Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements woman-higher-
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements woman-higher-

What is the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) is 38%.

That means the FIDM admits 38% of the applications sent to the admission office. 1,849 students applied, and 670 students were accepted to the school. Based on the number of applicants the school is comparatively difficult (lower than the average national) to be admitted into FIDM LA. In addition to that,

the college has an enrollment rate of 64%.

What is the Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirement at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM)?

You are required to have a grade point average of about 3.15 or something higher. In essence, your grades should be” B’s” all through or a mix of “B’s” and “A’s” for you to be considered for admission.

Why Study At The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM)

The Fashion Institute of design and Merchandising is a private for-profit college that focuses on fashion, design communications, beauty, art, and graphics design founded in 1969 in Los Angeles, California by Tonian Hohberg.

FIDM is recognized for its innovative, challenging, and flexible academic programs and opportunities for experiential learning, industrial and academic partnerships as well as its commitment to research, innovation, and entrepreneurialism.

The Fashion Institute offers 27 associate degree programs; the bachelor of Science degree in business management that is accessible via distance learning, and 9 Master of Arts degree programs. Additionally, the college offers a master’s in business administration degree.

FIDM consists of three campuses in different locations so that learning won’t be restricted to a particular location alone. FIDM has a campus in orange county, san-Francisco, and its main campus in Los Angeles (L.A).

The FIDM campus situated in Los Angeles features innovative study spaces as well as a design studio as well as The FIDM Museum and Galleries. The FIDM campus in San Francisco is located in Union Square and also has a Museum and a Gallery. The prize-winning Orange County campus is a visual experience that includes lofts, an outdoor and indoor student lounge, vibrant colors, and a unique audiovisual igloo.

Students can begin the first semester of college on the Orange County and San Francisco campuses, however, they must move into Los Angeles for their second year.

FIDM is accredited through WASC Senior College and University Commission. WASC Senior College and University Commission in response to an inspection by the commission, which found problems with faculty oversight and sustainability in 2019, changed the status of the college was altered from “Accredited” to “Accredited with Notification of Concern”.

Additionally, it is an accredited institution part of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

What are the Admission requirements for first-year/International students at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM)?

• You are required to be up to 17 years of age to be considered for admission.

• You are required to submit official transcripts (showing all courses attempted as well as the courses in progress) from your current post-secondary institution. This should be sent directly to FIDM by the issuing institution.

• Submission of SAT/ACT test scores is optional for FIDM. But I’d suggest you add because this will further prove your proficiency in English.

• You are required to bring at least three letters of recommendation from either teachers, counselors, or employers.

• You are required to pay the non-refundable Initial Application Fee of $25 along with the Application form. This application does not obligate the student or FIDM in any way. Enrollment and financial arrangements will be completed if you get admitted into the school.
• You are required to submit the $200 non-refundable Final Application Fee as a separate check or money order prior to determining the acceptance for Out-of-State and International students. But in case you don’t get accepted to the school, the money will be refunded.

What is the cost of study at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising ( FIDM )?

Unfortunately, The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising ( FIDM ) does not have a fixed tuition fee. The tuition fee ranges from $10,000 dollars to $60,000 for both first years and international students.

View the tuition of some programs below:

Apparel Industry Management ( $ 30,150 )
Beauty Industry Management ( $ 33,750 )
Beauty Industry & Product Management ( $ 31,050 )
The Business of Denim ( $42, 000 )
Business Management ( $30, 820 )
Digital Marketing ( $42, 000 )
Fashion Design ( $ 30,150 )
Film & TV Costume Design ( $ 33,750 )
Graphics Design ( $31, 500 )
Interior Design ( $31, 500 )
International manufacturing product development ($40,, 870 )
Merchandise product development ($31, 050 )

And other courses’ tuition fee is less than $30,000.
What are the Top Majors Offered at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising?
The curriculums of FIDM are challenging, intensive, focused and rewarding. The college helps students join the world in Fashion, Visual Arts, Interior Design, and Entertainment.

The graduates of FIDM will be able to enter the market as highly educated professionals prepared to contribute. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising provides Associate of Arts, Professional Designation, Advanced Study, Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees designed to help enhance a range of academic backgrounds. Each program is able to lead to an academic degree.

