Best Video Cameras For A Beginner Film Student

Best Video Cameras For A Beginner Film Student

Best video cameras for a beginner film student – In today’s technological world, most of the things around us have now become digital. If you are a beginner film student, it’s generally challenging to choose the best camera for your course, especially since the market is filled with different products from all sorts of brands. If this is your case, then be rest assured. In this article,  we will look at the best video cameras for a beginner film student. We will also discuss what makes an excellent filmmaking camera so that once you reach the market, you will know the features you should look for. 

Features Of A Good Camera 

There are a variety of features that make a camera an excellent one. As a beginner in the film industry, you want to get the very best. Some of these parameters you should look out for include;

1. Good resolution

The minimum resolution that will give you a good result is 4k. Don’t choose anything less than this because it will make every video you want to record look backdated. Also, anybody that plays videos on a TV with high resolution will easily understand that your video is lacking something important. 

2. Built-in audio or audio port

The second most important thing you should look at is the audio quality. We recommend looking for a camera with an audio port, but if you get one with built-in audio, it can also be good. A good video requires an excellent audio sound. 

3. Vari-angle screen 

Although purchasing a camera with a Vari angle screen is good, it’s not compulsory, so even if you get one without it, you can still use it. But having one with an incredible vari-angle screen is good, especially if you want to start vlogging. 

4. Image stabilization

You should consider buying a camera with optical image stabilization. This is a must because if you buy one that doesn’t have it, then you will end up using a tripod or electronic image stabilization. 

5. Compatible codec

Buy a camera that will give you the largest codecs selection. 

Best Video Cameras For A Beginner Film Student 

Below are some cameras we feel are worth it for beginners; some even have advanced features which, even if you progress in your career, you will still find highly useful.

1. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera

black magic design pocket Cinema camera

If you want to venture into a career in filmmaking, then the black magic design pocket Cinema camera is one of the best choices. Although this isn’t the best camera you will find, if you consider the price, you will see it is worth it. It’s created for beginners in film and other film enthusiasts that want something simple and affordable. The features that make us describe these cameras as first is that they support different kinds of codecs, such as Apple codecs. DCI 4k in 75 fps and 2.8 RAW modes in 4:3 anamorphic at up to 80 fps. It comes with a 5-inch touchscreen that will give you the greatest menu you will ever come across. If you upgrade this camera later in your career, its 5-inch touchscreen is among the great things you will miss. It also comes with a dual native ISO option which enables you to have a bigger dynamic range, which aids when shooting in a low-light environment. 


  • Incredible menu
  • Dual native ISO option
  • It supports different codecs 


  • You can’t tilt or flip the screen

2. Nikon Z30 

The Nikon Z30 is also another excellent masterpiece manufactured by the brand. If you want something simple yet elegant, then don’t pass on this product. It will give you powerful 4K/UHD video capabilities. It’s a beginner’s useful tool that is mirrorless, and it’s perfect for those that are into shooting and filming too. It has a deep hand grip that makes it portable. It also features an easy-to-use access recording start button. It has a built-in 4K UHD shooting option at 30p. To get clear audio, you can use an external mic on the camera. The autofocusing system is incredible and has a face and eye tracking system. If you choose to Livestream, you can get that at 60p.


  • External mic option
  • 4k/UHD video capabilities


  • This is only excellent for beginners, so if you want to advance in your career, you may need to upgrade.  

3. Canon EOS M50 II

Canon EOS R5

If you have researched the best entry-level cameras for beginners, you may have encountered the Canon EOS M50 II. If yes, then look no more. Purchase it, it’s an upgraded version of the EOS M50, and it comes with many fantastic features. It features an eye-tracking system that lets you easily locate your target while shooting. If you want to start vlogging or YouTube videos, you will quickly fall in love with the new built-in vertical video shooting option. It also comes with a YouTube live-stream option. 


  • Eye tracking system
  • YouTube Livestream option
  • Vertical shoot option


  • It gets hot sometimes when you are shooting 4K. 

4. Sony ZV-1

This is among the brand’s first attempts to create a mirrorless camera for video and vlogging. This product has many incredible features that will keep you in awe. First, it has a directional microphone that lets you record clear audio without using an external microphone. You can also use this camera to record 4K clips at 30p and full HD clips at a maximum frame rate of 120p. The Bluetooth shooting grip permits you to shoot in one go. 


  • Articulated touchscreen
  • You can charge it while using it, which is a great advantage for vloggers. 
  • Directional microphone


  • You can swap the lens 

5. Canon EOS R10 

Canon EOS R10

This product is an APS-C mirrorless camera powered by a 24.2-MP sensor paired and a DIGIC X image processor. You can shoot a 4K UHD 8-Bit video with either a 30p option to fully utilize the full sensor real estate (6K) or even a higher frame, but the utilized sensor real estate drops. If you want a wider angle view, the 6k will be the best option, but for beginners, we will recommend the 24p option. 


  • 4k resolution with 6k real estate. 
  • Eye tracking system for subject recognition


  • It lacks optical image stabilization

6. Sony a7 III

Although the Sony A7 III was designed for photography purposes, it still has excellent videography options, especially for beginners, and that’s why we included it in this list. You can shoot UHD 4K at 30p using the HLG and the S-Log3 Gamma options. This will enable you to capture HDR displays and a unique dynamic range. It also has an image stabilization feature which can be considered another must-have feature of the camera. Additionally, it has a sensor-shift type 5-axis image stabilization system.


  • Image stabilization feature 
  • Different lens options
  • Many customizable buttons


  • The touchscreen isn’t easy to use for beginners. 


Based on the necessary parameters required for a good Camera for beginner film students, we have outlined the six best affordable cameras, combining excellent features. Ensure to analyze the cameras, weigh the pros and cons, and choose the one that will perfectly suit your needs and budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any beginner-friendly video cameras with built-in tutorials or guides?

Yes, some camera models have built-in guides to help beginners understand camera settings and techniques. Examples include the Nikon D3500 and Canon EOS M50. These features can be beneficial for novice filmmakers looking for extra guidance.

Is it important to learn about manual controls and camera settings as a beginner film student?

Learning manual controls and camera settings gives you creative control over your shots, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic and visual style. It’s a crucial aspect of filmmaking, and understanding these settings will help you grow as a filmmaker.

What video editing software do you recommend for beginner film students?

For beginner film students, some popular and user-friendly video editing software options include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro (for Mac users), and DaVinci Resolve. These software programs offer a range of editing tools and are widely used in the industry.

Can smartphones be a viable option for beginner film students?

Yes, smartphones can be a viable option for beginner film students. Modern smartphones often have advanced camera capabilities, including high-resolution video recording, manual controls, and various video editing apps available. However, they may have some limitations compared to dedicated video cameras.

What are some common mistakes to avoid as a beginner film student?

Some common mistakes to avoid as a beginner film student include neglecting sound quality, relying too heavily on visual effects without a solid story, neglecting proper planning and pre-production, overlooking the importance of good writing, and neglecting to seek feedback and constructive criticism.

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