Top 10 Reasons To Study Medicine

best reasons to study medicine

Top 10 Reasons To Study Medicine- The field of medicine is one of the in-demand fields in the science world. A good number of graduates of high school that are science-oriented want to study medicine while some of them don’t even want to give it a second thought. I don’t know the category you are in right now as you read this article. But in the following paragraphs, I will be showing you top 10 reasons to study medicine . And maybe after reading through, you may want to give medicine a second thought as you plan your career path.

Top 10 Reasons To Study Medicine

Medicine student at work

Number 1: The world is in need of medical professionals

One of the reasons to study medicine is that medical professionals are in high demand globally. It is not only in African countries that there are shortages of medical professionals. Even in developed countries, the few medical professionals are complained of too much workload because there are fewer hands in the clinic.

You can imagine in a whole hospital that serves a major district in a town, there is just one ENT-specialist. And the ENT specialist comes only twice in a week to attend to only the first 20 patients to arrive the clinic. The rest have to go back to their homes to look for alternative ways of solving their problems. Some live on with those ailments while some die because of lack of proper treatment. It is that bad. Infact, it is worse in Africa. So, you now see reasons study medicine? Yes, the world needs you! Yes, you!

Number 2: The medical profession is a very respectable one

There is a certain level of respect awarded by the society to people in the medical professionals. Even while you are still in medical school, you are already earning some respect . Even though you may still be struggling to pass some critical exams! I really don’t know why some other professions don’t get similar accolades. Maybe because doctors are involved in saving lives or possibly because they earn big salaries! What ever the case, I just know that the medical profession is one that will give you high reputation and status in the society. This is also one of the good reasons to study medicine. Don’t you think so?

Number 3: Global Opportunities Awaits You

As a medical professional , you will always find relevance anywhere you find yourself globally. If you are not satisfied with the living conditions of your present country, you can easily migrate to other countries. With just some few qualifying exams over there,  you can continue your medical practice there in a better living condition. You can see this is one of the cool reasons to study medicine.

Number 4: Opportunity to serve your community and mankind generally

If you are a kind of person that has a heart for people. You love to help people and put smiles on their faces. Then studying of medicine will be a good idea for you. It is one of the good reasons to study medicine. Imagine helping a breadwinner of a family that is being sick for one month get back to his feet and get back to work. His family members will always be praying for you. Imagine saving the life of the only son of a widow  that is being battling with a terminal disease for years. You will do a lot putting smiles on the faces of people as a medical professional. So, don’t just sit back there wishing you could help people. Get up and go to medical school! It is one of the worthwhile reasons to study medicine, helping people.

Number 5: You have a secured future

One of the good reasons to study medicine is the fact that your future and career is secured. The fact is that doctors and medical professionals are in high and continuous demand globally. So there is no way you will be stranded career-wise with a degree in medicine. Most especially, if you decide to go the extra mile specializing in some specific areas of medicine.

Number 6: Medical professionals earn big salaries

You hear that? Medical professionals earn big salaries. So if you had always looked forward to earning big salaries and living a good life,  the pick a career in medicine. It is one of the coolest reasons to study medicine, fat bank account! But let me warn you that it does not come cheap. You will have to spend hours of sleepless nights studying hard. You have to deprive yourself of so many enjoyment. But of course, it pays in the end.

Number 7: You can have multiple streams of income with a degree in medicine

One of the interesting reasons to study medicine is the fact that you have can have multiple streams of income. Now, let me explain. As a medical doctor, you can be employed in an hospital where you work for 8 hours daily. At the same time, you can do private consultations after work for family , friends and neighbours, where you get to charge them consultation fees. And if you have enough resources, you  can decide to open your own hospital even while still an employee. The opportunities are diverse for you.

Number 8: A wide range of career options are available

There are different career opportunities for people in the medical field. The fact that you studied medicine does not imply that you can only work in an hospital as a medical doctor. No. There are other interesting things you can do with a degree in medicine. Here are some of the career options in medicine:

  • Work as a medical doctor in an hospital
  • You can venture into medical research
  • You can work as  an academic in medical school
  • You can go into public health
  • Medical journalism is another great option for you .

Number 9: A career in Medicine is a stimulating and challenging one

A career in medicine is actually a stimulating and challenging one. If you are the curious type with a large appetite for knowledge, then you may want to pick up a career in medicine. The rigors and the high demands of medical school don’t leave you the same. It brings out the best in you. You are a better individual , ever ready to face challenges that may show up in life. Even while practicing after medical school, there is always sometime new to learn. In fact, learning never stops.

Number 10: You can climb the career ladder

If you are willing and serious enough, then you will rise through the career ladder in the field of medicine. Although this doesn’t come cheap. However, it is possible to rise up the ladder. It implies that even after medical school, you will still have to take up specialized courses and trainings. And some of those courses could even take years to complete. But, usually it is worth the while because you are on your way up.

Last Word

So many good reasons to study medicine abound. Some of which include job security, high salaries, global opportunities, its high reputation and others. But whatever your own reason for wanting to study medicine, you must know this one fact. The road to getting a degree in medicine is very rough, requiring a lot of hard work, discipline and sacrifice. And you must be willing to give it all it takes if you will actually make it in the career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the reasons to study medicine?

Here are some of the reasons to study medicine:
·         Diverse career opportunities abound
·         Global opportunities are much available for people with career in medicine
·         Medical professionals are in high demand
·         Medical professionals are well-paid
·         It is an opportunity to serve humanity

What is the study of medicine all about?

In medical school, you will be equipped with medical knowledge and practical skills to treat sicknesses , diseases and long-term health issues affecting different kinds of patients. You will get to learn about different medications available to treat different diseases, their interaction and with the body and also contradictions.

What are the subject requirements for medicine?

For you to study medicine, these are the subject requirements: Chemistry, Physics and Biology

What courses allow one to make a transfer to study medicine?

The following are related medical courses, you can transfer from these courses to medicine:
·         Dentistry and Dental Surgery
·         Physiology
·         Physiotherapy
·         Biochemistry
·         Pharmacology
·         Ophthalmology
·         Human Nutrition and Dietetics

What are the functions of a medical doctor?

Some of the functions of a medical doctor include diagnosing and treatment of illnesses and injuries. They examine patients, take note of their medical histories and then make diagnosis. Then they go further to prescribe drugs and also advise patients on what to do.


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