Zangle Student & Parent Connect Login Page

Zangle Student & Parent Connect provides easy access for parents to relate with academic information of their children. The Zangle platform can also be used to get in contact with teachers, check their children’s assignments, monitor their children’s attendance and grades, and also checkout class updates.

Parents, if you wish to get your children’s information sent to you via email, then you have to enable the “Notifications”. You will be able to do this by tabbing in the upper right of the ParentConnect homepage. From there, you can reset your email settings.

How to Login Zangle Student & Parent Connect

Zangle Student & parents Login page

  • Type in your Pin and Password and tab on “Login” to proceed

Where to Get your Zangle Login Password?

Your zangle Passwords are usually issued to parents who request for Web access and also provide a valid email to their children’s school.

So, if you have not received your Zangle password, then Contact your children’s school to request for it.

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Resetting Zangle PIN and Password?

In a case where you have missed or forgotten your Zangle PIN or password, all you need to do is to kindly visit the Zangle login reminder page and do the following.

But if you are still experiencing some difficulties, then you have to contact your student’s school for assistance. That was all that you need to know about the Zangle Parent Connection which allows parents to check the school information of their students.

Also, Parents can use this tool to contact their students’ teachers, get all the class news, or monitor their children’s attendance, assignments, and grades. Parents can get their students informed via email.

Like I said before, Passwords are given to parents that requested Web access details and by providing an email address with their school. Please kindly, Contact your children’s school if you have not gotten your own Web access details.

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