Best Streaming Services With Student Discounts

Best Streaming Services With Student Discounts

Best Streaming Services With Student Discounts – After a long day of studying, sometimes you just need to kick back in front of the TV with a fun show. With all the plans you can think of for streaming services right now, let’s take a look at how you can save money during downtime.
Of course, we all like to hang out with friends, and unfortunately, it is often necessary to study at the university. However, if you have some free time, doing something mindless and it just might be just the ticket. Better yet, you can also save money. Presented below are the best streaming services with student discounts.

Best Streaming Services With Student Discounts

1. DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream is a premium live TV streaming platform designed to replace traditional cable and satellite services. For $69.99 a month, you get live streaming of the most popular channels, and for $120 a month, you get a custom remote box for the service. Access at least 65 channels with its powerful selection that opportune you to stream up to 20 devices at home and up to three devices on the go. You also get unlimited cloud storage to watch your favorite shows whenever you want.

2. Audible

As a student, it’s hard to find time to sit down and read, especially when you’re trying to finish all your reading assignments.

This is where Audible can help. It gives you access to professionally recorded audiobooks on just about any subject you can imagine. You can listen at the gym, on the way to class, or on the way to campus.

3. Hulu

Hulu gives its basic ad-supported plan to college students for $2 a month till they graduate. Hulu’s basic plan is typically $6 a month, so the student discount will save you around 65%.

Hulu Basic gives you access to the entire catalog of Hulu original movies and series. Hulu also has a wide selection of network programming, including popular TV shows like “Atlanta,” “The Bachelor,” and “Bob’s Burgers.”

4. Mubi

Mubi is a movie streaming service that selects 30 movies in daily rotation, as well as a large collection of movies from previous rotations. Subscriptions are $10.99 per month or $95.88 for a yearly subscription. If you want to browse the database before paying upfront, you can sign up for a free account to gain access. Mubi has a Current Shows section with the latest library entries for any given day (the library is updated daily) and a Library section with a catalog of other featured events and previously “screened” movies.

You may view the “Live” section for live broadcasts from time to time. Also, Mubi has mobile apps for Android and iOS, streaming media devices (Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku), and you can subscribe to Mubi as a Prime Video channel. While Mubi isn’t available on Xbox One, you can access the service on the PlayStation 4 console.

5. Amazon

Amazon offers a discount package for college students called Amazon Prime Student. The program includes a six-month free trial for new members and costs $6.49 per month after the trial period. An individual Amazon Prime membership costs $13 per month, so when you become a student member you get 50% off the regular price.

Student plans include access to Prime Video, where you can watch specials like ‘War of Tomorrow’ and critically acclaimed series like ‘Fleabag.’

Moreover, student members enjoy fast, free shipping on millions of eligible items, deep discounts on services including Amazon Music Unlimited ($8 per month instead of $8), and more exclusive deals.

Prime Student members can also make payment of a discounted rate of $1 per month (up to 12 months) to add select Prime Video channels such as Showtime, Epix, and Shudder.

Amazon Prime student discounts are valid for up to four years until graduation.

6. Your School Library

A library is like a collection of resources as a service, but it can provide many useful benefits. Sure, there are books and databases to help you write research papers, but did you know that your library might have access to movies, magazines, online education libraries like LinkedIn Learning, and even rare historical artifacts?

It will cost you thousands of dollars if you just buy these services, but you already paid for them all with your tuition. So enjoy them!

For a discount, ask a librarian (or visit your school’s library website) to learn about all the services and resources available for free.

7. YouTube Premium

Tired of seeing ads on YouTube? With YouTube Premium, you can turn off ads and listen to YouTube Music ad-free.

Students get a free trial for one month, then $6.99 per month. If you are eligible for the student discount, you must verify your enrollment every 12 months.

8. Kanopy

This streaming service gives you access to thoughtful entertainment including independent movies, classics, and documentaries. Some of its content partners are The Criterion Collection, A&E, A24, and Kino Lorber.

Kanopy is freely available at participating public libraries and universities.

9. DIRECTV Stream

This live-streaming service offers access to more than 75 channels over the Internet. You get local networks like ABC or CBS and cable channels like AMC, VH1, or TBS.

Students can save $10 per month on their first three months of DIRECTV Streaming. You also get 3 months of HBO Max, Showtime, STARZ, MGM+, and Cinemax for free with the Election or Ultimate plans.


That’s it! These are the best streaming services you need to save money and enjoy the benefits.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Does Spotify have a student discount?

A qualifying Students can receive the advertised discounted monthly subscription to the Spotify Premium Service for each month (each a “Discounted Month”) up to a period of twelve (12) consecutive months (“Discount Period”).

Does Disney+ offer a student discount?

Unfortunately, Disney Plus doesn’t offers a student discount. However, you can claim a 15% student discount via UniDays for 12 months. The partnership with UNiDAYS makes it easy for students to verify their student status and access the discounted rate.

Does Crunchyroll have a student discount?

Some even have a legit student discount. Crunchyroll, however, does not offer student discounts. But not to worry, as you can save even more money by sharing your subscription service with others.

How can I get 1 year free trial on Netflix?

Netflix does not offer free trials, but you have the freedom to change your plan or cancel online at any time if you decide Netflix isn’t for you. There are no contracts, no cancellation fees, and no commitments.

Why am I not eligible for the Hulu student discount?

Students currently enrolled in graduate or advanced degree programs at Title IV accredited colleges or universities in the US are eligible for the Hulu student discount. For existing subscribers, only those billed directly by Hulu are eligible.


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