Why You Should Consider Building A Career In Design

career in design

Why You Should Consider Building A Career In Design- One of the in-demand career in the 21st century is a career in design. In this post, we have slated what is involved in design career and why you should consider building a career in design.

10 Reasons  You Should Consider Building A Career In Design

#1 It is a career that opens you up to a lot of opportunities

A career in design is one that opens you up to lots of opportunities. There are different categories of design and you can choose the one that interests you. There is graphic design, web design, product packaging design, UX design , multimedia artist, etc.

#2 It is an in-demand career

The demand for personnels with career in design is on the rise daily. Most especially in this age of digitalization. This rise can be attributed in the use of social media marketing, animation, website development and others.

#3 It is a career that enhances problem solving skills in you

As a designer, you will be coming across different challenges from time to time. As you tackle these challenges and put smiles on the face of your clients, problem-solving ability is being enhanced in you. Gradually, you turn a problem solver as a graphic designer.

#4 There is opportunity for continuous learning

If you are a kind of person who is committed to continual growth and development, then you should pick a career in design. It is a career that comes with new challenges from time to time. If you must remain relevant in the career, you must keep updating yourself. From time to time, new tools, methodologies and technologies comes up. It is really a dynamic career.

#5 You have opportunity to join the global community

As a designer, you can join the global community of designers on social media. There, you can rub minds with great designers and possibly learn new stuffs about the career. Also the global community serves as avenue to get clients , search for jobs and also get mentor.

#6 It opens you up for global opportunities

With a career in design, you are not limited to only job opportunities in your country of residence. Infact, you can work for other countries while residing in your home country. It implies that you can earn in highly valuable currencies from other countries without even stepping into those countries.

#7 It is a career that allows freelancing

You don’t have to be tied to just one job or location. Depending on your work ethics and time management , you can work for different countries at the same time.

#8 You can work remotely

With a career in design, you don’t have to work in a traditional office setting. You have the liberty to work from home or anywhere. The major tools of work are your laptop, good internet connection and a good sitting position.

#9 It is a career that can give you a great work-life balance

Opportunity to work from home implies that your work schedule will be flexible, you can be close to your loved ones and you can attend to other areas of your life. Thus, work-life balance can be achieved out with a career in design.

#10 It is a lucrative career

If you can hone your skills as a designer, the sky will be your limit. You can get to work for big clients that will pay you handsomely. Moreso, it is a career that is in-demand so you will surely earn well as a designer.

Different Career Paths In Design

There are so many opportunities for people with career in design. Some of them include:

  • Product Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • User Interface Design
  • UX Designers
  • Visual Designer
  • Branding Design
  • Print Design
  • Interior Design
  • Fashion Designer
  • Animation Designer
  • Publishing Design
  • Industrial Design

1. Product Designer

As a product designer, you will be working with products (physical and digital). You will create new product designs based on consumers needs and wants . The following skills are required in this type of design:

Skills Needed By Product Designer

  • Visual and spatial awareness
  • IT skills including CAD
  • Adequate knowledge of industrial procedures, techniques and standards
  • Creativity
  • Technical knowledge

2. Web Designer

It is another career in design. Web design involves planning, creation and coding of websites and webpage. They work on both new websites and existing ones.

Skills Needed To Be A Web Designer

  • A degree in computer science, web design or related field
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of SEO
  • WordPress development experience
  • Good understanding of UX/UI

3. Graphic Designer

They create visual communications. They handle the branding and marketing aspects of an organization through creation of posters, handbills, labels, logos, brochures , magazines and others. They combine images and words using certain software to create visuals that will be pleasing to the eye.

Skills Needed For Graphic Design

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • IT skills most especially photoshop, illustrator, corel draw and others.
  • UI design

4. User Interface (UI) Design

User interface design involves creation of user interface for a website, app or other media. UI designers work with product managers and engineers in order to gather information from users before going ahead to create a design

Skills Needed For UI Design

  • Technical knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Attention to details
  • Problem- solving
  • Planning
  • Team work
  • Communication

5. UX Designers

They work to ensure that web-based application are easy to use by end-users. They work to create best user-experience. They develop wire frames and task flows based on user needs.

Must-Have Skills For UX Design

  • Wire framing
  • Proto typing
  • Research
  • Visual communication
  • Information architecture

Final Word

With a career in design, you can get to work remotely and earn some good income. Also a career in design will open you up to global opportunities. So if are very creative and want a career that would give flexibility, then you may want to go for a career in design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to have a career in design?

A career in design is one that involves developing of creative and tech-based solution to problems in existence.

How can I build a career in design?

Choose your design specialty e.g graphic design, web design, product design, etc.
Get education and training along that specialty
Get necessary certifications
Build your portfolios
Look for opportunities to practice/ internship
Put together a good resume
Apply for job
Join community of designers on social media platforms

Is a career in design a good one?

Yes. A career in design is a great one. Most especially, if you have a very creative mind. It is a career that allows you to work remotely while also earning well.

What are the pros of being a designer?

Stable and flexible work hours
Allows you to be creative
Allows you to work remotely
You earn well
Allows you to free lance

What qualifies a good design?

A good design will convey a clear message about the product , service or brand in a form that is pleasing to the eye.


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