Best Tv For A College Student

Best Tv For A College Student

Best Tv For A College Student – The time you spend in college is not necessarily measured by the hours you study; You can also live independently with your peers, watch movies, host PowerPoint parties, and the list goes on. You need the television to distract you from the stress of school.

While you don’t want to bring the most expensive items to college (things do break, after all), you do want to bring items that will be useful to you during your time there and potentially into your next life. The collection of best TV for a college student discussed below is what you need.

Best Tv For A College Student

1. TCL 32-Inch 3-Series Full HD 1080p

If you’re looking for an affordable TV that will get the job done while providing a great picture and sound experience, consider this.

This TCL Series 3 TV has a 32-inch screen and very slim bezels, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space whether you place it on a table, cabinet, or sofa. wall (perfect for a small bedroom!)

Although the resolution of the LED TV is limited to Full HD 1080p, it makes up for it thanks to the smaller screen of the TV.

The processing speed of the TV is very fast, which allows you to customize and personalize the menu for easy navigation.

It also supports Wi-Fi/ethernet connectivity and comes with a built-in Roku TV interface that you can use to enjoy your favorite streaming services and apps for free.

2. Sony KDL-32R500C

Sony’s 40-inch entry in the R510 series won coveted Editors’ Choice and Best of the Year awards for adding sensational value to a budget LED TV; Deep black levels, accurate colors, and imperceptible motion smoothing are not often found in TVs in this class. The 32-inch R500C ($280) is made from the same basic fabric, so you can expect not only the same performance but also Sony’s Android smart TV platform.

3. Samsung TCL-32S3600

This TCL budget monitor is, in theory, a great pick. It doesn’t have any obvious weaknesses in most content, like movies and TV shows, but it does have a little trouble with fast-moving scenes or complex images, especially things like sports or video games. This is a solid choice if you have a large DVD collection, but if action-packed is your taste buds, this TCL is best avoided.

4. LG Electronics 22LB4510 22-Inch

This is another option for those who don’t need a smart TV in college. There is no lack of functionality with multiple inputs. The inputs include PC audio, composite, component, RF, USB 2.0, and HDMI 1.4. The TV is LED backlit and comes with a remote control. Similar to the other LG models on the list, but smaller and older models. The Triple XD Engine is an LG exclusive that enhances image quality so your 1080p images are high-definition.

5. SAMSUNG 40″ Class LED Smart FHD TV 1080P

If your college dorm room has a large 40-inch TV, your bedroom will automatically become a date/movie/game room and will cost less than $300.

If you have space and want a larger TV, this 40-inch Samsung LED Smart TV is the best TV for a common room with its many features and the reliability of the popular Samsung brand.

6. VIZIO 50-inch MQX Series

If you spend your free time playing video games, you need a TV specifically optimized for contrast and refresh rate.

Then this 50-inch VIZIO TV will be a great choice for you. In addition to the relatively widescreen, it has a 120Hz refresh rate (up to 240Hz at lower resolutions), which is higher than any other TV on this list.

This feature improves visual quality in fast-paced scenes and significantly reduces input lag. Other features like HDR also significantly improve the TV’s picture characteristics, especially when it comes to brightness and contrast.

7. Element Electronics E1AA32R-G 32″

If you’re looking to save a few extra bucks but still want the best TV for your bedroom, this updated 32-inch Roku TV from Element Electronics is for you.

Don’t let “refurbished” TVs fool you, they are still in excellent condition and warranted so you can save money and enjoy rich, quality TV in your home.

8. LG Electronics 24LF4520-WU LED TV (2015 Model)

This is another 24-inch TV perfect for a bedroom. It has USB 3.0 input, HDMI input, RF input and RCA components. While it’s not a Smart TV, it’s very affordable and refreshes at 60Hz. There’s also an LED backlight for high-quality images. It also comes with free technical support for 30 days.

9. Hisense 32H3B1

Historically, Hisense’s entry-level TVs haven’t been the best-performing TVs in their class, but what it loses in performance it makes up for in price. For example, the 32H3B1 ($130) is very affordable and gives users a choice of three versatile HDMI ports. Remember, this is not a smart TV; So if you want to enjoy things like Netflix, you’ll need another device to access your favorite online services.

10. LG 32LB560B

The 32-inch LB560B ($189) offers a stylish combination of rounded metal design elements and reliable brilliant display performance that helps you stand out. While there’s nothing here to wow enthusiasts in terms of performance, it’s a great option for the average buyer. Contrast is a little low for very bright or very dark rooms, but you’ll love how it looks in most rooms, on or off.


These collections of best tv for a college student will assist you to buy the right tv base on your budget and size. Thank you for reading!!!

Frequently Asked Question(s)

How can I choose a Tv?

Choose your price range.
Choose your TV size.
Choose OLED or LED.
Choose your TV resolution.

Can Tv help in learning?

From increased motivation to an uptick in retaining new vocabulary, TV can be an effective learning tool on its own, and an even better supplement to learning in the classroom or with online platforms.

Why is Tv good for students?

Television can teach kids important values and life lessons. Educational programming can develop young children’s socialization and learning skills. News, current events and historical programming can help make young people more aware of other cultures and people.

Is LG better than samsung?

When it comes to Samsung TV vs LG TV, QLED TVs from Samsung is the superior of the two brands. Along with this, for people who are looking for an enhanced contrast ratio and a wider viewing angle, LG OLED TVs are a good way to go.

Which Tv brand last the longest?

TV brands with the highest longevity are Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic. However, you can find other affordable brands that could give you several years of use if well maintained. These brands include Sharp and Vizio.


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