Fuoye List Of Courses And Cut Off Mark 2023

FUOYE List Of Courses

Fuoye List Of Courses And Cut Off Mark 2023- Did you choose FUOYE in the last Jamb as your choice university? Well, the cut-off mark for different courses in FUOYE are out now and you should check them out. In the following paragraphs, we have listed the different courses and their respective cut-off mark. Read along to discover them.

Fuoye List Of Courses And Cut Off Mark 2023


Federal University Oye, Ekiti (FUOYE) was established among other 8 federal universities in Nigeria. The university was established in 2011 by the President Goodluck Jonathan . The university is sited in two campuses: Oye-Ekiti and Ikole-Ekiti, with 8 faculties and 51 departments. The school offers different courses in fields such as Law, Arts, Pharmacy, Management Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture, Social Sciences and Education.

Fuoye List Of Courses And Cut Off Mark 2023

The minimum cut-off mark for FUOYE is 150. However, see the cut-off mark for each of the courses in the tables below.

Faculty of Agriculture

S/NCourseCut Off Mark
1Agricultural Economics and Extension160
2Animal Production and Health170
3Crop Science and Horticulture150
4Fisheries and Aquaculture160
5Food Science and Technology190
6Hospitality and Tourism Management160
7Soil Science and Land Resources Management150
8Water Resources Management And Agrometeorolgy160

Faculty of Arts

S/NCourseCut off mark
1English And Literary Studies  2001
2History And International Studies180
3Linguistics and languages  180
4Theatre And Media Arts200
6Religious Studies150

Faculty of Medical Sciences

S/NCourseCut Off Mark
2Medical Laboratory Science220
5Radiology and Radiation Science200

Faculty of Education

S/NCoursesCut Off Mark
1Agricultural Education160
2Biology Education160
3Chemistry Education150
4Mathematics Education160
5Physics Education150
6Educational Technology150
7Business Education160
8Educational Management160
9Economics Education160
10English Language Education180
11Library And Information Science170
12Human Kinetics150
13Health Education160
14Guidance And Counselling170
15Adult Education150

Faculty of Engineering

S/NCoursesCut Off Mark
1Agricultural and Bio-Resources180
2Civil Engineering220
3Computer Engineering200
4Electrical and Electronics Engineering200
5Mechanical Engineering200
6Mechatronics Engineering200
7Metallurgical and Materials Engineering150

Faculty of Environmental Design and Management

S/NCourseCut Off Mark
3Estate Management160
4Quantity Surveying160
5Surveying and Geoinformatics180
6Urban and Regional Planning160

Faculty of Law

S/NCourseCut Off Mark

Faculty of Management Sciences                                                                                                                                                                                                             

S/NCourseCut-Off Mark
3Business Administration200
4Public Administration180

Faculty of Pharmacy

S/NCourseCut Off Mark
1Doctor of Pharmacy220

Faculty of Sciences

S/NCourseCut Off Mark
1Animal and Environmental Biology170
3Computer Sciences210
7Industrial Chemistry170
12Plant Science And Biotechnology150
13Environmental Management and Toxicology160

Faculty of Social Sciences

S/NCoursesCut Off Mark
1Criminology and Security Studies190
2Demography and Social Statistics150
3Economics and Development Studies200
4Mass Communication220
5Peace And Conflict Studies180
6Political Science200
8Sociology   190

Fuoye List Of Courses And Jamb Subject Combinations

One of the requirements to gaining admission into any Nigerian University is choosing the right subject combinations. This is so important that any mistake could disqualify you from gaining admission to study your choice course. Even if you scored very high in Jamb but you chose the wrong subject combinations, you wont be given admission to study your choice course. Its that serious!

Faculty of Agriculture

S/NCourseJamb Subject Combination
1Agricultural Economics And ExtensionChemistry, Biology/Agriculture, Physics/Mathematics
2Animal Production And HealthChemistry, Biology/Agriculture, Physics/Mathematics
3Crop Science and HorticultureChemistry, Biology/Agriculture, Physics/Mathematics
4Fisheries And AquacultureChemistry, Biology/Agriculture, Physics/Mathematics
5Food Science And TechnologyChemistry, Biology/Agriculture, Physics/Mathematics
6Hospitality And Tourism ManagementChemistry, Biology/Agriculture, Physics/Mathematics
7Soil Science And Land Resources ManagementChemistry, Biology/Agriculture, Physics/Mathematics
8Water Resources Management And AgrometeorologyChemistry, Physics, Mathematics

Faculty of Arts

S/NCoursesJamb Subject Combination
1English And Literary StudiesMajor: Lit. in English, Minor: History, Government, Christian Rel. Know/ Islamic Studies/ Yoruba, Hausa/Igbo, French
2History And International StudiesMajor: Government Minor: Lit. in English, Christian Rel. Know/ Islamic Studies, Yoruba, Igbo, Geography, Economics
3Linguistics and languagesLit. in English,History,Government,Christian Rel. Know/Islamic Studies,Yoruba/Hausa/Igbo/French,Civic Education,Economics  
4Theatre And Media ArtsMajor: Lit. in English Minor: Government, Christian Rel. Knowledge, Civic Education, Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa, Christian Rel. Knowledge, Islamic Studies, History, Lit-in-English, Civic Education, Government, Economics, Geography, Social Studies.

