How To Write An Application Letter To A Hotel

How To Write An Application Letter To A Hotel

How to write an application letter to a hotel – Hotel jobs are one of the most available jobs out there. Every day, new hotels are being built, which means the management are always searching for workers. In most cases, before you can apply for this job, you will be asked to submit an application letter. 

However, don’t be relaxed because even though jobs are readily available, employers still want to hire skilled workers. This indicates that your skills and expertise will be the biggest factor that will determine whether or not you will get the job. In this article, we will be explaining a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can write an application letter even to the biggest hotel in town, how you can structure your letter and also some skills required for a hotel job. So continue reading to get started. 

How To Write An Application Letter To A Hotel

Writing a good application letter for a job isn’t as hard as you may think. You can follow the steps below;

1. Begin by introducing yourself

When you are writing an application letter, the first thing you will do is introduce yourself in the letter. You will first want the client to have the impression of who you are before they reach where they can read your qualifications. While introducing yourself, you should do it in such a way that will show the hiring manager you are passionate about the job. You should also show that you have researched the company so you are familiar with basic knowledge about them.

2. Describe your qualifications

The second step is to describe your qualifications. Your qualifications should tell the employer why you are the best fit for the job. Here, you must be as brief and concise as possible. You can’t start mentioning unnecessary details to fill the letter. You can also highlight your experience in hotel jobs. 

3. Show your personality

If you wish to work in places like hotels, your personality matters. This is a place where you will be dealing with different faces every day. Also, the hotel management wants to be having customers knocking on their door all the time. So they will hire a candidate with a good personality like friendliness, humbleness, and many more so they can give their customers a good impression immediately when they enter their hotel. So try to make a good personality reflected in your letter. 

How To Structure Your Application Letter To A Hotel

Since you have understood how to write your application letter and the most basic and important information, we will explain how you can structure the letter in this part.

1. Write the date and your contact information

When writing this type of letter, including the date and contact information is crucial. Normally, the date and contact information are written in the upper right corner of your letter. On the other hand, you will write the hotel’s contact information in the upper left corner of the letter. 

2. Greetings 

Once you finish writing the date and contact information, it’s time to start the letter’s main body. The first thing you should write is greet the person you are writing the letter to. If you know the person’s name, write their name like Dear Mrs. Grace David or Dear Mr. Johnson Bulus. If you don’t know their name, you can address them with Dear Sir or Dear Ma. 

3. Write the purpose of the letter 

After greeting the hiring manager, your next step is to go directly and state the purpose of writing the letter. You can state that I’m writing this letter to apply for a (then state the position you want to apply for) in the hotel. 

4. Write the main body of the letter

Once you are done writing the purpose of the letter, which usually serves as a heading to what will come next, your next step is to start the letter’s main body. The first paragraph should explain why you are the best fit for the job. Here, you are selling yourself, so you should highlight your best perks. 

The second paragraph should describe your experience if you have worked with a hotel before. You can mention your years of experience and how it can help you in the work. You can also mention some relevant training and certifications you have acquired related to hotel jobs. 

In the third paragraph, you should tell the employer that you are looking forward to working with them or waiting for their reply to call you for an interview, and many other related words. You can also explain how you intend to follow up if you didn’t hear a response for a long time. In the fourth paragraph, which will serve as the last paragraph of the letter, you should thank the hiring manager for allowing you to apply with them and for reading your letter. 

Basic Skills Required For A Hotel Job

How To Write An Application Letter To A Hotel

A hotel job requires advanced skills in different aspects of life. Some of the skills that come in handy when applying for a hotel job include 

1. Multitasking and time management skills 

Generally, if you are a first-timer working in a hotel, then chances are you don’t have strong multitasking and management skills. But if you have been in the industry for a long time, you have adopted and mastered this skill. Highlighting this skill in your application letter will greatly increase your chances of getting the job. 

2. Attention to detail

You must learn how to maintain attention to detail in your job. Most hotel jobs require keen eyes to details, from the kind of guest that entered to every aspect of your job. 

3. Communication skills 

Communicating clearly and professionally can go a long way in helping you retain whatever job you applied for. This will make a good impression on the customers coming to the hotel. You will be surprised that it’s your communication skills that will make one, two, or many customers come back to the hotel. 

4. Customer service

This is the most or second most important skill required for a hotel job. You need to have customer service skills since you are working in a place that deals with countless customers every day. How you serve your customers can greatly impact the hotel business. Know that great customer service is more than being nice or friendly to the customers. It’s about doing your job quickly and efficiently, listening to feedback, and much more. 

5. Teamwork 

Whether you are working with a big or small hotel, teamwork skills are essential. To become a team member, you must have respect, empathy, good communication skills, and many more. You require practice to develop this skill, so if this is your first time working with a hotel, you can be an open person to learn different skills that will help you later in life. 


Applying for a hotel job isn’t as challenging as it might look. You can follow the steps we mentioned above. It’s also important to master some of the skills we explain because it will increase your chances of getting the job and make you stand out among thousands of people seeking the role. Best wishes!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What should I include in the application letter?

Your application letter should include a proper salutation, an introductory paragraph expressing your interest in the hotel and the position you are applying for, a section highlighting your relevant qualifications and experiences, and a closing paragraph expressing gratitude and eagerness to further discuss your application.

Should I include personal information in my application letter?

While you should provide necessary personal information such as your full name, contact details, and professional social media profiles, avoid including excessive personal information, such as your marital status or age. Focus on highlighting your qualifications and relevant experiences instead.

How long should my application letter be?

An application letter should generally be one page long. Keep it concise, focused, and easy to read. Use brief paragraphs and bullet points to highlight your qualifications and make the letter visually appealing.

What tone should I use in my application letter?

Your application letter should maintain a professional and formal tone throughout. Use polite and respectful language, and avoid being overly casual or familiar. Aim for a balance between professionalism and showcasing your enthusiasm for the hotel industry.

What is an application letter?

An application letter, also known as a cover letter, is a formal document that accompanies your resume when applying for a job. It introduces you to the prospective employer and highlights your qualifications and interest in the position.

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