What Does Field of Study Mean

What does field of study mean

What Does Field of Study Mean – A field of study is the aspect of knowledge, training, & experience that someone has specialities in. It has specialized subject of knowledge for which a Postgraduate Degree is also given. There are a wide range of field of study examples, and each one comes with unique set of subject of expertise as well as areas of expertise. For instance, if you wish to study law in an institution of higher learning, you can choose to specialize in tort law, contract law, criminal law, property law, to mention but a few. If you also intend becoming a doctor, you can choose to specialize in the following; medicine, surgery, psychiatry, etc. One good thing about having different fields of study is that there’s always something special for any individual.

How Can I Select a Field of Study?

Picking a field of study can be very risky, mostly if you’re not sure of the career you want to carry on in your life path. Here are necessities you should bear in mind while choosing a field of study;

  • Your interests should be the first in consideration: Think about those subjects that you enjoy learning about? The field of study you will choose should be something that you have high interest in, since you’ll be dedicating a lot of your time and periods learning about it.
  • Consider your career goals : Think about the kind of job that you want to do after your graduation from college? Your field of study is to get you ready for the career path you wish to take.
  • Search for the different fields of study available: After you’ve decided your interests and career goals, then dedicate a lot of time to carrying out some research. Get in contact with people who work in the field, read contents, articles, journals & books about the subject, and search out for the kind of job opportunities are available.
  • Seek for professional advice: most times, the best way to find out what your field of study is to seek for advice from someone who is very close to you . It can be your parents, your school teachers, or other professionals close to you as well as your mentors about the area they think would be a perfect fit for you.
  • Gather experience in various fields: If you are still yet to decide on the Field of study to go for, it might be best to gain some experience in different fields. You can get this done through internships, getting part-time jobs, and volunteer activities. This will make you get a taste of what the other fields of study are like, and of course it will get you better equipped to make up your mind on what you want to study.

What Should I Include in my Resume’s Field of Study?

Your resume is expected to include the degree you have bagged, the name of your school, your study major, the place it is located, as well as other relevant coursework and/or other specializations. Do you also have any professional experience in the field? Then endeavor to list them as well. Many different field of study can be relevant to include on your resume, but know that it is dependent on the industry you are applying into and the job target. Below are few fields of study examples to check out:

  • Are you in the technical field, the likes of engineering or computer science? Then listing your field of study is a strategy to let your potential employers know that you have the needed foundational knowledge.
  • Are you into a business-related field? Like marketing or finance, then an addition of your field of study can let your recruiters know that you have the needed theoretical understanding.
  • Are you in a more creative field, the likes of graphic design or writing? Try highlighting your field of study as it can go a long way to show that you are equipped with the creative skill-set needed for the role.

What Does a Field of Study Mean in School? Here are Field of Study Examples for Students in High-schools

An area of the academic beginning of a student is known as his or her field of study in school. This is the area of specialization where students are taught to learn in-depth about a particular subject . Students that are choosing their major are advised to go for those fields of study that are of high interest to them and that they can see themselves studying so hard for years on the end. Here are few Examples;

  • Biology: Which is the study of life & living organisms.
  • Chemistry : Which is the study of matter and the changes that matter undergoes.
  • Physics : Which is the study of the fundamental principles that are in charge of natural phenomena.
  • Mathematics : Which is the study of patterns, quantity, structure, as well as change.

What Does a Field Study Mean in Research?

Field studies in research are those research projects that are undertaken in the real life, when compared to a laboratory setting. Field of studies in a research setting can be used to answer a host of questions, which may include the following; What are the likely impact of a new policy on the behavior of people in the area? What are the effects of a new drug on the health of patients? How do customers intend to use a new product? What are the thoughts of consumers concerning a new brand?


A field of study (can also be referred to as a discipline) is a wide topic of knowledge, it encompasses learning, knowledge or research in a specific area(s). In universities they also refer field of study as just “subjects”. Examples include the likes of Business, Engineering,Science, Humanities, and social sciences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example field of study?

Mathematics, biology, & classical studies

What is the main field of study?

The subjects that you can take at different levels while at a college are called main fields of study.

What is another word for field of study?

Discipline, field, study, subject, subject area, subject field.

What is the meaning of field of student?

It is an area of academic concentration; that is a discipline.

What is your field of study meaning?

Diverse area of academic and skills qualifications that come under a similar branch of subject knowledge


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