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

S/NCoursesJamb Subject Combination
2Medical Laboratory SciencePhysics,Chemistry,Biology
5Radiology and Radiation SciencePhysics,Chemistry,Biology

Faculty of Education

S/NCoursesJamb Subject Combination
1Agricultural EducationMajor: Agriculture, Minor: Chemistry,Biology,Physics,Economics,Geography,Mathematics
2Biology EducationMajor: Biology, Minor: Chemistry,Mathematics,Physics
3Chemistry Education  Major: Chemistry, Minor: Physics,Biology,Mathematics
4Mathematics EducationMajor: Mathematics, Minor: Physics,Chemistry,Biology
5Physics EducationPhysics, Mathematics, Chemistry
6Educational TechnologyMajor: Mathematics, Physics, Minor: Further Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Building and engineering drawing, Biology, Agriculture,computer studies,physical and health education
7Business EducationMajor: Mathematics, Economics, Minor: Lit. in English,History,Government,Geography,
8Educational ManagementMajor: Economics,Mathematics , Minor: Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa,Christian Rel. Know,Islamic Studies,History,Lit. in English,Civic Education,Government,Economics,Geography,Social Studies
9Economics EducationMajor: Mathematics, Economics, Minor: Government/Geography,
10English Language EducationMajor: Lit. in English, Minor: Christian Rel. Know/Islamic Studies,Yoruba,Government,Geography
 Library and Information ScienceYoruba/Igbo/Hausa,Christian Rel. Know,Islamic Studies,History,Lit. in English,Civic Education,Government,Economics,Geography,Social Studies,Economics,Economics,Geography,Government,Civic Education,Social Studies,Biology,Physics,Chemistry,Animal Husbandry,Agriculture,Basic Science,Technology,Health Science,Fishery,Technical Drawing, Mathematics,Princ. of Account,Commerce  
11Human KineticsEngineering drawing, Biology, Agriculture,computer studies,physical and health education,Physics,Chemistry,
12Health EducationMajor: Biology, Minor: Physics,Chemistry,Health Education,Physical Education,Geography
13Guidance And CounsellingYoruba/Igbo/Hausa,Christian Rel. Know,Islamic Studies,History,Lit. in English,Civic Education,Government,Economics,Geography,Social Studies,Economics,Economics,Geography,Government,Civic Education,Social Studies,Biology,Physics,Chemistry,Animal Husbandry,Agriculture,Basic Science,Technology,Health Science,Fishery,Technical Drawing,Mathematics,Princ. of Account,Commerce  
14Adult Education  Major: Government/ History, Minor: Economics,Geography,Government,Civic Education,Social Studies,Biology,Physics,Chemistry,Animal Husbandry,Agriculture,Basic Science,Technology,Health Science,Fishery,Technical Drawing

Faculty of Social Sciences

S/NCoursesJamb Subject Combination
1Criminology and Security StudiesMajor: Government, Minor: Christian Rel. Know/Islamic Studies,History,Geography,Economics,Commerce,Lit. in English
2Demography and Social StatisticsMajor:Mathematics, Economics,  Minor: Geography,Government,History,Biology,Physics,Agriculture,Chemistry
3Economics and Development StudiesMajor: Mathematics, Economics, Minor: Business Management,Commerce,Civic Education,Financial Princ. of Account,Government,Geography,Statistics  
4Mass CommunicationGovernment,Commerce,Economics,Civic Education,History,Geography,Social Studies,Information,Communication Technology,Statistics,Christian Rel. Know/Islamic Studies
5Peace And Conflict StudiesMajor: Government , Minor: Economics,Civic Education,Christian Rel. Know/Islamic Studies,Lit. in English  
6Political ScienceMajor: Government/History , Minor: Mathematics,Economics,Geography,Civic Education,Lit. in English,Christian Rel. Know/Islamic Studies,Yoruba,Igbo,Hausa  
7PsychologyEconomics,Geography,Government,Civic Education,Social Studies,Biology,Physics,Chemistry,Animal Husbandry,Agriculture,Basic Science,Technology,Health Science,Fishery,Technical Drawing  
8SociologyYoruba/Igbo/Hausa,Christian Rel. Know,Islamic Studies,History,Lit. in English,Civic Education,Government,Economics,Geography,Social Studies

