7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized

7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized
7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized

7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized

Fact is, you will spend some time in your dorm room studying and doing homework no matter what.

That’s why it’s essential to have a desk reading and working space that is organized and functional, so you can get work done when you’re in your dorm room.

If you’re looking for the best dorm desk essentials for students in 2022? Check out the seven dorm desk essentials to simultaneously keep you organized and productive.

One of the easiest ways to keep you motivated and productive is to have a clean and organized work area. Having items that look cool goes with the design of your room and works is even better!

Here are the top 7 dorm desk essentials to keep you organized:

1. Desk Lamp

7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized
7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized

All dorms will provide the leading light at the center of the room, but they may be dim, and it will put a strain on your eyes when studying or reading at night and over a long period.

So a desk lamp is a must for improving the lighting in your dorm room. You’ll find it especially useful when you’re reading or working all night or during the early morning for last-minute exam preparations.

Some newer models perform several functions other than brightening your room if you prefer a more functional lamp. Some cool lights have USB ports to charge your phone, an additional fan, and a speaker! How amazing is that!

2. Power Strip

7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized
7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized

This is another crucial dorm desk essential to have. You may know it as an extension box or other names.

The truth is, when it comes to dorms, power is usually in limited supply and usually located in inconvenient places. The socket will most likely be far from the desk and, most importantly, your bed, and since you will be sharing it with your roommate, things will be a little tricky.

But if you have an extension with you, you can easily plug in everything right on your desk.

3. Day Planner

7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized
7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized

This is also very important for anyone in college. Most students might like to use google calendar to stay on top of their schedule, but others who are visual will want to pencil it in. If you’re someone like me, you’ll undoubtedly need this.

This isn’t for schedules and planning alone, but It is also perfect for keeping you on track with your goals. I had to repurchase one for the second time! Even after leaving college.

Yes, even when you graduate from college, there are still some you’ll keep using use.

4. Dorm Desk Organizer

7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized
7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized

One of the essential dorm desk essentials I will recommend is a desk organizer. Having one will make your life so much organized and easier!

Using a desk organizer set, you can simply have your desk organized and all your supplies & tools in order. Not only will everything be within easy reach, but it’ll also make your desk look neater and more organized. Guys, it’s not only for girls, trust me.

You can choose the size of the organizer you need to keep all your supplies organized.

5. Sticky Notes

7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized
7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized

Always write down your ideas. Sticky notes are an essential dorm desk to help you stay organized and study better.

Every student should have a set of sticky around their desk. They are great for naming books and textbooks, jotting down reminders and to-do lists, and organizing your notebooks and binders.

To keep things interesting, you can buy a set because you get a variety of different sticky notes with different colors. All you need is a couple of packs of these sticky notes, and you should be set for the year!.

6. Desk Shelf

7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized
7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized

Desk shelves are ideal for adding storage space to your dorm desk without overtaking your desk. It is possible to store your textbooks and school supplies or other things you’d like to keep on the shelves.

You can buy new ones that are adjustable, sturdy, and strong. It will allow you to store lots of books and other items without taking up too much desk space. It gives you ample space for spreading out your work!

Also, you will be able to separate books you love reading for fun and school work.

7. Lap Desk

7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized
7 Dorm Desk Essentials To Keep You Organized

This is one of my personal best and a great essential for you. Sometimes you would need to get uncomfortable after the daily stress, and sitting at your dorm desk to study or do homework for long periods is very relaxing.

Sitting at your desk for an extended period can make it uncomfortable and boring, and you’ll most probably need to read or use your laptop. You can also switch things up (like sitting on my bed or even on the floor) to help you refocus and relax simultaneously.

In these cases, having a lap desk is great for staying focused and getting work done, especially when you don’t want to sit at your desk.


How do I organize my college dorm desk?

The best way to organize your dorm desk is to think of how you like to work. Do you like everything in its place or are you the type that likes to spread out and grab whatever is closest?

If you want everything in its place, then a caddy with compartments might be what you need. These caddies can sit on your desk or around it and hold all sorts of things from pencils and pens to tape and paperclips. You can even get a caddy with wheels so it can be easily moved from desk to bed.

If you’re the type that likes to spread out, then drawer organizers are your best bet. They sit in your drawers and fit all sorts of things: scissors, rulers, erasers, etc. If they’re little things that tend to get lost at the bottom of drawers, organizers will keep them close at hand and easily accessible.

Also, You can best organize your dorm desk by creating a checklist of what you need to do and by throwing away or donating any furniture or other items that you don’t actually use. To start, clean off your desk and put all old schoolwork and paperwork in the recycling bin. Then, sort through the contents of your desk drawers and throw away or donate anything that you don’t actually need. In order to keep your desk organized, clean it regularly and every few weeks, revisit the contents of your drawers to make sure they’re still necessary!

What do you put in a dorm desk?

What do you put in a dorm desk? It’s a question that many incoming college freshmen fail to adequately ask themselves until they are actually faced with the prospect of having to answer it.

Naturally, you want to stock your desk with all sorts of cool stuff. However, every item you put into your desk is also going to take up space. Since you will never have as much desk space in your dorm room as you need, you need to carefully think through what deserves to go inside it and what doesn’t.

Here are a few of the things that absolutely deserve their own place within the confines of your dorm room desk:

A few good pens and pencils – You never know when you will need them, so it makes sense for them to be readily accessible in your dorm room desk. Always keep at least two or three different writing utensils inside there at all times so that you don’t have to go searching for them when inspiration strikes for a late night paper or study session.

A pair of scissors – Dorm desks are great places for scissors because they are small enough to fit neatly inside them and powerful enough to help you cut out all sorts of things from magazines and

Get a good calendar: I would recommend getting for your desk is a good calendar or planner. This is a huge part of staying organized for me throughout the school year, because I’ve always had a hard time remembering exactly when assignments are due and what projects I have to work on between now and then. Putting all of those

How do I make my dorm desk cute?

To make your dorm desk cute, start by looking at the things you have available to you. Your best bets are probably going to be posters, stickers, and other decorations that you can hang and tape up on your wall. If you want to invest in something a little more permanent, pick up a cork board from Target or IKEA.

You can also do some simple DIY projects like making your own bulletin board out of cardboard and fabric, or turning an old picture frame into a mini dry erase board for your desk.

If you’re feeling creative, try some of these ideas:

Decorate the walls around your desk with posters and other colorful decorations. You can hang them with painter’s tape or washi tape so they don’t damage the paint when you take them down later.

If you’re not allowed to hang things on the wall, use stand-up frames or tape things onto a bulletin board instead. A bulletin board is perfect for hanging up sticky notes full of reminders and inspirational quotes too!

Use containers like jars or boxes to keep your pens and pencils organized in one place. This will prevent clutter on top of the desk itself while still keeping everything within easy reach when you


The desk is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any college dorm room, and choosing a desktop organizer to help you keep track of your tasks and daily obligations is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re staying on top of your studies and not overwhelmed by the stress that new school can bring. There’s never such a thing as an overabundance of organization in a college dorm, and these dorm essentials will help keep your space clean, neat, and organized.

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