How To Find Someone’s IP Address

how to find someone's IP address

How To Find Someone’s IP Address- People try to find out someone’s IP address for varying reasons. It could be to allow someone have access to your business network, create a secure connection between two devices or maybe you need to block an IP address or you need to find a person’s location. Whatever your reason for wanting to find someone’s IP address. In this blog post, we would give you hints on how to find someone’s IP address.

How To Find Someone’s IP Address                   

An IP address, known in full as Internet Protocol is a special string of characters peculiar to a computer or device. An IP address identifies any device on a network. It is usually characterized by four set of numbers e.g 192. 158. 1. 38.

Different Ways To Find Someone’s IP Address

Use the command prompt

You can actually locate an IP address on windows devices using the command prompt. Use the search box in the start menu to locate the command prompt. On mac devices, you find it as terminal in the utilities folder. Open the command prompt , a black DOS screen will appear. Then go ahead to use a ping to locate the IP address . Ping works by establishing a connection between your device with IP address being sought for.

Type the words “ ping host address” on the command prompt screen. Then press enter.

For instance, to locate the IP address of twitter, type “ping www. twitter. com” and then press enter, your computer will start searching . If successful, the IP address will appear .

Online IP Lookup Tool

This method is quite simple to locate someone’s IP address . There are different tools you can use to check someone’s IP address e.g WhatIsMyIPAddress. com. Another tool is WhatIsMyIP. com. But whatever you get, you must use another tool to verify because the information provided at times may be inaccurate or obsolete.

Through chat

It is a peer-to-peer platform that you are using such as To-chat, skype and others or any WebRTC-facilitated browser, you can get someone’s IP address. To achieve this, you must be in active live chat session or call (video or audio) with a person. You will thus be able to establish a direct connection that can now be used to track their IP.

Check the header of an incoming email

This is one of the best way to find someone’s IP address. The IP address can be located using a function in the email program, be sure to turn on the “header setting”. When you do , a range of data as regarding your messages including the IP address of the sender will be displayed. But whatever IP address you find, you must cross-check to confirm that it is valid . You can use the command prompt to do so.  

Other ways To Find Someone’s IP Address

By getting hold of your laptop or device

One quick to find someone’s IP address is by borrowing that person’s device. And then searching through “ WhatIsMyIPAddress. com. The IP address will show up.

Through Web server logs

Each time you visit a website, your IP address is left behind. The website administrator can decide to gather the IP addresses to determine how far their site has reached and who are their regular callers.

Comments on Blog posts

Each time you drop some message in the comment section of a blog post, your IP address is also left behind. Not only will your comments be read, the blog administrator will also be able to track your IP address.

Internet groups

This is another way a person’s IP address can be found. In those internet forums/ groups such as Facebook, twitter, there are rules guiding their  operation and breaking any of those rules could imply being banned. Your IP address is the one that identifies your computer to the administrator and it is through the means that you can get kicked out if need be.

Through email HTML Bug

The bug is just a piece of code embedded in an image present in the email sent to you. If you view the image simply by opening the email, the bug will send a response to the sender that you have read the message and also provide the IP address.

By connection into your wireless network

If a someone uses your wireless network, such a person can get to know your IP address.

From social media

This include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Although co-users of these social media platforms does not get to see your IP  address, however the administrators of these sites can see your IP address. Also, if you click any link on the site or any ad, your IP address will be captured.

Through Messaging Apps

Your device uses an IP address each time you reach someone through a messaging app. However, whenever you click a link in that message, the website that send the message will be able to track your IP address.

How To Secure Your IP Address

You can prevent your IP address from being captured by using a virtual private network (VPN). VPN is an affordable fee-based online service network that masks up your real IP address and routes you through another network with a much different IP address.

Last Word

It is not hard to trace someone’s IP address for whatever reason. There are different ways to detect IP address of someone. You could use the command prompt, check up online, use email headers and other methods. If you work online a lot and you don’t want your IP address exposed, you may need to secure that your IP address. This you can do by getting a VPN for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to track someone’s IP address?

It is quite easy to track someone’s IP address. You can use different methods such as command prompt, email header and online tool. However, if the person is using a reliable VPN service, you may not be able to get such.

Can you get to find someone by IP address?

No. You can only get the geographical location of an IP address. You cannot get specific details like ZIP code, email address, street address, phone number and name.

What information does an IP address reveal?

An IP address will reveal your location but not exact details of that address. IP address does not reveal names, phone number or other personal details.

What can be done with someone’s IP address?

Your IP address is critical for information sending and receiving online. However, if an hacker gets hold of your IP address, they can steal your data such as your identity and other vital details.

Can I make use of another person’s IP address?

You can use the IP address of another person. Three main things people can do with the IP address of another, target it, block it or track it.


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