Best Time And Place For Student To Buy A Mac Book Air

Best Time And Place To Buy Mac Book Air

Best Time And Place For Student To Buy A Mac Book Air- Mac Book Air is a laptop produced by Apple Inc. It is preferred by many students because of its light weight, portability and good performance. In case you desire to have this historic laptop also, that’s a good one! I will be showing you in this post the best time and place for student to buy a Mac Book Air. And peradventure, you couldn’t get to buy Mac Book Air for whatever reasons, I will also be listing some good alternatives to Mac  Book Air. So lets begin. Best time and place to buy a Mac Book Air.

Best Time And Place For Student To Buy A Mac Book Air

Place To Buy Mac Book Air

Best Place For Student To Buy A Mac Book Air

Here are some locations for student to buy a mac book air:

Apple store

Apple store is a reliable place for student to buy a Mac Book Air. You can either visit their physical stores or their online stores to make your purchase. They sometimes give educational discounts which can help you save some money as a student.

Authorized and Approved Apple Resellers

You can also visit authorized Apple resellers stores to buy a Mac Book Air. Examples of such resellers include Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and others. These resellers usually have competitive prices for their products and also give student discounts sometimes.

Apple Education Store

You can also buy Mac Book Air from Apple education store. The Apple education store is set up specifically to meet the needs of students, teachers and other educators. Their prices are usually good too.

Refurbished MacBooks

Refurbished models are usually pre-owned laptops that have been repaired, put in good order, tested and certified by Apple. Refurbished MacBooks are much cheaper than the normal MacBooks. And there is absolutely nothing to worry about as they also come with some warranty. You can get refurbished Mac Book Air from official website of Apple.

Student Discounts

A number of educational institutions partner with Apple and some other retailers. This partnership many a times give birth to some discounts for students to purchase some of their products. You can check up with your institution if such offer exists.

Best Time For Student To Buy A Mac Book Air

Apple store HD

Actually, best time for a student to buy Mac Book Air varies depending on some factors. But, generally, below are some suggested time that is best for student to buy Mac Book Air.

1. Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays

This usually falls around late November, the Friday and Monday that follows thanksgiving in the United States. There are usually interesting discounts for a wide range of products including laptops. Such time is a great time for student to buy Mac Book Air.

2. Back-to-School Period

A large number of retailers selling Apple products and other products give special discount at the times that students are resuming back to school. This usually happens between late July and September. This is a good time to get good deals on Mac Book Air.

3. Apple Product Release Cycles

Usually, when Apple releases a new model , there might be a reduction in the prices of the existing models. This is a move usually carried out by retailers in order to clear their inventory. So watch out for when Apple make such announcements.

Why Mac Book Air Is In Demand?

Mac Book Air is really in demand among students because of its high performance, portability and user-friendly interface.

Here are some of the key features of Mac Book Air


Even though Mac Book Air is not as sound as Mac Book Pro in terms of performance. However, Mac Book Air still has a performance good enough to meet the needs of students. It has a good processor, sufficient RAM size and good storage options. It enables easy multitasking too.

Excellent Battery Life

Mac Book Air has a long battery life. Students can afford to use the laptop all day without having to need to plug to a power source.

High Portability

Mac Book Air is highly portable such that students can easily carry around. It is quite slim and light weighted and can easily fit in your backpack.

MacOS Ecosystem

Mac Book Air is powered by Apple’s macOS operating system. This operating system is highly known for its stability, security and easy integration with other Apple devices. Features like iCloud drive, cloud storage, iMessage and others can easily be enjoyed on this device.

In-Built Apps

Mac Book Air has a lot of built-in apps that are quite useful for students. Some of these apps include Pages (for word processing), Numbers (for spreadsheets) and Keynote (for presentations). There is also Safari for web browsing, iBooks for reading of digital textbooks and FaceTime for making video calls.

Accessibility Features

Mac Book Air like other Apple products has accessibility features. Some of these features include VoiceOver ( screen reader), Zoom (magnification), Dictation (speech-to-text) and other customization options that ensures an inclusive computing experience for students.


Mac Book Air has different connectivity options including USB-C ports for data transfer, connecting external devices and charging. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth are also supported which enable students connect to devices such as speakers, printers, internet, etc.

Software and Applications

A wide range of software and applications are available on Mac Book Air. Some of these include productivity tools such as Microsoft Office, Note-taking apps like Evernote or Notion, Creative software like Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.

Retina Display

Mac Book Air has a high resolution retina display that produces sharp and vibrant visuals. This makes the laptop great for visual content tasks such as photo/video editing, presentation, research, etc.

Alternative Laptops To Mac Book Air For Students

Alternative laptops for students

Peradventure, you couldn’t get Mac Book Air as a student, there are other alternatives you can go for. Here are some of them:

1. Dell XPS 13

This laptop is famous for its sleek design and high performance. It has a high-resolution display, powerful processor and long battery life.

2. Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

This laptop is quite stylish and light-weighted with high quality touch display. It has a great performance with strong battery life.

3. HP Envy 13

This is another laptop that is light-weighted and highly portable. It has high performance, strong battery life and a flexible keyboard.

4. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

It is a durable and also light-weighted laptop with a great keyboard. It has high performance, long battery life and robust security features.

5. Acer Swift 3

This laptop also has excellent performance, good battery life and high portability.

6. Huawei MateBook X Pro

It is a premium laptop with a great display and excellent performance. It has a sleeky design, good battery life and flexible keyboard.

7. ASUS ZenBook 14

The laptop is a compact and light-weighted laptop. It has a good performance and long battery life.

8. LG Gram 14

It is an ultralight laptop with excellent battery life. It has a good performance and high-resolution display.


The best time and place for student to buy a Mac Book Air can vary and depend on some factors. But generally, the best time for a student to buy a Mac Book Air can be on black Fridays and cyber Mondays. Back-to-school periods and also period of release of new models are also great times to buy a Mac Book Air. Apple store, Apple education store and Apple resellers stores are some of the best place for student to buy a Mac Book Air

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Mac Book Air preferred by students?

A good number of students prefer Mac Book Air because of its high portability, good performance and long battery life. Mac Book Air can actually last for 14 hours on a single charge! That means you can use the laptop all day without having to worry about plugging to a power source.

How much is Mac Book Air in Naira?

In Naira, Mac Book Air goes for approximately Five hundred and sixty-five thousand, nine hundred and ninety naira only (N565, 990).

What Mac Book Air is great for students?

Mac Book Air (M2, 2022) is one of the newest laptops manufactured by Apple. It is a great choice for students who want quality and performance. Students no matter their discipline will find the laptop highly resourceful.

Where is the best place for me to buy Mac Book Air?

Apple shops, Accredited Apple resellers e.g Amazon, Best Buy are some of the best places to buy Mac Book Air.

What time of the year is best to buy a Mac Book Air

Black Fridays are best times to buy Mac Book Air or any other laptop because there is always a huge slash in size. Another great time to buy is when Apple launches a new model. At such times, retailers will be trying to clear their inventory so as to take new stock, so there will be some reasonable discounts at such times.


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