Best Commercial Course to Study in Nigeria

Best commercial courses to study in Nigeria

Best Commercial Course to Study in Nigeria – Are you a student seeking to know the best commercial courses that you can study in any Nigerian institution that pay very well and which have a good level of job opportunities in Nigeria?
Then you are lucky, as this article will talk extensively and then examine the top commercial courses that you can study in Nigeria including the entrance requirements.

SSCE or UTME Entry/Subject Requirements to Study any Commercial Course in Nigeria

To be fit to study any of the commercial courses in the Nigerian higher institutions of learning, you need at least 5 credit pass in these subjects: Mathematics (Compulsory), English (Compulsory), Economics (Compulsory), Marketing (Compulsory), Commerce, Accounting, Government, History, Agricultural Science and Geography.

Best Commercial Course to Study in Nigeria


The admission requirements to get into Economics discipline in Nigeria includes that Candidates scale through their English Language paper with not less than pass and three other JAMB UTME subject combination are required to study Economics under the Faculty of Business Administration. Economics is a four-year academic study programme and graduates are awarded Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Honours degree in the field of Economics.

The job opportunities in the field of Economics include the following areas: University lecturers in Economics, Economists or directors in Research Institutions, Economists in industries, managers in Banks and other financial institutions, Economic Advisers to Governments or institutions, Economic Consultants serving the general public, Board members in public and private enterprises., Economists or Directors in Research Institutions


One other commercial course to study in Nigeria is Statistics and the admission requirements are that you should have a minimum of Pass at either the West African School Certificate Examination, the Senior School Certificate Examination or in any related Examination with credit in the area of Maths or Further Maths, Physics ,chemistry or Economics.

The Department of Statistics in Nigeria are offering courses that leads to the award of a B.Sc. degree in the area of Statistics.


Even though banks seems to recruit graduates from every type of discipline, banking and finance graduates mostly have an edge when applying to secure entry into bank jobs.
As a graduate with keen intention of charting a career into the banking industry, you can also choose to take it to a further step in the right direction by enrolling into the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Nigeria. When you get this certification, it can successfully boost your chances of going up the ladder so quickly in the commercial industry. There are actually two main modes of entry into the B.Sc programme, they include Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Direct Entry (DE).

These two options are done through application to the university via the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Students are expected to meet the minimum university and departmental entry requirements as established in the university senate approved entry requirements including the JAMB brochure . The UTME candidates is also expected to sit for the UTME and Post-UTME and they should make sure that they write the required subjects for their chosen course of study. The DE candidates are also expected to sit for the interview of the university or the department.


Studying accounting in a Nigerian university is one of the best paths to getting the status of a chartered accountant. Accounting is actually a four year course in any Nigerian institution. And as earlier explained, the course is a great way to get you prepared to become a chartered accountant. With an obtained ICAN certificate, your professional development as an accountant can be really fast with many avenues for you in the job market.
In all, the career opportunities and job availability in Commerce are diverse and they are highlighted below: Accountant, Accountant Executive, Auditor, Chartered Accountant, Company secretary, Cost Accountant, Finance Analyst, Finance Consultant, Finance Controller, Finance Manager, Finance Planner, Investment Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Statistician, Stock Broker, Tax Auditor and Tax Consultant

Other Commercial Course to Study in Nigeria

Accountancy, Finance or Accounting
Actuarial Science
Actuarial Science & Insurance
Business Administration
Business Administration or Marketing
Business and Entrepreneurship Studies

Business Management
Business Management or Management Science
Conflict & Peace Resolution
Cooperative & Rural Development
Cooperative Economics & Management
Criminology – Social Science
Criminology & Security Studies – Under Social Science
Demography & Social Statistics
Economics -Under Social
Economics & Development Studies – Under Social Science
Economics and Statistics
Economics with Operation Research
Entrepreneurial Studies
Environmental Protection Resources Management
Film and Video Studies
Film and Video Studies- Social Science
Finance – Under Social Science
Geography / Under Social Science
Geography and Environmental Management – Social Science
Geography & Meteorology / Under Social Science
Geography & Planning / Also Under Social Science
Geography & Planning Science Geography & Regional Planning also Under Social Science
Government & Public Administration
History & International Relations
Hospitality and Tourism
Hospitality & Tourism Management
Hotel and Tourism Management
Hotel & Tourism Management : Under Social Science
Human Resources Management
Industrial and Labour Relations
Industrial Relations
Industrial Relations & Human Resources Management
Industrial Relations & Personnel Management
Industrial Relations & Personnel Management -Social Science
Insurance & Actuarial Science
Insurance & Risk Management
Intelligence and Security Studies
International & Comparative Politics
International Relations
International Relations & Diplomacy
International Relations & Human Resources Management
International Relations & Strategic Studies
International Relationship & Strategic Studies
International Studies
International Studies & Diplomacy ( Social Science)
Library and Information Science :Under Social Science
Library Science
Local Government Administration
Management & Entrepreneurship
Management Studies
Marketing : Under Social Science
Marketing & Advertising
Mass Communication
Mass Communication : Social Science
Mass Communication & Media Technology
Media & Communication Studies
Office & Information Management
Office Management & Information
Peace & Conflict Studies
Peace & Development Studies
Personnel Management
Policy & Administrative Studies
Policy & Strategic Studies
Political and Administrative Studies
Political Science
Political Science/International Law & Diplomacy
Political Science and Conflict Resolution (Under Social Science)
Political Science and Defense
Political Science and Diplomacy
Political Science & International Relations
Political Science & International Studies
Political Science & Public Administration
Population Studies
Public Administration
Public Administration
Public Relations and Advertising
Secretarial Administration
Social Justice
Social Work
Sociology & Anthropology hi
Tourism Studies
Transport and Planning


Some commercial courses really have potentials than others. And there is actually no reason to study what you don’t know about and in spending years in school studying a course you should not apply to a course that does not have good job opportunity for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Highest paid Commercial Courses To Study In Nigeria

Business Administration.
Banking and Finance.
Public Administration.
Human Resources Management

What can I do as a commercial student?

#1 – Banking.

#2 – Investments.

#3 – Insurance.

#4 – Capital market.

#5 – Accounting and Taxation.

#6 – Company Secretary.

#7 – Cost and Work Accountant

List of Commercial Courses in Polytechnics

Business Administration and Management.
Banking and Finance.
Co-operative Economics & Management.
Industrial and Labour Relations (FEDFISH-LAG, MINILS, RAMATPOLY)
Library and Information Science (opened to Science, Art, and Commercial Students)

What is the best course to study as a commercial student in polytechnic?

Accountancy is still the best and most lucrative course for any commercial student.

What is the best course to study in commercial class?

Banking And Finance It is rated in the list of the most lucrative sectors in Nigeria and is amongst the best commercial courses you can study at the university.


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