Top 10 Best Shoes For Nursing Student

Top 10 Best Shoes For Nursing Student

Top 10 Best Shoes For Nursing Student- As a nursing student most especially during your clinical rotations, you will have to be active all morning, afternoon or night depending on your work shift. You will spend a good number of hours on your feet, moving from ward to ward working alongside your supervisors. It is therefore expedient that when shopping for shoes, you should get one that will enable you function appropriately all throughout your shift. In the following paragraphs , I will be showing you the best shoes for nursing student. This will guide your choice when next you go shopping for shoes as a nursing student.

Top 10 Best Shoes For Nursing Student

adidas cloud foam
  1. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Shoes   
  2. Clove Classic
  3. Dansko Nursing clogs
  5. Allbirds Tree Dasher 2
  6. ASICS Gel-Venture 7
  7. Ryka Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe
  8. Brooks Ghost 15
  10. GALES Frontline Work Shoes

1. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Shoes

adidas cloud foam 1


Adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Shoes are light-weighted sneakers very great for nursing students. These sneakers are made from recycled materials and with its cushioned midsole, you can be guaranteed comfort all-day. I mean even on a long-shift, you have nothing to worry about with this shoes. So, for the very stylish nursing students, these sneakers come in different colours.   

2. Clove Classic

Clove Nursing Shoes

Clove Classic also falls among the best shoes for nursing student.  It is quite light-weight and can be comfortably worn all day by nursing student. These brand of shoes are easy slip-ons, made of fluid-resistant materials and quite easy to clean . Its midsole provides sufficient cushioning and superior arch support . The outsole of the shoe helps keep you from slipping and keep you safe in the work environment. These shoes come in both men and women sizes and also in different colours.

3. Dansko Nursing Clogs

Dansko Nursing Clogs

This is one of the best shoes for nursing students. Dansko nursing clogs are easily slip-ons. It is quite easy to put on and also to remove. These clogs can be worn by both men and women. And it come in a wide range of colours. The shoes have a reinforced toe box that adds some extra protection to the feet. The sole has been designed in such a way that it protects the foot against fatigue. You can easily move around the clinic environment as the shoes are slip-resistant. While wearing these shoes, you get heel and ankle stability.


Kuru Atom

KURU ATOM is among the best shoes for nursing students. The shoes help to support your arch or heels correctly and save you from any pain or discomfort. The wide base of the shoes help gives some good stability while on your feet and also moving around the hospital environment. The shoes have moldable arch support and are quite breathable.

5. Allbirds Tree Dasher 2

Allbirds Tree Dashers

This shoe is one of the best shoes for nursing student. It has an outsole that provides some cushioning and flexibility .  Allbirds Tree Dasher 2 shoes are made from a breathable knit material that is healthy on your skin. The shoe fits snugly and is highly flexibility.  It has a wide which keeps you stable while on your feet or walking around.

6. ASICS Gel-Venture 7

ASICS Gel Venture 7

Nurses prefer this shoe because of its supportive midsole and optimal shock absorption. As you move up and down, the shoes gives stability to your ankles , knees and hips. And to cap it, the shoes are very vurable.

7. Ryka Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe

Ryka Devotion

This shoe is designed for women and is great for nursing students. Its lightweight and breathability makes it one of the best shoes for nursing students. It has a narrower heel that prevents slipping and a wide toe box that give some extra comfort. It has a midsole that cushions and also give arch and heel support. You can afford to be on your feet all day with this shoes.

8. Brooks Ghost 15

Brooks Ghost 15

As a nursing student, there will be times you find yourself on long shift during your clinical rotations. A comfy shoe like Brooks Ghost 15 will keep you going all day. These sneakers has  a midsole that gives comfort to your feet no matter the activity you are engaged in . Its outsole and midsole propel the foot forward which helps you take smoother stride and also reduce fatigue when you have to walk or stand for long hours.



This is a high quality slip-on shoe, standing as one of the best shoes for nursing student. The shoe is both stylish and highly comfortable. Its midsole has been designed to offer outstanding arch support. This midsole also helps to distribute pressure evenly between the heel and the forefoot. The shoe helps relieve plantar fasciitis pain.

10. GALES Frontline Work Shoes


The shoe is produced by GALES foot wear company. This company specializes in creating shoes for health care workers including nurses. GALES Frontline Work Shoes is categorized among the best shoes for nursing student. The shoes are non-slip, waterproof and also antimicrobial. Its midsoles offer all-day comfort to your feet. GALES Frontline Work Shoes are light weighted, stylish and easy to clean.

Other Great Shoes For Nursing Students

  1. Alegria Debra
  2. BALA Twelves
  3. Sketchers D’Lites
  4. New Balance 608v5
  6. HOKA Bondi8
  8. Naturalizer Marianne Slip On Sneaker
  9. KURU KINETIC Sneaker
  10. MBT Huracan-3000 Sneakers
  11. YHOON Slip-on Walking Sneakers
  12. Sticky Non Slip Shoes
  13. Crocs on-the-clock Work Slip-On
  14. KURU PIVOT Sneakers
  15. FitFlop Vitamin FF E01 Knit Sports Sneakers
  16. KURU ATOM Slip-On
  17. Vionic Fortune Sneaker
  18. BALA Shoes-Twelves
  19. Brooks Running Shoes
  20. NIKE Vapormax
  21. Hoka One One
  22. Vessi
  23. On Cloud Running Shoes

Alegria Debra

Another outstanding shoe among best shoes for nursing student is Algeria Debra. The shoe is a closed –heel slip-on clog. It is made from original leather  and elastic gores. The shoes are water and stain resistant. With this shoe, you can be rest assured that your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day long.

BALA Twelves

BALA Twelves is also one of the best shoes for nursing students. These shoes were specifically created for nurses. The shoes come in regular and wide-fit  sizes. Its soles are thickened and cushioned, helping to reduce foot fatigue and joint pain that may come up while active at work. The shoes are water-proof and also stylish.

Last Note

The best shoes for nursing students must possess the following characteristics: comfortability, durability, smartness, easy-to-clean and light-weighted. These features are really important in good nursing shoes. This is because even as a nursing student, you will have to work around medical facilities during your clinical rotations. The implication is that you may have to sometime be on your feet for long hours, moving from ward to ward. Having some bad shoes on can really mess up your day if you are not careful. So, its important to put on the right kind of shoes as a nursing student.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are nurses uniform called?

Nurses’ uniform are known as scrubs.

How should a nursing shoe fit me?

Your nursing shoes should fit snugly. However, it should not be too tight or too loose. When it is too loose, it can result in slipping and when the shoes are tight, it can result in rubbing and blisters.

Why do nurses wear white shoes?

Wearing of white shoes is a testament to a nurses’ cleanliness. This is because stains and spills don’t lie.

Best shoes for nursing students should come in what colour?

The best shoes for nursing students should come in either white or black without fabric or mesh.

What makes nurses’ shoes so unique?

Nurses shoes are so special and unique, they have been built to last. The shoes are built in such a way that it can withstand the rigors of their work. Also, the shoes have being designed in such a way to protect the feet from slips and injuries. Lastly, the shoes are low-heel and allows easy movement around medical facility.

Can I wear any kind of shoes as a nurse?

As a nurse, you can just put on any kind of shoes to work. The shoes you are choosing must have the following qualities:
Must be comfortable
Resistant to liquids or waterproof

Nursing shoes are known as what?

Nursing clogs or medical shoes.


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