Best Organic Creams for Fair Skin

Best Organic Creams for Fair Skin


Best Organic Creams for Fair Skin-Organic creams are recommended for anyone who want to glow and to  all ladies and gents who value their skin. With the trend of too much chemical-filled beauty products in the market, getting yourself an organic creams is the safest alternate for your fair skin type which is a delicate embodiment. It is very important that you know your skin type prior to choosing any of these organic cream The cream that is perfect for an oily skin may not be good for your dry skin, so that is why it is better for you to first identify your skin type as this will assist you in making a choice for a suitable cream for your skin. Now let’s dive in to the business of the day!

What Are The Best Organic Creams for Fair Skin

1 Oriflame Optimal White Oxygen Boost Day Cream

This cream is made with Swedish natural ingredients. This cream is formulated to provide optimal hydration while reducing melanin production, which will in turn lead to a fairer and a more promising skin tone.

2 Jergens Carrot Body Lotion

This is a good skin lightening cream and it is suitable for every skin that and it do not have any side effects. It will go a long way to brighten your skin tone and it will reduce every stubborn dark spots that your body has.

3 Nivea Natural Fairness Cream 

The Nivea Natural Fairness Cream comes with great moisturizer quality which is specially made to evenly tone out the skin  and it will go a long way to enhance it’s organic radiance. It eliminates the risk of skin pigmentation and it targets the melanin producing enzyme, which is known as tyrosinase.

St. Eve Fair and White Exclusive Whitener Serum

This cream is made with natural ingredients to suit your fair skin and it has active ingredients  like carrot oil and lemon extract which are agents that can give you an even skin tone and to reduce dark spots. It has non-greasy texture this special quality makes it good for all skin type.


Nubian Queen Cocoa Butter Cream

Made with cocoa butter, this body cream is enriched to provide nourishment for your skin, leaving it soft and making it supple. This cream contains powerful antioxidants which will help to fade and wipe away all kinds of scars and blemishes, making sure that you maintain a brighter complexion.

6 Vaseline Intensive Care Body Lotion 

This is a perfect moisturizer that improves  your skin’s natural radiance. It will get rid of all kinds of blemishes, freckles, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and it may go a long way to act on the melanin producing enzyme in your skin (tyrosinase).

7 Pr Francoise Bedon Lotion 

This is a wonderful maintenance cream that will smoothly brighten your skin complexion. It gets off discoloration and offers you long lasting moisture to get your skin glow. This luxurious special cream will also fight against free radicals.

8 Carotone Brightening Cream

Made with carrot oil and vitamin E, this Carotone cream will radiate and brightens the skin, getting rid of the appearance of acne scars as well as other forms of blemishes.

9 Dabur Vatika Fairness Face Pack

This cream pack is formulated with natural ingredients such as saffron, turmeric, and honey, these three will work perfectly together to lighten your skin tone, remove pigmentation, and improve your overall fairness.


10 QEI+ Paris Cream 

This  cream has strong milk formula that will moisturize your body and evens out the skin tone to make it a more lighter skin, remove blemish spot and youthful skin. It reduces the appearance of dark spots, sunburns and also repairs damaged skin.

What If I Need a Good Organic Soap For My Sensitive Skin?

Identify the kind of skin you have:

It is very important that you know your skin type prior to choosing any of these organic cream. The different skin types ranges from the dry ones, oily, combination, and even the sensitive skin. The cream that is perfect for an oily skin may not be good for your dry skin, so that is why it is better for you to first identify your skin type as this will assist you in making a choice for a suitable cream for your skin.

2. Know the ingredients:

Go to the label section of the cream and ensure that the organic cream you want to purchase does not have harmful chemicals. Never you buy creams that has ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances especially if you have sensitive skin. Instead, check out for creams that are made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, the likes of jojoba oil, and even shea butter.

3. Consider the product brand:

It is advisable to buy organic creams from a trusted brand that is fortified with high-quality ingredients. Conduct some background research on the brand and go through the customer reviews to verify and make sure that the brand has many testimonials and reviews and that it is reputable and delivers quality results.

4. Meet or Contact a dermatologist:

If you have other kinds of skin concerns, it is always recommended that you consult a dermatologist.


Organic creams will help to keep your skin moisturized, they are formulated to promote healthy skin cell growth, and to maintain a good looking skin so that you are young and healthy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I mix with shea butter to lighten my skin?

Honey – 3 tbsp.
Coconut Oil – 2 tbsp.
Shea Butter – 1 tbsp.

How do you make organic glowing cream at home?

Take a small glass bowl or a container and put 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel.
Then, add cold-pressed vegetable oil or nut oil of your choice to the bowl. … 
Put in a few drops of essential oil like rose oil or lavender oil for fragrance. .
After putting all the necessary ingredient, whisk the mixture well.

What ingredient in cream causes bleaching?

Hydroquinone and kojic acid

Which oil can I add to my cream to make me fair?

Blackcurrant Seed Essential Oil.
Argan Essential Oil.
Grape Seed Essential Oil.
Lavender Essential Oil.
Rose Essential Oil.
Almond Essential Oil.
Sandalwood Essential Oil.
Olive Essential Oil.

What natural product makes skin glow?

Curcumin, Antioxidants
Glucose, sucrose, antioxidants
Olive Oil
Antioxidants, Vitamins A, D, E and K
Orange/Lemon Juice (Diluted)
Vitamin C, citric acid, antioxidants

What do you need to make organic soap for lightening?

Goat Milk Melt and Pour Soap Base – 1.5 kg.
Turmeric Powder – 2 tablespoons.
Sweet Orange Essential Oil – 25 ml.
99 % Isopropyl Alcohol – 2 tablespoons.
Silicone Mold – 12 Cavity.


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