Where Do Chemical Engineers Work |Job Opportunities 2022/2023

Chemical Engineers work place

Where Do Chemical Engineers Work and what are the Job Opportunities for Chemical Engineers graduates at Undergraduate/Postgraduate level?

In this article, the list of where Chemical Engineers work and the job opportunities for chemical engineers will be made known.

Chemical Engineering is one of the most valued Engineering Degree in the World with so many work opportunities.

The chemical engineering discipline has a wide range of applications and chemical engineers work in almost everywhere that production takes place.

Where Do Chemical Engineers Work

Chemical Engineers work in production, processing and manufacturing industries as supervisors, process managers, process analysts, production planners, process controller and even marketers.

Chemical Engineers work place industry

Some of the well knowing and outstanding places that chemical engineers can work include the following:

  • Oil and Gas Refineries, Companies and Industries
  • Steel and Metal manufacturing industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Cosmetics production companies
  • Cement production companies
  • Rubber and plastic production companies
  • Ceramic processing companies
  • Ink production companies

Job Opportunities for Chemical Engineers

In most processing, manufacturing and production companies, industries and firms, chemical engineers are usually employed to fill up the following Job positions;

  • Process manager
  • Research and Development supervisors
  • Design managers
  • Project managers
  • Consultant
  • Production Engineer/manager
  • Plant Managers
  • Control system managers
  • Sales Engineers/managers
  • Planning managers
  • Teachers, Supervisors and Production Guidance.


Qualifications for Chemical Engineering Employment.

An undergraduate degree in chemical engineering (B.Eng) from an approved College/University can secure a job from any chemical engineering related work-field.

In a wide work-field, chemical engineers will need a Postgraduate Degree like Masters or Ph.D to stand a better chance of being employed.

Apart from the academic degree, a chemical engineer is expected to acquire all the needed and necessary Chemical Engineering work skills for effectively rendition of his or her work.

Such Engineers must also be able to show a level of professionalism in their field and must have a minimum year of working experience with a practical approach of handling production processes.

Salary for Chemical Engineers

Chemical Engineers are high earners. They are one of the highest paid Engineers in any processing, Production and manufacturing companies and industries.

A chemical engineer employed with an Undergraduate Degree can earn between $3,000 to $17,000 monthly salary and as much as $89,000 annual salary.

Meanwhile, a Postgraduate Degree holder in Chemical Engineering can earn between $10,000 to $20,000 monthly salary and upto $220,000 annual salary.

The salary of any chemical engineer in any company or industry depends on the Job position that the Engineer handles.

Now that you have known where Chemical Engineers work, the salary range for chemical engineers and the Job Opportunities for Chemical Engineers graduates at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level, you can choose to build a career in this discipline.

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