How To Write An Application Letter To A Supermarket In Nigeria

How To Write An Application Letter To A Supermarket In Nigeria

How to write an application letter to a supermarket in Nigeria – There are many job openings available in supermarkets. The best way to secure this position is by writing an effective application letter. The letter will tell the employer your skills and why you are the best fit for the job. In this article, we will talk about the job openings available in most supermarkets in Nigeria and how you can write an application letter to a supermarket in Nigeria, so let’s get started. 

What Is A Supermarket Application Letter

A supermarket application letter is a piece of paper you will write and submit to the hiring manager of the supermarket you wish to apply for the work with. This letter will enable you to give the reasons you are applying for the job, describe your qualifications, experience, and skills, highlight why you are the best fit for the job, and how you can help the supermarket meet its selling and target goals.

What Are The Job Openings Available In Supermarkets In Nigeria 

The supermarket offers different jobs, from entry-level to high-management positions. Additionally, they provide different working schedules, which means if you are looking for a flexible job, the supermarket is among your best and top options. Some of the supermarket job openings available in Nigeria include 

1. Custodia

A custodian is in charge of ensuring the supermarket is clean and maintains a good appearance. Their work includes cleaning bathrooms and sweeping the floors. Custodians often do other big cleaning work like washing the windows and waxing the floor. 

2. Shopping cart attendant

A shopping cart attendant is responsible for collecting the carts from the parking spaces and clearing the space. They will arrange the carts for the use of other customers. 

3. Cashier

The cashier is the person that will handle payments, answer questions from customers, and sometimes package the customer’s items. 

4. Bagger 

Baggers help with checkout processes—their service includes helping customers load their items inside bags. Most baggers must know how to bag items so they won’t get damaged, and in some cases, they will help the customers arrange their items inside their vehicles. 

5. Assistant store manager

This is a person that usually oversees the store activities. Their work includes supervising workers and helping solve customers’ problems. If the supermarket has different departments like girls’ clothing parts, grocery parts, and more, an assistant store manager may be assigned to a specific department. 

6. Loss prevention associates

A loss prevention associate is the person that will handle shoplifters’ apprehension and even unlawful workers. They will be in charge of monitoring security cameras in the supermarket for any suspicious activity. Sometimes, loss prevention associates dress like shoppers to check how the workers are doing things in the supermarket. If they encounter any problem, they will immediately contact any nearby law enforcement agency. 

7. Customer service representative

A customer service representative is responsible for handling all customer-related activities. Their main responsibility is to enhance the customer experience in the store and provide them with the best service that will make them return to the store the next time they want to purchase something. Some of the things they will do include processing transactions, completing the transaction, processing returns, checking if a customer meets any issues while shopping, and answering customers’ questions. Sometimes, they also handle supermarket calls in case someone wants to make an order via call.

How To Write An Application Letter To A Supermarket In Nigeria 

Writing a good application letter is one of the top things that will make you stand out among many candidates and also increase your chances of getting the job. Look at this step-by-step guide on writing an application letter to a supermarket in Nigeria. 

1. Decide on the information you want to include 

Most people don’t give importance to this part. immediately they see a job description, they will start submitting their CVs. Thinking and gathering the information you want to include in your application letter is highly crucial. It’s best to look for a small notebook where you will jot down the essential details you want to include in your letter. Some of this information includes your experience, skills, and the kind of help you want to provide to the supermarket. 

2. Read the job description

Once you have organized what you want to write in your letter, the next step is to read the job description. Every job description contains some important keywords that you will find necessary to include in your application. Reading the job description will also give you the impression of what the supermarket is looking for. Including these important keywords in your application letter will tell the employer you are serious about the job and you have taken your time to understand what they are looking for before you apply for it. 

3. Start the letter professionally 

Professionally start your letter. The last thing you want is for your employer to have a bad impression on you. So your application letter is the first impression that you will give the employer of who you are. Starting your letter professionally will describe to the employer how competent you are. You also demonstrate that you understand what they want, and you will also explain how you can help them achieve your goals. 

4. Start by writing the date, contact address, and email address

Write your contact address and date at the top right corner of the letter. At the top left corner of the letter, you will write the supermarket’s address. Once you are done, you will then go ahead and address the recruitment manager. You can use Dear Sir or Dear Ma, and if you know their name, you can directly address them. 

5. Introduce yourself

Now it’s time to start the main body of the letter. Here, you will introduce yourself. You will mention your name, the position you are applying for, and why. 

6. Highlight your achievements

The second paragraph should contain your achievements. Here, ensure you discuss something directly related to the supermarket job and the position you applied for. Describe how you exceed expectations in your previous working place and how you drive sales to the store. 

7. Describe why you are the best fit for the job

Your next paragraph should describe why you are the best fit for the job. You can mention your employment history and how your experience can help the company. 

8. Restate your interest

This is the last part of your paragraph. In a professional tone, restate your interest in the job and end the letter with a call to action, such as telling the ready you await their response. 

9. Proofread then submit

The last step in writing an application letter to a supermarket is proofreading. Proofread your letter and eliminate all grammatical and punctuation errors from your letter, then submit. 


A supermarket application letter is among the top things that will make the hiring manager give you the position you applied for. At times, if you write an excellent application letter, even if the role you applied for is no longer available, the manager may likely propose another position for you. So when writing, follow the steps we described so you will be the best fit for the job. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need to write an application letter to a supermarket in Nigeria?

Writing an application letter to a supermarket in Nigeria is an essential step in applying for a job. It allows you to introduce yourself, highlight your skills and qualifications, and express your interest in working at the supermarket.

Should I follow up after sending my application letter?

It is appropriate to follow up after a reasonable period, typically one to two weeks, to inquire about the status of your application. This demonstrates your continued interest and proactive approach. Contact the supermarket’s HR department via email or phone to politely inquire about the progress of your application.

What tone should I use in my application letter?

Maintain a professional and formal tone throughout your letter. Be polite, confident, and enthusiastic about the opportunity. Avoid using overly casual language or slang terms.

How should I address the recipient of the application letter?

If possible, address the recipient by name and their appropriate title. If you are unsure about the recipient’s name, you can use a general salutation such as “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern.”

How long should my application letter be?

Keep your application letter concise and focused. Ideally, it should be one page in length. Use short paragraphs and bullet points to highlight your key qualifications and achievements. Avoid unnecessary repetition or irrelevant information.

Should I attach my resume to the application letter?

Yes, it is recommended to attach a well-structured and up-to-date resume along with your application letter. Your resume provides a more detailed overview of your qualifications, work history, and achievements. Make sure the information in your resume complements the content of your application letter.

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