UCI (Irvine) Acceptance Rate 2021/2025 Class Admission by Major

UCI (Irvine) Acceptance Rate 2021: The information on this page covers every detailed information about the UC Irvine admission for the incoming class of 2025.

As such, this page explains the UCI Admission rate, SAT Score/ACT Score/GPA requirements, and the general criteria for admission for both Freshmen and Transfer applicants.

About the University of California, Irvine Admission

Firstly, the University of California, Irvine is one of the well known public research universities, which is located in Irvine, California.

The University of California, Irvine is popularly abbreviated as UCI or UC Irvine and it is one of the 10 campuses in the University of California system.

UCI offers 129 graduate degrees and 87 undergraduate degrees.

The institution has a very holistic admission procedure. As such, only qualified applicants at UCI are usually given admission.

Generally, admission at UC Irvine is highly selective and competitive due to it’s high number of applicants and the low acceptance.

UCI Acceptance Rate for 2025 incoming Class

From this section, the complete information and statistics on the UC Irvine acceptance rate 2021 U(acceptance rate for the class of 2025), and also the UCI transfer acceptance rate 2025

Stats on the UCI out of state acceptance rate 2025, and UC Irvine in-state acceptance rate 2025, GPA requirements and finally, the UC Irvine SAT Score/ACT Score requirements 2021 for both Transfer and Freshmen applicants will also be discussed.

What is the UCI Acceptance Rate in 2021? The UCI Admissions Rate is 28.8%, but this is subject to change as the Acceptance rate might varies per year. For example, the acceptance rate for:

  • 2020 incoming class acceptance rate was 41%
  • 2021 incoming class acceptance rate was 37%
  • 2022 incoming class acceptance rate was 38.68 % and so on.

Interesting offers;

The first criteria every class of 2025 applicants at UC Irvine should consider should be the UCI acceptance rate.

Note; the UC Irvine acceptance rate is what will explain how competitive or less competitive the University of California, Irvine is.

Also, with the UCI SAT/ACT Score requirements and the general requirements for both transfer and freshmen applicants, you will be able to know your chances of admission at UC Irvine.

How is the UC Irvine acceptance rate calculated? The  UCI acceptance rate of 28.8%, simply means that UCI accepts 29 students from every 100 applications. Well, the analysis shows that UCI is very selective.

What are your admission chances at UC Irvine?

Applicants that meet the UC Irvine GPA or ACT/SAT Scores requirements and every requirement stated below will stand a better chance of being selected for admission.

Contrarily, applicants with low GPA or ACT/SAT scores, may have very low chances of being admitted even when they meet other admission criteria.

UC Irvine Admission Rate, Statistics, and Analysis

UCI student has always maintained a very great academic record and a highly valued UCI uniqueness.

Whether you are one of the UCI applicants that have excelled excellently in high school or in your higher education, then Congratulation on your excellency, but what you must know is that there is more to UCI admission than just having an excellent academic record.

So whether you have the highest GPA or college entrance exam score or not, what UCI really wants to know is what distinguishes you from every other applicant.

To know this, all applicants are advised to use the UCI admission statistics as the general guidelines for UCI admission analysis, and not as UCI admission predictor.

The statistics don’t determine your chances of admission at UC Irvine but, it will help you to know the detailed statistics for admission at UC Irvine.

Freshman Applicants

All the UCI Prospective freshmen applicants must meet the required criteria and documentation to be qualified for admission.

For international applicants, you will be required to demonstrate your English proficiency and also perform very well on the UCI-acceptance entrance exams.

Application Portal: https://admissions.uci.edu/apply/freshman.php

Transfer Applicants

Transfer student applicants must also meet all the UCI admission criteria as required for transfer student’s admission.

In addition, transfer students must also meet the school-specified requirements set by their intended school of study.

All international transferred students applicants must also demonstrate their English proficiency.

Application Portal: https://admissions.uci.edu/apply/transfer/index.php


Median 4.11 3.88
Middle 25% – 75% 3.97 – 4.25 3.76 – 4.00


Median 31 1315 710 605
Middle 25% – 75% 27 – 33 1195 – 1435 630 – 780 545 – 680

Last Year’s Admission Statistics:

  • Total Number of Applications received: 95,566
  • Total Applicants Admitted by percentage:            27%
  • Number of Students Enrolled: 24%

UC Irvine Graduation rate

  • First-time full-time Completed within:
    • 6 years: 88 percent
    • 8 years: 89 percent
  • Other full-time Completed within:
    • 6 years: 89 percent
    • 8 years: 89 percent
  • Other part-time Completed within:
    • 6 years: 78 percent
    • 8 years: 78 percent

Academic Statistics

  • Average annual in-state cost
    • Before aid: $34,261
    • After aid: $13,376
  • Graduation rate: 88%
  • School  Address and Contact
    • Address: Irvine, CA 92697, United States
    • Phone: +1 949-824-5011
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 29,295 (2017–18)
  • Financial Aids: Grants and scholarships.

I am sure this was enough to your satisfaction? That was the complete information on the UC Irvine acceptance rate 2021, ACT Score/ACT Score/GPA Requirements, and general admission requirements for in-state and Out-of-state, Transfer, and Freshmen applicants for 2021 admission.

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