YABATECH Cut Off Mark 2022/2023 (JAMB Cutoff Point for all Courses)

The YABATECH Cut off mark 2021/2022 for all courses for 2021/2022 academic session admission has been released.

This information Yaba College of Technology JAMB and departmental Cutoff Point covers all courses.

JAMB CUT Off Mark for YABATECH 2021/2022 academic session

If you are a JAMB candidate that is hoping to apply for admission to Yaba College of Technology, then this is for you.

Following the YABATECH holistic admission process, the admission committee of the Yaba College of Technology has released the required JAMB Score for her 2021 admission exercise.

Additionally, the institution has also released the required departmental cut-off mark for all courses/departments for the 2021 admission process.

What is YABATECH JAMB Cut off Mark for 2021?

YABATECH Cut off mark for 2021 is 150 as the general JAMB cut off mark for YABATECH 2021/2022 academic session.

YABATECH Cut Off Mark for 2021/2022. Yaba College of Technology JAMB and departmental cutoff Point for all courses.

This cut off mark is applicable to all courses offered by the institution. Meanwhile, the departmental cut-off mark varies per department.

All applicants must meet the YABATECH general JAMB cut-off mark 2021 to be eligible to apply for the admission screening exercise.

Aspirants that do not meet the cut off mark may not be allowed to apply. Additional requirements are O’level result and Original JAMB result.

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Yaba College of Technology Departmental Cut off Mark for all Courses

What is the Yaba College of Technology departmental Cutoff Points for all Courses, Department, and Faculties?

The YABATECH departmental cut-off mark required for admission in 2021/2022 academic year into respective courses, departments of the school is as follows.

Departmental cut off mark for School of Art and Design

  1. Fashion Design & Clothing Technology-56.25
  2. Art Design (Industrial Design)-40
  3. Printing Technology-40

Departmental cut off mark for School of Environmental Studies

  1. Architectural Technology-59.13
  2. Building Technology-40
  3. Estate Management-56.38
  4. Surveying and Geo-informatics-40
  5. Urban and Regional Planning-52
  6. Quantity Surveying-46

Departmental cut off mark for School of Engineering

  1. Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering – 40
  2. Chemical Engineering – 60.5
  3. Civil Engineering-57
  4. Computer Engineering-58.88
  5. Electrical & Electronics Engineering-60.63
  6. Industrial & Maintenance Engineering-40
  7. Marine Engineering-55.75
  8. Mechanical Engineering-58.5
  9. Mechatronics Engineering-60.88
  10. Metallurgical Engineering-40
  11. Welding & Fabrication Engineering-40

Departmental cut off mark for School of Liberal Studies

  1. Mass communication-59.88

Departmental cut off mark for School of Science

  1. Science Laboratory Technology -62.880
  2. Statistics-40

Departmental cut off mark for School of Techincal Education.

  1. Biology Education’ – 180
  2. Business Education – 180
  3. Chemical Education – 180
  4. Computer Education – 180
  5. Education Foundation – 180
  6. Fine Art Education – 180
  7. Home Economics Education – 180
  8. Industrial Education – 180
  9. Integrated Science Education – 180
  10. Mathematical Education – 180
  11. Physics Education – 180
  12. Science Education – 180
  13. Technical Education – 180

Departmental cut off mark for School of Management and Business Science.

  1. Accounting-59.38
  2. Banking & Finance-58.25
  3. Business Administration & Management-59.5
  4. Marketing -59.63
  5. Office Technology Management-54.88
  6. Public Administration-63.25

Departmental cut off mark for School of Technology

  1. Agricultural Technology- 40
  2. Computer Technology – 60.5
  3. Food Technology-58.75
  4. Hospitality Management-55.75
  5. Leisure & Tourism-40
  6. Polymer and Textile Technology-40
  7. Nutrition & Dietetics-53.13

How to Calculate YABATECH admission Chances 2021

If you have applied for admission at YABATECH and which to calculate and know your chances of admission, then this is for you.

Your O’levele result takes 40% of your admission grade while your JAMB score takes 60%. Below is a breakdown of the O’level grades and their percentage weight.

  • A1 is 8%
  • B2 is7%
  • B3 is 6%
  • C4 is5%
  • C5 is 4%
  • C6 is 3%

So multiple your O’level grades with the above percentages to know your O’level overall percentage score.

Below is a breakdown of the JAMB Score into their percentage grade.

  • Lower than 180 is 0-9.99%
  • 180 to189 is10%
  • 190 to199 is 20%
  • 200 to 209 is 30%
  • 210 to 219 is 40%
  • 220 to 229 is 50%
  • 230 to 400 is 60%

Note: There may be a bit of difference in the YABATECH admission calculation since the school accepts as low as 150.

That was the YABATECH cut off mark, for 2021/2022. Once again, you must meet the Yaba College of Technology JAMB and departmental cutoff Point of your school before you can be admitted.

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