How to Upgrade JAMB Score/Result 2022 [Is it Possible, Find Out]

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Have you ever wondered how to upgrade JAMB Result/JAMB score 2021? If yes, then the solution on this page is for you and it will enlighten you better.

This page is created by studentmajor to guide and enlighten all JAMB 2021 Candidates seeking to know how to Upgrade their JAMB Result or JAMB Score in 2021.

Most of the frequently asked questions we have been receiving from JAMB candidates about JAMB Score and Result Upgrade are:

  • How can I upgrade my JAMB Score or JAMB Result?
  • Is JAMB Score & result Upgrade true, possible, real & legit?
  • Where can I upgrade my JAMB result or JAMB Score?
  • How much does it cost to upgrade JAMB Result/Score?
  • Can Someone Upgrade JAMB Score & Result? Etc.

We haveill patiently answer all the questions above and have also explained to candidates on what to do when it comes to the upgrading of the JAMB result or JAMB Score 2021

Is JAMB Result Upgrade True, Possible, Real & Legit?

This question will be answered by giving you a detailed breakdown analysis and proofs of whether the JAMB Score or JAMB result upgrade is true, possible, real, or even legit at all.

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB Exam Result

Is JAMB Score Upgrade Possible and Legit?

But firstly, kindly note that JAMB Result upgrade is not possible and it illegal to indulge in such practice or attempt because it is against JAMB policies.

Upgrading of JAMB results and JAMB Scores are totally fraudulent, illegal and Scam and not teue. See proofs below.

But if your JAMB Score is low and you want legit alternatives to the JAMB score upgrade, then here are the ones we recommend;


JAMB Upgrade Proofs (is it real or not)

The following are proofs of false and misleading claims that scammers have been spreading around both on our comment section and on other social media;

I just check my JAMB result it was 160 so I was hopeless I got Mr frank number online I called MR Frank and explain he help me to upgrade my score to 250 now I am happy if u want to upgrade ur score too call Mr frank on 081******** he is going to help u the way he helped me God bless Mr frank.

The 2016 UTME is out. Finding it difficult to check? Then drop your REG. NO. here for it to be checked for free….WITHELD Results and Results below 180/200 can be upgraded to either 213, 235 or 249.

For more information, candidates can call 070********only within the hours of 8am – 6pm or add BBM pin:2******* to see samples of other candidates UPGRADED results.

NOTE: Upgrading of results cannot be possible after JAMB has sent list of its successful candidates to their various institutions for POST UME. THANKS

All thanks to Mr Dele for helping me to upgrade my JAMB last year if not for his help i would not have been in school now,so to all JAMB candidates if you seek for a real JAMB official who can help you upgrade your JAMB just contact Mr Dele On 081********

Thanks to Mr David for helping me upgrading my JAMB he is very genuine if I can say he is a true helper if u need his help call him on 081********

JAMB Official”]This Is a Very Important Information to all JAMBites who scored below 180. From our database, we found out that there was a massive failure this year, so due to this problem we are helping some students in upgrading their JAMB result, so therefore If you are Interested in upgrading your JAMB result, call office on 081******** Mr ola Abuja.

What you just saw up there are series of fraudulent comments we have been receiving from these fraudsters who claim they can upgrade JAMB result/Scores.

You will also see this kind of silly comments on Facebook and other social media but the good news is “there is nothing like upgrading of UTME results or JAMB Scores”.

At least, we have given you some analysis that should tell you if the JAMB Score & JAMB result Upgrade is real or fake.

To make it clearer to you, JAMB Score/JAMB result Upgrade is fake, scam, illegal and impossible and no one can argue this.

So why are people Claiming to do JAMB Upgrade all over the internet?

It is a pity that a lot of candidates, parents, and sponsors have already fallen victims to these culprits’ bloody hungry scammers who claim to be somebody when they are not.

JAMB scam alert and awareness to candidates

All those that you see on the internet claiming that they are JAMB Officials or that they know some JAMB officials that could help you do JAMB Score & JAMB result Upgrade are all doing it for self-interest.

They are using it to scam and dupe people who don’t know that they are fake and scammers. They use this opportunity to deceive people to send money for them so that they can help them upgrade their JAMB Score and JAMB result. But when the money is sent, they will disappear and you will never see them again till the world ends.

This same thing is also applicable to admission. You will see a lot of fake information telling you that they are Mr & mrs bla bla bla, that they can help you gain admission. But all these are lies from bloody hungry scammers.

So be smart and guided… Don’t let anybody use your head in JAMB Score & JAMB result Upgrade or in admission related matters.

What will happen if you Attempt to Upgrade your JAMB Score?

There is also this information that a lot of JAMB candidates do go to upgrade their JAMB Score & JAMB result in cyber café.

But let me tell you that the JAMB result upgrade at cyber café is totally fake and useless even if it appears on the printed slip that your JAMB score has been upgraded.

So if you are still attempting to upgrade your JAMB Score & JAMB result, then know that at last, you will lose your money for fake printed JAMB Score & JAMB result.

The cyber café operator will just use a PDF Editor to edit your JAMB Score & JAMB result while JAMB still has your original JAMB Score & JAMB result which will be used for the admission process to determine if you are qualified for admission or not.

Alternatives to JAMB Score Upgrade 2021.

Instead of seeking to upgrade your JAMB result which you know is not possible, you can do the following to secure admission this year.

There is no need to search for or seeking for how to Upgrade JAMB Score & Result 2021 so that you won’t get mislead.

Follow and apply the following steps to get admission this year with that your JAMB scores.

There are still some schools that are very much interested in your JAMB score. So whether your JAMB score is extremely low or at average, you can still gain admission with it when you apply the following.

1. Change your Institution and Courses: If your JAMB score doesn’t meet your aspired School JAMB or Departmental Cut off mark, then do a JAMB change of Institution or courses. Check JAMB and Departmental Cut off Mark for all Schools in Nigeria Here.

2. Go for State or Private University: It is obvious that state universities and private Universities give admission to JAMB candidates with low scores easily compared to a federal University.

This is due to the fact that they do have lesser applicants compared to federal Universities that have so many applicants.

The good news remains the fact that most of these private and state Universities are very good universities that are well known for excellent academic pursuits.

3. Switch to polytechnic: Yes, Polytechnic could be the better option for you if your JAMB score is extremely low. Many polytechnics accept JAMB scores that are as low as 120, 130, 140 150, and above.

So polytechnics give admission easily to JAMB candidates with low score candidates compared to any other institution they have lesser number of applicants compared to other institution.

Note: Polytechnics don’t have a low number of applicants because they are not good. They have it because many applicants are still ignorant that polytechnics teach better than universities.

Polytechnics are very good at practical courses especially in technologies and so on. See Polytechnics that offer Medicine and Surgery here

More JAMB & Admission Updates:

I am sure you have known much about how to upgrade JAMB Result/Score in 2021. Please do well to share this to also save other candidates from being scam just the way we have saved you now.

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  1. Thanks a lot
    Whosoever that created this blog, God bless you. Someone advised me to upgrade my jamb score because I had low mark and if my patents are to find out about it then I’m doom. I so much thank God. And for those of you who are still trying to upgrade your jamb score better start upgrading your brains too.
    Thanks once again

  2. Am so happy dat at least now i know how to take good steps to secure admission and so many other things. I thank u for creating such a page like this.

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