where problems are coming from. After analyzing the data, you will recommend changes or solutions and every way to eliminate the problem. You will continuously monitor the production team and whether they are improving, ensuring that you minimize defects to the lowest level. This will help your company reduces manufacturing losses and increase the product’s quality.

How To Become A Quality Control Manager

Before becoming a quality control manager, you must have at least a college degree; the most important thing is to have skills working in the industry. Below are some requirements for a quality control manager position.

    1. Have a bachelor’s degree

You can obtain a bachelor’s degree from any field, such as management, industrial chemistry, or business program. However, some companies prefer an engineering certificate because it provides individuals with the science and maths knowledge to solve complex problems in case they encounter one. Some courses you might consider include business administration, business communication, computer science, calculus, human resources, management, and statistics. Overall you should search for a course that will impact your analytical and communication skills; you will then list these skills in your CV when applying for a quality control manager job.

   2. Do an internship

Most companies prefer people with experience in this field, so the main aim of an internship is to provide you with the necessary experience, and you will also learn the general responsibilities and processes of the job. You can do training in a quality control department during your years in school or even after graduating. If you have a specific industry, for example, automotive, you want to work in, consider doing an internship in companies that produce those products.

    3. Become certified

Even though it’s not compulsory, becoming certified will increase your opportunities and chances. Your certification will show the company that you understand the role’s principles and have the skills required for the position.

   4. Get work experience

Depending on the company you apply for the job, you will need at least two years of experience, sometimes up to five years, before you can land a quality control manager role. You can do an internship, as we mentioned above, or apply for lesser roles that will prepare you for the position.

Skills Required For A Quality Control Manager Position

The quality control manager job requires you to have some set of skills, these skills include

     1. Ability to pay attention to details

The most critical skill required from a quality control manager is the ability to pay attention to details. You must not let even minor details escape your notice; this will help the company grow and minimize losses and risks.

    2. Problem-solving skills

Problems are inevitable in whatever industry you find yourself in. Your role is to manage product development, so whenever you encounter problems, you must find solutions. For example, if your product isn’t selling, you will research and understand where the problem is coming from and also look for answers to solve the problem.

   3. Interpersonal communication skills

You must understand that interpersonal communication is essential because it will help increase sales, and employee morale, solve conflicts, etc.

  4. You must have the ability to work with a team

As a quality control manager, teamwork will always be part of your work; you will need to work with your team, collaborate with teams from other departments, and also work with suppliers. Without the ability to work in a group, the work will not be smooth for you, and you won’t understand problems when they arise.

5. Time management skills

Time is essential in every business. Your business involves a lot of teamwork, which means you will depend on each other. But when it comes to manufacturing, you must follow strict instructions to ensure a smooth operation. If you begin and finish your work on time, the product’s development quality will never be compromised, thus increasing your productivity.

  6. Multitasking skills

Your main role is to manage and ensure quality. Sometimes, you will be required to do different work simultaneously, so you must learn to multitask to ensure the company produces a quality product.


A quality control manager ensures that a company produces products that meet company and customer standards. Other roles of a quality control manager include analyzing data, managing input, training employees, overseeing processes, etc. To land this role, you must have a bachelor’s degree in any field, do an internship, become certified, and get work experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries require quality control managers?

Any industry that produces products or services can benefit from having a quality control manager.

How does a quality control manager contribute to the success of an organization?

Quality control managers ensure customer satisfaction, reduce waste, improve efficiency, identify areas for improvement, and help an organization achieve its goals and objectives

What are some of the tools and techniques used by quality control managers?

Some of the tools and techniques used by quality control managers include statistical process control, root cause analysis, failure mode, and effects analysis, and total quality management.

What are some common challenges faced by quality control managers?

Common challenges faced by quality control managers include managing limited resources, balancing quality with productivity, keeping up with changing industry standards and regulations, etc.

How can an organization benefit from having a quality control manager?

An organization can benefit from having a quality control manager by ensuring that its products or services meet the highest standards of quality, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.


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