How To Study Radiography In UK – [Requirements To Study Radiography]

Study radiography in UK

How To Study Radiography In UK- Radiography is one of the medical professions in high demand and also well- paying. At entry level, radiographers earn between 27,055 Euros and 32, 934 Euros while experienced ones receive between 33, 706 Euros and 40, 588 Euros. In this article, we would show you how to study Radiography in UK. So if radiography interests you, read along.

What You Should Know About Radiography

Radiography is a scientific technique that uses radiations such as x-rays , gamma rays to get a view of the internal form of an object.  Radiography is used in medicine to diagnose and treat patients. Radiations are used to diagnose ailments and also treat some of them. Radiography is also used in airport security to scan passengers and their luggages . The ionizing radiation can identify any object hidden around the body of passengers and also any foreign object hidden among luggages. Examples of such foreign objects include ammunitions, drugs, sharp objects, etc.

Radiography can be traced back to 1895 when Wilhem Conrad Roentgen, a professor at Wuezburg university in Germany discovered X-rays . He was working with a cathode-ray tube  when he discovered a fluoresecent glow of crystals close to the cathode ray tube.

Radiography works on this  principles: radiation is absorbed and scattered when it passes through the particular object.

Studying Radiography In The UK

If you want to work in the field of radiography , then you will need to acquire a degree along that line. After study and obtaining necessary license, you will become a qualified radiographer. Radiographers are health professionals who takes X-rays and other radiations to view the internal structure of the human body. Radiographers are also known  Medical Imaging Technologist.

Requirements To Study Radiography

  • To study Radiography in the UK, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Have at least 5 credits in GCSE. Subjects must include English, Mathematics, and science subjects,
  • You should have a good and solid science background.

How Much Do I Need To Study Radiography In UK

It is important to know the cost of study of radioactivity in UK , so you can be adequately prepared for it before starting out. The cost of studying radiography in UK depends on:

  • The type of program you are enrolled for (part-time or full-time)
  • The institution you are choosing
  • If you are eligible for a study financial aid

According to UCAS, the cost of to study radiography in UK is 10,000 Euros.  There are also other costs that you will be incurring such as books, food, hostel, transport, et. You may need to contact your school pf interest to get a breakdown of fees you need to pay.

What Is The Duration To Study Radiography In UK

To study radiography in the UK will require 3-4 years on a full-time basis while for part-time would be about 6 years. After completing your degree, you need to register with Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)  before you can practice.

What Institution Can I Study Radiography In UK

There are a number of good universities where you can study radiography in the UK. Some of these include:

  1. University of Leeds
  2. University of Exeter
  3. Robert Gordon University
  4. Cardiff University
  5. University of Liverpool
  6. University of Hertfordshire
  7. Glasgow Caledonian University
  8. University of Derby
  9. Teeside University
  10. Sheffield Hallam University
  11. University of the West of England

University of Leeds

It is one of the leading university in the world located in Leeds, England. It is a public institution established in 1831. The radiography program at the university is one of the best in UK. The program is for 3 years and you will be awarded B.Sc at the end. Upon graduation, you will need to apply to HCPC after which you will be licensed to practice.

University of Exeter

The university of Exeter is a public institution established in 1838 then as St. Luke’s College. Years later, a number of institution merge up with the college to form the University of Exeter. The school offers a B.Sc in Diagnostic Radiography for a duration of 3 years. The radiography department is accredited by the society and college of radiographers (ScoR).

Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University was established in 1992 and is located in Aberdeen, Scotland. The school is a good one to study radiography in UK. Radiography is a 3-year program which students will be awarded B.Sc (Hons) . The program is well-accredited by Health Care Professions Council and SCoR.

Cardiff University

It is a public research university founded in 1883 by Lord Aberdane in Wales. The university is a large one offering academic programs including Radiography. The course is offered as Diagnostic radiography and is accredited by SCoR. It is a 3-year program where students are equipped with practical knowledge and skills to succeed in the radiography field.

University of Liverpool

At university of Liverpool , students are equipped with knowledge and skills required to succeed in the field of radiography. The program is run on full-time basis and is for a length of 3 years.

The university of Liverpool is a public university located in Liverpool , England . The university which is known for high quality teaching and research was established in 1881.

University of Hertfordshire

The course of radiography is a 3-year vocational degree at the university of Hertfordshire. The curriculum is packed in such a way to prepare students for a rewarding and challenging career. Upon graduation, you will be offered B.Sc Hons in Diagnostics radiography and imaging.

The university of Hertfordshire is one of the outstanding universities in UK, offering world-class education. It was established in 1952 with the motto “seek knowledge throughout life”.

What Will I Be Learning When I Study Radiography In UK

There are two types of radiography :  Diagnostic radiography and Therapeutic radiography

Diagnostic radiography involves the use of medical imaging like X-ray , MRI AND Ultrasound to carry out investigations and internal structure of the human body

Therapeutic radiography also known as radiotherapy involves the use of radiography in treatment of patients with health issues such as cancer.

Both course equip students with practical knowledge and critical skills to function effectively in radiography field.

The course curriculum of radiography includes

Physiology, Anatomy, Pathology, Science , Theory and Practice of medical imaging

Radiographic research method and statistics

Some of the critical skills you will be acquiring include communication skills, problem-solving skills, etc. Graduates of radiography get to work in hospitals or specialized health facilities.                                               


To study radiography in UK, high school diploma is required with at least 5 credits. It is also important to have a good science background. Then you go ahead to choose an institution to study. Upon graduation, you will be required to register for HCPC before you can be licensed to practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost me to study radioactivity in UK?

It also depends on the mode of study (full-time or part-time) and also the particular institution you are applying to. Averagely, you will need 10,000 Euros per annum.

What do I need to study to radiography?

You need to have a science background
Have 5 credits in GCSE especially in English, Mathematics and Science subjects.

Is radiography in high demand in UK?

Is radiography in high demand in UK
Yes. Radiographers are high in demand in the UK with lots of jobs opportunities.

Are radiographers well-paid in UK?

Yes. Radiographers are well-paid in UK. Entry level radiographers earn between 27, 055 Euros and 32, 934 Euros while experienced ones earn between 33, 706 Euros and 40, 588 euros.

Can I study radiography in UK without Mathematics?

Mathematics is a key pre-requisite to study radiography in UK and any other country in the world.


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