Top 7 Best Student Lunch Bag

Best Student Lunch Bag

Best Student Lunch Bag- Even though, this is overlooked by many college students, it still an important tool for a college student. I am talking about a student lunch bag. And if you are studying a course in college that has very busy schedules of lectures and activities, then a student lunch bag is a must. The truth is that you need a lot of energy to stay in class, assimilate what is been taught and go through other school activities. Yes, its good to take breakfast in the morning, but sometimes this may not suffice most especially on busy days. So, if you are not a fan of student lunch bag as a college student, you may want to have a rethink after reading this post. In the following paragraphs, I will be sharing with you the best student lunch bag.

List of Best Lunch Bag

  1. Bento Lunch box by SaferMeal
  2. LunchBox by Frozzypack
  3. Lunchbox by Monbento
  4. Customizable Lunch bag by HelloAm
  5. Lunch Tote Bag by Artifact
  6. Vegan Lunch Bag From Paperchase
  7. Lunch Tote Bag From LelaStudio

Bento Lunch box by SaferMeal

Bento lunch bag

This student lunch bag is great in that it is durable, airtight, BPA free and also eco-friendly. This lunch box keep your food from becoming messy and mixed up. It is microwave safe, freezer safe and dishwasher safe.

LunchBox by Frozzypack


This student lunch bag will keep your food fresh for up to 7 hours. Its lid contains a non-toxic gel that when frozen can help keep your food cool for sometime. For students that like to take fresh fruits and vegetables at lunch time, this lunch bag will be great for you.

Lunchbox by Monbento


This is a class student lunch bag made by Monbento. One interesting thing about this lunch box is that it is microwave-safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe. It saves you time and energy of reheating food. This box is 100% airtight  so your soup or saucy food don’t get to spill.  

Customizable Lunch Bag by HelloAm


This student lunch bag by HelloAm is a pretty one. At the point of purchase, you get your name monogrammed on the bag. So your bag is easily identified anywhere you are. More so, it is actually a cool experience to have your name customized on your personal items like lunch bag.

Lunch Tote Bag by Artifact


This peculiar student lunch bag is made from waxed canvas and Horween leather . It is quite pretty to take to take to college. You can store your lunch like fruits, vegetables and even water bottles in this bag.

Vegan Lunch Bag From Paperchase


This student lunch bag is specially designed for Vegans. The lunch box comes with a turquoise cover with a silver lining and an handle.

Lunch Tote Bag From LelaStudio

Lela Studio

This is one of the best student lunch bag for college. This bag is handmade and quite fashionable. It is great for female students to pack their lunch to college. The bag is made of cotton with a zipper that secures your food pack.

Wooden Lunch Box by JapanKitchen


This is a classic student lunch bag. It is made of wood with 5 pairs of chopsticks (or spoon and fork set). When you eat with this lunch set , you have the feel of eating in a Japanese restaurant.

What Do You Need A Student Lunch Bag For?

There are different reasons a student lunch bag is important:

1. It can really be a refreshing experience eating the food cooked by you

You get to eat what pleases you and filling too. Sometimes, the food that will be available in college canteens can be a turn-off. It could either be the pepper, salt or spice is too much or inadequate. At times, things go wrong in commercial kitchens that makes the meal not go as planned. But meal prepared by you can always be predictable in terms of taste and outcome.

2. Its more cheaper

A number of times, it is cheaper to make your own meals than to eat in a restaurant. So going to school with your lunch bag will reduce your living expenses as a student.

3. Food get to be available at the time you need it

Sometimes, your day at college can be so busy moving from one lecture to the other. There may be no time to visit the restaurant to some quick meals. And sometimes, the restaurant may be so far away from you that you may not have ample time or energy to get there. This is another reason you should arm yourself with your lunch bag when going to college.

4. Access to Healthy and Nutritious meals

When you cook your meals by yourself, you tend to pay more attention to details than when the food is cooked on a commercial scale.

What To Look Out For In A Best Student Lunch Bag

1. BFA Free

A good student lunch bag should be safe to store your food inside . It should not be one that would contaminate your food

2. Ease of cleaning

You should get a lunch bag that is easy to clean and dry.

3. Size

Don’t choose a bag that is too small and wont contain your food pack, Also don’t choose a bag that is too big . Rather, your lunch bag should be of moderate size.

4. Design

A compartmentalized lunch bag will also make a lot of sense. This will help you pack varieties of foods. You can have compartments for food, snacks and even water bottle.

5. Colour

Choose a colour of student lunch bag that is cool. You can choose one that complements your school bag or dress.

6. Insulation

Your student lunch should have enough padding and insulation to keep your lunch warm or cold as desired. This is because if your food get to a temperature danger zone, you may be at the risk of food poisoning because of the bacteria that may have grown on the food.

7. Machine Washable

You should choose a student lunch bag that you can easily wash with machine. You may not really have time for handwashing.

8. Weight

Get a student lunch bag that is lightweight. Don’t choose one that is heavy and will add to the weight of the food in the bag.

9. Material

Actually , hardshelled lunch bags get to protect your food more but they are usually limited to a particular size. So, its better you go for a lunch bag that is made of soft and flexible materials.

10. Price

You should go for a student lunch bag that is affordable and would not need you to break the bank to purchase one.

Final Word

I believe that you are now convinced why a student lunch bag is important. Now,in selecting a best student lunch bag, you should go for one that is well-insulated and can keep your food fresh for some reasonable hours. Also, you should choose one that is flexible, BFA-free and affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a college student pack in a lunch bag?

Your lunch bag should contain fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains and plant- based proteins. All these will give you enough energy and keep you going all afternoon.

What is the need for a lunch bag?

Having a lunch bag with you as you go through your day will help you stay organized. You have access to good and healthy food whenever you need it. Also, it saves you the time of having to look for canteen to eat. And of course, it saves you some money as it is much cheaper to cook your food than buying it.

Lunch bag is also known as what?

In the United States, lunch bag is also known as lunch tin, lunch bucket or lunch pail.

How do I keep my food warm in a lunch bag?

This is one way you can keep your food warm in a lunch bag:
Fill a hot water bottle with boiling water. The put the hot water bottle into the lunch bag. This will help keep your food warm for hours.

What are some of the different kinds of lunch boxes?

·         Bento lunch boxes
·         Backpack lunch boxes
·         Cooler & insulated lunch boxes
·         Lunch boxes for kids
·         Lunch boxes for adults

What material is best for kids’lunch box?

Most kids’ lunch box are made of plastic. This is because they are lightweight, durable and quite easy to clean. However, there are concerns about plastic lunch boxes because of the possibility of chemicals leaching into food. So, a stainless steel or glass lunch box is much better.

What material is a healthy lunch box made from?

A healthy lunch box is usually made from stainless steel, glass, bamboo or some fabrics that are eco-friendly.


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