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This is for those applicants that wish to know the KSU Cut off mark 2021/2022 academic session.

If you are a Kogi State University aspiring candidates asking questions ‘What is KSU JAMB Cut Off Mark for 2021?’

Or if you are asking how to calculate KSU cut off mark 2021 and the KSU aggregate score and admission chances, you will love this.

In today’s update, we will be considering the KSU departmental Cut off for all courses 2021.

At first, it is very important for KSU aspirants to know that meeting the JAMB Cut off for KSU 2021 is one of the compulsory criteria for admission.

Therefore, Knowing the KSU departmental Cutoff mark for your course will help you to know your standing.

JAMB Cut Off for KSU 2021

According to JAMB admission policies, candidates are required to meet all their institutions’ admission requirements to stand a chance for admission.

As such, before you can be given admission into Kogi State University, you must meet the KSU JAMB and Departmental Cut Off Mark for your course.

Kogi State University (KSU) JAMB Cut Off Mark for 2021

It may also interest you to know that the general cut off mark may not be the same as your with your departmental and faculty cut off mark for your course.

For example, the Cut off mark for Law is different from that of Biochemistry and the same is applicable to Political Science and other courses.

What is KSU Cut Off mark for 2021? The Kogi State University JAMB Cut Off mark for 2021 is 160 as the general JAMB score required for admission.

KSU spirant that scores below the 160 Cut off mark, should consider any of the following alternatives;

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KSU Departmental Cutoff Mark for 2021

Like you know, JAMB Score is a very important considerable factor used by KSU for admitting students that apply for undergraduate admission through UTME or Direct entry mode.

Generally, the Cut off mark simply implies that any JAMB candidate that does not score up to the score range marked as cut off mark should not be admitted or allowed to partake in KSU admission screening.

For example, the JAMB Cut off mark for KSU is 160, and any KSU aspirants who score 159 will not be eligible for admission at Kogi State University.

That is so because the required average JAMB score range required to gain admission at KSU is 160.

But if a candidate scores up to 160, such a candidate will stand a chance of gaining admission into KSU.

On another way round, aspirants may still score up to 160 but still not get admitted if only the Cut off mark for their own course is above 160.

As such, there is a fixed departmental Cutoff mark for all courses offered at Kogi State University.

Please, kindly check the KSU Departmental Cut off mark for your department, course, and faculty below;

KSU Cut Off mark for all Courses

Below is the list of courses offered at Kogi State University and Cut off mark for all courses 2021.

Cut Off Mark For Arts Courses 2021

  • Arabic Language And Literature, 160
  • Christian Religious Knowledge, 160
  • English Language And Literary Studies, 160
  • History And International Studies, 160
  • Islamic Studies, 160
  • Philosophy, 160
  • Theatre Arts, 160

Cut off Mark for Law 2021

  • Islamic And Sharia Law, 160
  • Law, 200

Cut Off Mark for Agric Courses 2021

  • Agriculture, 160
  • Fisheries And Aquaculture, 160
  • Food Science And Technology, 160
  • Home Sciences, 160

Cut off Mark Science Courses 2021

  • Animal And Environmental Biology, 160
  • Biochemistry, 180
  • Chemistry, 160
  • Computer Science, 160
  • Geology, 170
  • Industrial Chemistry, 170
  • Mathematics, 160
  • Microbiology, 180
  • Physics, 160
  • Plant Sciences And Biotechnology, 160
  • Statistics, 160

Cut Off Mark for Education Courses 2021

  • Biology Education, 160
  • Chemistry Education, 160
  • Christian Religious Knowledge Education, 160
  • Economics Education, 160
  • English Language Education, 160
  • Geography Education, 160
  • Islamic Studies Education, 160
  • Physics Education, 160
  • Social Studies Education, 160
  • Human Kinetics and Health Education, 160
  • Library And Information Science Education, 170

Cut Off Mark For Social Science Courses 2021

  • Economics, 170
  • Geography And Planning, 160
  • Mass Communication, 170
  • Political Science, 170
  • Sociology, 170

Management Science Courses Cut Off Mark 2021

  • Accounting, 170
  • Banking And Finance, 170
  • Business Administration, 170
  • Public Administration, 170

Please, kindly take note of the Kogi State University cut off mark 2021 above and make sure you meet it before applying for admission.

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