Yale Acceptance Rate 2021/ Class of 2025 Admission Stats by Major

The Yale University acceptance rate 2021 for the class of 2025 for both transfer, freshman undergraduates is what we will discuss on this page. Yale University is one of the top Universities with the Lowest Acceptance rate. Yale admission is strictly on qualification. So they don’t consider race or nationality difference. All they aim at is to admit qualified students irrespective of their background, financial circumstances.

Admission at Yale is quite competitive and to stand a chance of admission, you must meet all the requirements excessively and stand out high from other applicants like you. The better your submitted documents, the greater your chances of admission at Yale. But if your academic record and documents are poor or average then, you just have to try your luck or think otherwise.

Here is Yale University Acceptance Rate 2021 for Class of 2025: Check admission Statistics, Test scores requirements by Major for undergraduate

What we are going to discuss on this page right now, is the complete Yale acceptance rate 2021 for the class of 2025 and the Yale Admission rates for past years with the average Test Scores (SAT/ACT Scores), GPA and High school grade that you need to stand a chance for Yale admission.

What is Yale 2021 Acceptance Rate for the class of 2025 and Requirements

The complete Yale admission statistics for last year and the application fee for 2021 admission applicants, along with the general documents to be submitted and the admission portal will be made known on this page as you push on. So relax, cross your legs, and read along.

This Yale college acceptance rate 2021 update is for Yale transfer, early decision, and early action (ed) or regular decision, (freshman, in-state and out-of-state and international students) and the admission rate by major.  But if you are other acceptance rates like that of the Yale law school or that of medical school, and divinity school, or that of the law school or MBA, Graduate school, or MFA (school of Art), business school, or school of music, and grad school, or med school, school of public health, or school of drama, or SOM (School of Management) and Yale young global scholars, then we have made plans o update all of them very soon. So keep visiting.

Yale 2021 acceptance rate is 6%, this acceptance rate is an estimated acceptance rate because, from 2017 as you can see below, Yale University had maintained the range of a 6 points acceptance rate percentage.

  • 2015: 4%
  • 2016: 8%
  • 2017: 6.9%
  • 2018: 6.3%
  • 2019: 6.2%
  • 2020: 6.4%

In fact, the year Yale had an acceptance fee of 11.4% was in 2007


SAT Score Statistics:

In the class of 2024 admission, this was the SAT Score range at which most of the admitted applicants fell between:

The percentage of admitted applicants with SAT EBRW Scores between 760 – 800 was 45.6%, while those with SAT Scores that fall between 760 – 800 took a percentage of 70.3%.

So what SAT Score do you need this year? SAT Score Range from 1460 or above

The SAT 25 percentile:

  • Reading: 720
  • Math: 740
  • Composite: 1460

The SAT 75 percentile:

  • Reading: 770
  • Math: 800
  • Composite: 1570

What ACT Score is good for admission at Yale? In the class of 2024 admission, this was the ACT Score range at which most of the admitted students fell between 31 or above: The percentage of admitted applicants with ACT Scores between 32-36 was 86.7%.

  • Average ACT Score range: 31-356

The ACT 25 percentile Score:

  • Reading: 35
  • Math: 31
  • Composite: 33

The ACT 75 percentile Score:

  • Reading: 36
  • Math: 35
  • Composite: 35

What GPA is good for admission at Yale University? The Average High School GPA at Yale University is 3.95.

What grade is good for Yale admission? A typical high School Grades for Yale admission is A.

Yale Admission Rate and Statistics

Apart from the Yale admission rate, Yale happens to be one of the most assisting and affordable schools for everyone. They offer financial aid awards that meet 100% of demonstrated financial aids without any loans. About 64% of students at Yale receive financial assistance yearly. But moving to their admission rate and statistics is a bit discouraging. The popularity and affordability of the school attract so many applicants thereby making admission difficult.

Yale Overall Admission Statistics

  • Total Number of applicants: 35,301
  • Applicants by Gender:
    • Women: 19,124
    • Men: 16,177
  • Acceptance applicants by gender
    • Women: 1,099
    • Men: 1,141
  • Overall Acceptance rate: 6%

Yale University Undergraduate admission requirements:

  • UG application fee: $80 or waiver, the fee is to be paid via the Common Application or Coalition Application website.
  • Application website: https://www.yale.edu/admissions

Documents to submit:

All the undergraduate applicants for first-year admission are to submit their application via one of the following:

  • Coalition Application
  • Common Application
  • QuestBridge Application

Along with the following documents:

  • $80 application fee or a fee waiver
  • Recommendations letter
  • School Report with transcript
  • Test results (either of SAT Score or ACT Score) not needed for 2021 fall admission.
  • Mid-Year Report

Tuition and fees:

  • Annual Before aid: $76,645
  • After aid $18,770

Top Majors at Yale University

  • Social Sciences majors
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences majors
  • History majors
  • Mathematics and Statistics Majors
  • Engineering majors

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