Faculty of Sciences

S/NCoursesJamb Subject Combination
1Animal and Environmental BiologyMajor: Biology,Chemistry , Minor: Physics,Mathematics,
2BiochemistryPhysics, Chemistry, Biology
3Computer SciencesChemistry,Physics,Mathematics,Biology
4GeologyPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics  
5ChemistryMajor: Chemistry, Physics, Minor: Biology, Mathematics
6Industrial ChemistryMathematics,Physics,Chemistry  
8StatisticsMajor: Mathematics, Minor: Physics,Chemistry,Economics
11Plant Science and BiotechnologyBiology,Chemistry,Physics
12Environmental Management and ToxicologyBiology,Chemistry,Physics

Faculty of Pharmacy

1Doctor of PharmacyPhysics,Chemistry,Biology

Faculty of Management Sciences

S/NCourseJamb Subject Combination
1AccountingMajor: Mathematics,Economics , Minor: Princ. of Account/Book keeping,Government,Geography,Civic Education,Marketing,Office Practice
2FinanceMajor: Mathematics, Economics, Minor: Government,Geography  
3Business AdministrationMajor:  Mathematics,Economics , Minor: Princ. of Account,Commerce,Government,Geography  
4Public AdministrationMayor: Government,Economics, Minor: History,Geography,Commerce,Princ. of Account,Marketing,Civil Education,Christian Rel. Know/Islamic Studies,Yoruba

Faculty of Engineering

S/NCoursesJamb Subject Combination
1Agricultural and Bio-ResourcesMathematics,Chemistry,Physics  
2Civil EngineeringMathematics,Chemistry,Physics  
3Computer EngineeringMathematics,Chemistry,Physics  
4Electrical and Electronics EngineeringMathematics,Chemistry,Physics  
5Mechanical EngineeringMathematics,Chemistry,Physics  
6Mechatronics EngineeringMathematics,Chemistry,Physics  
7Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMathematics, Chemistry, Physics

Faculty of Environmental Design and Management

S/NCourseCut Off Mark
1ArchitectureMajor: Physics, Mathematics, Minor: Chemistry,Geography,Art (Fine Art),Biology,Economics
3Estate ManagementMajor: Mathematics,Economics , Minor: Geography, Building Construction, Surveying, Chemistry, Physics, Biology/Health Science, Technical Drawings, Agric. Science, Fine – Arts, Computer/ICT, Electrical Installation and Maintenance Works,Plumbing and pipe fitting,Bricklaying and Concrete work,government,Economics,
4Quantity SurveyingMajor: Physics,Mathematics , Minor: Chemistry, Geography,Art (Fine Art),Biology,Economics
5Surveying and GeoinformaticsMajor: Physics,Mathematics, Minor: Chemistry,Geography,Art (Fine Art),Biology,Economics
6Urban and Regional PlanningMajor: Mathematics, Minor: Geography,Chemistry,Biology,Agriculture,Economics,Physics,Technical Drawing,

Final Note

In ranking of universities in Nigeria, federal universities are always rated high compared to most state universities. No wonder the yearly rush by students into federal universities. FUOYE is one of such good federal universities. Moreso, FUOYE cut off mark is  low when compared to a number of other federal universities in Nigeria.

This post has been on FUOYE list of courses and cut off mark 2023, hope it was useful?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I gain admission into FUOYE without Jamb?

Yes. You can gain admission through direct entry mode into 200 level. With OND, HND or A levels, this is possible.

Does FUOYE accept second choice?

FUOYE does not accept second choice applicants for admission. So, if you desire to attend FUOYE, you should make the institution your first choice in Jamb.

Is FUOYE a private institution?

No. FUOYE is a federal government owned university in Nigeria.

How do I check my admission status with FUOYE?

This is how to check your admission status with FUOYE:                                                        
Visit the FUOYE admission status portal; https: // ecampus. fuoye. edu.ng/ putme
You will be asked to supply your registration number
Then click on ‘login’ and then go ahead to click on ‘admission status’

Does FUOYE conduct post-UTME exams for its incoming students?

Yes. FUOYE conducts post-UTME exams for its intending students. However, the exams will be conducted for only students that make the school their first choice in Jamb.

What credentials are usually required for FUOYE admission?

Here are the documents you will need for your registration at FUOYE:
Original copy of Jamb result slip
Jamb Admission letter
Original copy of O’level result
Birth certificate
Certificate of Origin
Letter of guarantor
School admission letters
Payment receipts e.g acceptance fee, tuition fee, etc.


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