Their curriculum was also designed and continually revised in order to meet the demands of every industry that is which our majors are serving. Below is a list of some of the top majors offered at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising:

Apparel Industry Management: This Apparel industry Management program helps students become owners and/or management of a major fashion company. In classrooms with industry-specific technology, students create clothes that reflect an understanding of current fashions, supply chain realities and the global market.

This program is hands-on and combines design classes with practical business education that is connected with technology. The use of innovative technological, operational, and management technology are used throughout the course.

The curriculum emphasizes the importance of teamwork, leadership, creative thinking, and efficient communication during decision-making, starting from the conceptualization of the concept through the final product.

Apparel Technical Design: This Bachelor of Science in Apparel Technical Design program will prepare students for a career in the field of design engineering and development for the fashion industry.

With hands-on , standard equipment, students are taught how to transform an idea and turn it into a garment, and follow a sequential program that encourages imagination, technical proficiency and critical thinking, as well as an understanding of cutting-edge technology. Students get hands-on experience during an internship with the top fashion brands and attend events sponsored by industry and gain proficiency in design development as well as fit analysis and the management of supply chains.

Beauty Business Management
Beauty Marketing & Product Development : Students can decide to create their own brand of beauty or work for a well-established brand. The courses in product development, marketing and the business of beauty help students learn the necessary skills to be the next generation of leaders and innovators in the field of beauty.

The classes are taught by experts who have years of industry experience students participate in real-world, hands-on activities which immerse them into numerous categories, from the color cosmetics category to fragrance as well as hair care, skincare and the ever-growing men’s category, driving the ever-growing world-wide beauty industry.

Business Management
The Business of Denim : Denim is an estimated $60 billion worldwide market, which is growing at a rate of 13-15 percent. Our students are taught by the top at Los Angeles, the city which is responsible for more than 90% of premium denim produced within the United States.

FIDM has the distinction of being the one university offering the Advanced Study Program in denim design and development that focuses on sustainability. The program offers a comprehensive global study tour where students visit cities all over the globe to observe every stage of the development process starting from the mill up to an outlet floor.

Creative Industry Studies: The Creative Industry Studies Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Program gives students who are transfer students the chance to make the most of their transfer credits and earn an undergraduate degree. Students can choose their personal primary concentration from among 10 areas of study:
Apparel Industry Management, Beauty Marketing & Product Development, Digital Marketing, Digital Media, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Merchandise Product Development, Merchandising & Marketing, Visual Communications

The intense curriculum is industry-specific and focuses on teaching students’ hands-on, practical abilities as well as the ability to think critically and in a creative manner required to begin a new career in their field of particular interest.

Digital Marketing
Digital Media/Digital Cinema
Fashion Design
Fashion Knitwear Design
Film & TV Costume Design
Graphic Design
Interior Design
International Manufacturing & Product Development
Merchandising & Marketing
Merchandise Product Development
Professional Studies
Visual Communications


Question: How hard is it to get into FIDM-Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-Los Angeles?

Answer: From the information that I have gathered, the FIDM-Fashion Institute for Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles is a difficult school to gain admission into. It is not just a matter of trying to get a 3.15 but you should also aim for SAT scores that are in a very very good range. The admission process to FIDM-Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising-Los Angeles isn’t a simple task and you’ll need to stand out more than other applicants if you want to stand a chance to get admitted.

Question: Does the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising have a Museum?

Answer: Yes, FIDM has a museum. The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Museum is the home of a vast collection of costume and fashion items from the 1800s until the present. The museum has exhibitions that are permanent as well as temporary featuring costume designs and costumes from the early 20th century Hollywood theater, the latest television and film shows. Its FIDM Museum Permanent Collection features more than 15,000 items that span more than 200 years of clothing. They include high-end couture, ready-to-wear international ensembles, film costumes, and fragrance. Highlights of the collection include the Lilli Ann, Michael Arnaud, Damask Cecil Beaton, Nancy Dinsmore, Rudi Gernreich, Stella Hanania, Helen Larson, Tina Leser, Maurice Levin, and Gianni Versace Menswear archives.

Due to concerns about COVID-19 Concerns regarding COVID-19, due to concerns about COVID-19, FIDM Museum Los Angeles and Orange County galleries are now closed. It is possible to look through the FIDM collection online.

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